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Friday Spotlight: porkchopsandwichess

Good morning, Runnit! This is an auspicious weekend, as the European Union crew is about to head into their meetup race! But before they head out and we all join them in some miles, it's time to learn about a runner on a different continent. From an amazing name (thank goodness someone else remembers those videos), to a truly inspiring story, let's all meet u/porkchopsandwichess!

The Runner:

First name?
Where are you from?
Alberta, Canada
How do you spend your days an what are you passionate about?
I work to live and live to run. I love to learn and try to read as much as I can on topics of interest.

Running Q&A's:

What are your PR's?
5k: 27.36 10k: 58.25 10 Mile: 1:36:xx half: 2:10:xx full (in 2005): 5:29:xx
What's your comfy pace?
6:03/km is a nice pace, but Easy runs are around 6:30-6:47/km
How long have you been running?
I started in 2004. Quit between 2008-2016. Started from scratch in 2016 again, and here we are now.
Tell us why you began running?
I was a larger child. Not in the cute chubby cheeks way either. My Mom really didn't understand nutrition, so we were allowed to eat anything we wanted. Which of course was a lot of greasy cheese burgers and fries. By age 8 I was sent to Weight Watchers and remember weighing in at a mammoth 108lbs. I'm only 5'1 at full grown adult, so you can imagine at 8, I was quite obese. I recall the moment I realized I was larger and different. In grade 3 the kids would yell "butterball" across the school at me and I'd go home and cry and never understand why people hated me. In the 90's, growing up, there was not a lot of self-love or plus size movements; you were simply a fat kid, and kids are cruel. Teachers and parents would also poke fun at me, and I learned from a young age to trust no one and the feeling of loneliness. I had few friends and never learned how to be social. I realized if I never spoke that I'd be made fun of less, so I became quite quiet and withdrawn emotionally and socially. Teachers would tell my parents it was my own fault I was bullied because I was different. I'd have footballs thrown at me, pranks played, called every mean "fat" name to my face, and was the butt of many jokes and dares. I couldn't have birthday parties because no one would come. I missed out on a lot of normal experiences. It didn't help that my parents were not very social, and my Mom was quite eccentric too. I quickly became the outcast kid who was teased daily and never invited out; I learned to depend on myself for friendship, but wished so badly I could just be normal and thin. Social anxiety became my life and all I know to this day.Around 2003 my Mom (at 59) joined a walking group and lost a lot of weight. She then moved into running and convinced me to come along. We started a "learn to run" program at a lovely little store on Vancouver Island (shout out to "Frontrunners") who even had an instructor just for me, as I was slower than molasses and full of anxiety, who encouraged me and stuck with me (thank you Anne-Mette, wherever you are!). Over the course of 10 months I dropped over 100lbs and was hooked. My Mom and I would sign up for races, and we became great friends (we were not very close before), and my Dad would come cheer us on. My Mom was (and still is) the most ferociously stubborn and persistent lady you've ever met, which I am too, because of her. She taught me, and would insist, that we could do more and more, and I started to believe it. My Mom was a mostly unmedicated schizophrenic as well, but running made her a different person. It saved her. We made friends and were welcomed into an amazing community. We gained confidence. She soon convinced me we could do a Marathon. And guess what? We f*%&ing did. In 2006 I moved away for school and shortly after gave up running as being alone in a new city proved difficult on my anxious mind. My Dad was diagnosed with cancer shortly thereafter, and I ended up dropping out of Law school after a year and a half. My anxiety was too much. I gave up running and spent many years in a dark place. I was ashamed and destroyed, and have floated around from job to job trying to make enough to pay for schooling I never used. My weight yo-yo'd over the years, but in 2016 I woke up one day and decided I had to get back doing what I loved: running. I had to take back what I could control, because life had not been exceptionally kind, but my Dad taught me that only you can choose how to perceive your happiness.In 2018 my Mom had a massive schizophrenic episode as my Dad took a turn for the worse, and 2 days before he passed away she was committed for psychiatric reasons and spiraled downhill. The day after he passed, she was diagnosed with moderate cognitive malfunction and onset dementia. Within weeks she lost ability to use a phone, and I lost the only friends I had I could call (my anxiety makes it difficult for me to use the phone socially). Even though she doesn't remember much, she still knows who I am, despite not being able to afford to visit more than a couple times a year. She also remembers and fixates on running - it was that much of an impact on her life! She still talks about races and wanting to train, and will never take off her beloved Asics shoes (trust me, we tried!). When I can, I try to find her race shirts at Goodwill or online - she loves them - she always dreamed of travelling the world while running, so that's the best I can do to fulfill it.Running has become my best friend and escape. It's always there for me, and always makes a crappy day better. Even during the darkest times, I know that I have that comforting old friend. A friend that listens and doesn't judge. A friend I can trust. A sport I can do that I don't have to socialize unless I want to. It gives me a purpose and something to strive for, especially when it feels like I really don't have much else. It saved me in so many ways and I could never thank my Mom enough for introducing it to me. And at the very least I'll continue doing it for her, because I know she would do the same for me.
Most memorable running moment?
Watching my Mom cross the finish line of a Marathon in her 60's. It took her 6+ hours, but from the smile on her face and the feeling of accomplishment radiating from her soul, you would think she had broken a world record. That is something I strive to achieve: pure happiness and self appreciation in one's accomplishments.
Do you have a running mantra?
Impossible is nothing.
What time of day do you prefer to run?
Early mornings when the world is quiet and the mind is fresh. 5am alarms suck until you are out on the road smiling the miles away.
What is your next goal race, distance or pace?
10 miler in late October. I hope to beat last year's time of 1:36:xx
Are you currently using a training plan? If so, which one?
VDot O2 (Jack Daniels method). The app is awesome and easy to use. I have an amazing fellow Canadian coach through the app (Jennifer Andrews) who creates the plans and uploads them to the training calendar; you just pay per plan, which she has extremely reasonably priced. Very recently the app became compatible with Garmin, so the workouts are automatically added to my watch. I don't have to do a thing but follow the steps, it even inputs the pace I should be at. You can make notes and leave posts for your coach on the app - Jenn and I have a blast joking and chatting about the runs and tweaking things to cater to my goals.
What question would you like to ask the runnit community?
What is your favourite race course and why?
What are your short-term running goals?
I'm working hard on my form and increasing pace. I have a terrible habit of shuffling and not being airborne that I am working towards correcting, slowly but surely.
What are your long-term running goals?
Sub 2hr Half-Marathon
What's one piece of running advice you’d give to the younger version of yourself?
Persistence and hard work builds character, make you a stronger runner and person. Keep showing up, even when it feels like shit, it will pay off.
What is something you need to work on to become a better runner?
Accepting that not every run and race can be a PR
What is your current shoe choice?
Altra Solstice and Altra Escalante
Trail? Road? Track? Or Treadmill?
Road. I don't have a gym membership, so I run outside year round. Rain, shine, or -35. I do enjoy trails, but I'm incredibly clumsy and could easily get lost in a paper bag, so I tend to stick to the roads.
What is your ideal running weather?
Fall: crisp, fresh, cool, and feels like home.
Do you have any social media accounts you’d like to share? [Facebook, Strava, Twitter]
Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/1914715 IG: shortie_780

