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How to properly train your aim for Valorant: Extended Analysis + How to use aim trainers

How to properly train your aim for Valorant: Extended Analysis + How to use aim trainers
Hey guys, It's twix again. I have recently completed and posted a full game guide for Valorant which includes information concerning optimal gear, agent functions, map tactics, bad habits, and finally, a daily routine to help you develop your mechanics in Valorant. A lot of you guys have personally sent me DMs asking me to break down each step / task in the training routine I created for Valorant, uncertain of what exactly each part of the routine trains.
In case anyone want's to go through my Valorant guide, here it is:
( The formatting is horrible, I know, I know. I will work on it when I have time )
If you enjoy my content, make sure to join my Discord server & Follow my new twitter account, links at the end of the post!

How to properly use my Kovaak's routines, and what each map subset trains in relation to Valorant mechanics

In this section, I will be breaking down the importance of each map subset, and splitting them into categories depending on what aspect of aim they train, and their general difficulty. (Novice - Intermediate players [Below Diamond in Valorant / Platinum in Sparky benchmarks] should stick to the easier maps).
Maps tagged with an asterisk (\) are maps which are "crucial" to Valorant aim-training.*
Maps with a (small) option have a default vs. small variant, your choice on which to play.

Novice - Intermediate Click-timing Training
> 1 wall 2 targets horizontal - 10m
> Valorant small flicks * - 10m
> Wide wall 6 targets (small) *- 10m

Advanced Click-timing Training
> Floating heads timing 400% * - 10m
> Pasu small reload horizontal - 10m

Reasoning behind map choice:
This set of maps is meant to train your general mouse control in relation to "click-timing", click timing is what the general playerbase calls "flick aim", it is your ability to make a movement or adjust your crosshair to click on a target that isn't centered on your screen, and your ability to time your clicks, being able to click at the correct time depending on when your target aligns with your crosshair. Click timing is the most important aspect of aiming in Valorant. Technically, the most important part of aiming in Valorant is "Crosshair placement" but that isn't really aiming, and not really something you can isolate / directly train. In Valorant, since there isn't much added verticality, your ability to "aim" well is heavily reliant on your horizontal click-timing skill. The maps chosen above, are all maps which prioritize horizontal movements over vertical ones, and for all maps (with the exception of WW6T) you'll usually only need to make a horizontal movement to adjust from one target to the next.

Novice - Intermediate Micro-adjustment Training
> 1 wall 6 targets adjust * - 10m
> Micro flick - 10m

Advanced Micro-Adjustment Training
> 1 wall 2 targets small reload - 10m
> reflex micro++ flick - 10m
> Valorant small horizontal flicks * - 10m

Reasoning behind map choice:
This set of maps is meant to train your mouse control in relation to "micro-adjustments", micro-adjustments are an aspect of click timing which is pretty straightforward, your ability to make minimal adjustments precisely, and in rapid succession. Now, most people may think, "well the smaller the mouse movement, the easier it is to hit a target", however, that isn't true for the majority of players. A lot of the time, making a very short movement requires a lot more control / precision, and relies on muscle groups that you aren't too experienced in utilizing, e.g. I may move my wrist / arm to adjust for a wider flick, but if my crosshair is off just by a couple of pixels, the adjustment is so small that it would require me to use my fingers in order to make the adjustment. Most players (especially tac fps players) aren't experienced in making micro-adjustments, even though it's a crucial skill. In games like Valorant, your goal is to have such good / consistent crosshair placement, that you rarely need to adjust it in order to land a headshot, however, even the best players will be put in situations where their crosshair is slightly off, but not by enough of a distance to warrant a wide flick (usually happens if you're clearing an angle and you move your crosshair past an enemy you didn't see fast enough), and in those instances making a micro-adjustment accurately enough to correct your crosshair placement can be what saves your life. Here is an example of myself playing a micro-adjustment map, consistency is more important than speed, beat my scores and get a cookie:

Played this for the first time today on alt
The maps chosen above, are a great place to start with training your micro-adjustment aim. These maps don't solely rely on horizontal movements due to the fact that if your crosshair needs to be corrected, it can be a mixture of both horizontal but also vertical misplacement. (valorant small horizontal flicks is a great map for this, but difficult to play as a novice, your choice on this one)