Just For Fun:

What animal do you identify the most with?
Cat: I have no interest in being forced to do something I don't want to, I socialize on my terms, and if you try to touch my belly I will scratch your entire face off.
What hobbies and interests do you have besides running?
Coffee drinking, reading, petting cats. I also love motorcycles and religiously follow MotoGP racing as well.
Biggest pet peeve?
People who don't share the sidewalk. Please continue to walk 3 abreast while I step into this snow/slush/ice-bath puddle to get around you as to not inconvenience your presumptuous range of motion.
Dream job! What would it be?
To write for a running magazine, and/or own an independent Running/Outdoors apparel store on the West Coast.
Favorite Quote or Poem?
When I was clearing my parent's estate I came across a handwritten note of my Dad's that said: Happiness = Reality - ExpectationsI look at it every day.
What are your favorite pieces of media (book, movie, TV show, etc)?
"Marathon Woman" - Kathrine Switzer's autobiography - extremely interesting and historical on the topic of women's running and sports. She has a great story to tell that has impacted so many of our lives in one way or another. She's one tough cookie and I was able to relate to her on many levels."Let your Mind Run" - Deena Kastor - so well written and comforting to hear how professionals suffer the same issues and feelings we all do.And any movies or shows that are comedies: Laughter is truly the best medicine! (Arrested Development, Trailer Park Boys, Brooklyn 99 are some of my top fav's)
What is your biggest character flaw?
Socializing. I don't get it. I don't enjoy it. People terrify me. I often wonder what it's like to run with friends and how great it must be to push yourself. I do races when I can, but I have to have my earbuds and music to alieve anxiety. I never speak to anyone else, even though I truly do miss that comradery I would have with my Mom at the finish and start. I do, however, always wave, high five and cheer others! I love seeing others succeed.
What songs have you been listening to and running to recently?
I truly love listening to every genre, but especially have a love for hip hop and EDM. Hip hop makes me feel fierce and strong and EDM acts like a metronome to keep my pace up. My current Spotify list (always updating it, feel free to follow): https://open.spotify.com/use22jbpk7icwsibi4bih4dvidvy/playlist/6LTeJRhfyG4B6bTEshwpYy?si=CT8IUAyUQ36ryNqZLph5kw
What are some of your favorite non-running subreddits?
chonkers trees funny photoshopbattles

Some Last Questions:

What is the origin of your username?
Back in the day there were these YouTube G.I. Joe safety parodies where someone dubbed nonsense over the cartoons. My favourite is where a kid lit his kitchen on fire while an adult comes by yelling "PorkChopSandwiches! Oh shit, get the f*ck out of here!", and to this day whenever I'm in a situation I want to escape (which is often when you have zero social skills), I yell this to myself in my head.https://youtu.be/L1BDM1oBRJ8

Please tag u/porkchopsandwichess when asking a question in this thread.

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A lot of people enjoyed my last video, so here is day 2 of my German conversation week.

A lot of people enjoyed my last video, so here is day 2 of my German conversation week. submitted by TheLearnJourn to German

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