Novice - Intermediate Target Switching Training
> ValTarget switch - 10m
> PatTarget switch (small) no reload * - 10m

Advanced Target Switching Training
> KinTargetSwitch - 10m
> DevTarget Switch - 10m

Reasoning behind map choice:
This set of maps is meant to train your mouse control in relation to "target switching", target switching is your ability to make a fluid and fast movement from one target onto another. When target switching, you should be doing so in a single movement, rather than overshooting and then correcting, and the movement should be rapid, so more of a flick rather than simply moving your crosshair as if you were clearing an angle. Target switching is important in Valorant because even the best players with excellent positioning will find themselves in situtations where they're open to multiple LOS (line of sight) and can be potentially peeked by more than one player simultaneously, in these situations it's crucial that the player is able to eliminate the first target, and then flick onto the other in a single movement. Good target switching will save your ass in these situations, due to the fact that this concept may be harder to visualize than click timing / micro adjustment as it's more situation reliant. Here's an example:

The benefits of training your target-switching, in-game example
In the maps included above in the "novice - intermediate" section, you will be mainly training horizontal target switching, as it's what's most important in a game like Valorant that has such minimal vertical deviation in player model movement. For those of you that want to train target switching further in a map format that doesn't only lay emphasis on horizontal movements, you can go for the "advanced" map recommendations as well. Most of these maps will also train your micro-tracking (since they're low ttk but not instantaneous) which is also beneficial for instances where you're spraying a moving target. When you're playing target switching maps, make sure to keep your LMB held down for the duration of the challenge, otherwise you're not really training your target switching.

Smoothness Training
> Centering I * - 10m
> Smoothness Training Sphere 2 - 10m

Reasoning behind map choice:
This set of maps is meant to train your mouse control in relation to your "smoothness". In relation to aim, smoothness is simply your ability to make mouse movements in fluid motions without unwarranted micro-adjustments or jitter. Most of you (with the exception of kovaak's grinders / AFPS players) will notice that when making a movement, you're unable to maintain a set speed and your aim slightly "jitters". Although smoothness is an aspect of aim which is far more important in games that rely more heavily on tracking (ow/apex/etc.) it's also important in Valorant as a lack of it can lead to sub-optimal angle clearing. If you're clearing an angle, and you can't maintain a smooth motion throughout, it can increase the chance of your crosshair placement being slightly off, which in turn forces you to make unecessary adjustments to your aim in order to land your shots on the target. The maps included above will focus on training your smoothness in large horizontal movements (the same type of movement required while clearing angles in any tac fps). There isn't a novice vs. advanced discrepancy in this section, as smoothness training doesn't vary as much in difficulty, and the maps included will definitely suffice for getting your mouse control to a decent enough level for Valorant.

Recommended time split = 30 mins of Kovaaks pre-game ( 5 mins of each map ) and 30 mins of Kovaaks when you're done playing for the day
**"**But Twix, why not play the routine in one go?"
If you want to complete the routine in one go (60m) rather than split it into two segments (30m+30m) that's perfectly fine, and it's up to you. The reasons I personally suggest playing the routines in a split structure are the following:
> Burn-out / Exhaustion is very real, and due to both cognitive and psychological factors, after a certain amount of time of continuous training, you will hit a point of exhaustion / diminishing returns. Informational intake after you've hit this point will not happen at the same rate as if you were at your optimal state. The average time a human can spend processing new information continuously without hitting that point of diminishing returns is around 60m total, but since it's subjective, it's easier to just play it safe and split the training in 30m segments. Here is a graph that may help you visualize this concept:

Law of diminishing returns
> Difference in mentality / reason for training. This is my personal theory, and I am not making an ultimate statement about this applying to every individual, as once again, it's subjective, but I've discussed this with multiple coaching clients and they have agreed that it applies to them. My theory is, that the way you train prior to a game session, and the way you train after a game session may vary. When playing kovaak's pre-game a lot of people tend to use it as a warmup tool more than a long-term mouse control training tool, and therefore don't focus on optimal training methods while playing through a playlist, as they just care about their short-term performance in the game they'll play after kovaak's. When playing kovaak's as a cooldown, you're already warmed up (don't play if exhausted however) from the day, plus you aren't training with a set short-term gain in mind. This theory is based on psychological effects mainly, which (once again) are very subjective to the individual, so take it with a grain of salt.
> Optimal learning time differs from person to person, this also holds true with training. Some people process new information better at night, some people process new information better throughout the day, either way, the concept here is pretty clear. Do what works best for you, however, if you aren't sure about if you're a "day-time learner" or "night-time learner" you can just play it safe through splitting your routine as suggested. One thing to note is that it is scientifically proven that a smaller time frame between the time of informational intake and sleeping, may improve the consolidation of new information and memory recall, basically meaning that some individuals retain information better if they sleep shortly after training.
> Final reason: boredom. A lot of people find aim-training boring, and therefore it's torture to them to train for an hour non-stop. For these people, training for 30 minutes and then switching to a more enjoyable task (gaming) before completing the other half of their daily routine, can be optimal. If you're completely bored and it feels like aim-training is torture, chances are, you wont be in a mental state that enhances growth / progress.

AimLab routine alternative for those of you that can't afford or dislike (for whatever reason) Kovaak's:

In it's current state, I don't believe "AimLab" is a viable aim trainer, especially in regards to more competitively oriented players. I have made an informative post here that explains why Kovaak's is far better currently as an aim-training tool, and also explains the potential AimLab holds in future updates. Regardless, for those of you that for whatever reason cannot / will not play Kovaak's, I have created a custom playlist for Valorant, available in the AimLab workshop.

AimLab Training Routine
How to access my custom AimLab Playlist:
  1. Launch AimLab and go to the "Custom" tab
  2. Select the "workshop" option
  3. Filter by "Playlist" in the search options and type "val routine by twix"
  4. Play through the routine (30/60m) enjoy!
Note: You can also search for my custom tasks individually

In-game Training Routine

General in-game Training
Valorant doesn't currently offer it's own deathmatch servers, therefore the next best thing is practicing in CS:GO. HSDM is a headshot only modifier for community FFA servers in CS:GO. Playing FFA on headshot only forces you to maintain head-level crosshair placement as body shots don't count. I advise going for taps rather than spraying, as it limits the RNG, also spraying in CS:GO isn't transferable to Valorant as a mechanic. Make it a challenge for yourself to maintain positive K/D while playing. Use the AK in rifle servers, and the USP-S in pistol servers.
Act 2 comes Aug. 4, and along with it (hopefully) comes an FFA DM gamemode for Valorant, as data-mining leaks suggest.
Firing Range:
> Wide angle horizontal click-timing - 5 minutes
Use a ghost, focus on tapping the bot furthest to the left then furthest to the right, repeat
> Strafe peeking practice - 5 minutes
Use a ghost, place a sage wall and focus on eliminating bots whilst counterstrafing, move in the direction you're peeking from, and press LMB the moment you hit the directional key opposite to your current directional movement
> Spray control practice - 5 minutes
Toggle infinite ammo "off" and try to kill as many targets as you can while using a single clip [vandal/phantom]
> CH placement practice - 10 minutes
Take the portal to the "spike defuse" part of the firing range, set difficulty to "hard" and focus on clearing the map <10s

If you enjoy my content, make sure to follow my new twitter account for aim training / Valorant related posts: https://twitter.com/Twix_v2

Also, Join my Discord community, where you can discuss aim / game training related topics with our members, as well as learn more about coaching pricing & availability: https://discord.gg/Kwm8zT7

submitted by Hi_Im_TwiX to VALORANT

Will Nvidia reflex be available in GeForceNOW too?

I've asked this question yesterday too, but i really wanna see more responses to this as there's literally no info about nvidia reflex on geforcenow. I think a 33% less input delay is great and would definitely make playing on GeForceNOW feel way better.
They released Nvidia reflex today, but not on GeForceNOW so i'm a bit worried (and i also hope it will not be founders exlusive like RTX)
submitted by imlevel420 to GeForceNOW

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