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Why your car was sold with overpriced accessories

So you saw a car listed for an awesome price online. You call up the dealership to make sure it's for real and they confirm over the phone: Yep, we stand by our online pricing! I'll pull the car and have it ready for you. You then drive six hours to the dealership only to learn that "we stand by our online pricing" included the fine print disclaimer price does not include mandatory accessories.
Why do car dealerships advertise like this?
Because most customers go on AutoTrader or CarGurus and sort by lowest price. Dealerships know this and look for ways to make their price the lowest and therefore have their cars listed first. No one's going to buy a Toyota Corolla from the eighth page of search returns so if you want to sell cars, you need to be listed high. No two ways about it.
[Note: the only exception to this is CarGurus. When you submit a lead to Gurus on a Jeep Wrangler from one dealership, they're going to retarget you with ads for Wranglers from other dealerships. A large proportion of Gurus leads are generated from that retargeting.]
The thing here is that all dealerships pay the same thing to acquire a car from the manufacturer and have virtually the same dealer cost when accounting for all revenue streams. If the "true" cost of expenses/revenues differs from two dealership by $500, that's a lot. So for all intents and purposes, two dealerships with the same car have invested the same amount of capital into it, all things equal. While "lowest price" is something of a myth which is beyond the purposes of this post, the floor that most volume dealerships will be willing to discount a car to will be a generally set amount. That's to say if you're looking at the same car with an MSRP of $20,000 at ten dealerships and get apples-to-apples quotes for OTD pricing on each one, the 3-4 best quotes will probably end up within a $200-$300 range which is a pretty narrow band.
So if you want your dealership's prices to consistently appear the lowest on 3rd party aggregator sites, you need to get creative. In pretty much every market there's a dealership that does the following:
  1. Lower the price of the car by $2,000 below the otherwise acceptable price floor.
  2. Add VIN etching to every car for $700 (dealer cost: $5).
  3. Add paint protection to every car for $800 (dealer cost: $50).
  4. Add nitrogen to every tire for $500 (dealer cost: $10).
  5. Add pinstriping to every car for $200 (dealer cost: $20).
  6. Add a security system to ever car for $600 (dealer cost: $100).
The price listed will not reflect those accessories- that would defeat the point of structuring the pricing that way. Depending on the state the standard accessories may be listed in the fine print or it may simply say pricing may not reflect mandatory accessories, see dealer for details. Or something to that nature. Boom- your price appears $2,000 lower than the competition and you're going to start stealing business from them. Sure, customers will be pissed off when they show up and find out the price was fictitious, but they usually still buy when the final price is comparable to what they would have gotten elsewhere.
At this point the other dealerships competing with this one have a choice. Do they want to stick to their moral high ground and exercise transparency in online pricing? In a vacuum sure, but doing so accepts that they will lose a not-inconsiderable amount of business. At the end of the day, employees of a car dealership pay their mortgage and buy groceries with dollars, not moral credits. The dealership with the least ethical practices in a given market will set the standard with which other dealerships will choose to compete with or starve.
Customers don't storm out and buy a car somewhere else when this happens?
Think about this. According to NADA statistics:
  1. The average car buyer makes 1.1 dealership visits before making a purchase.
  2. If a customer leaves a car lot without making a purchase, there's a 97-98% chance they never return. Not tomorrow, not ever, not even for parts or service.
  3. If a customer with the financial means to buy a car steps onto a lot, even "just to look", they're virtually certain to buy a car somewhere within one week.
What does this mean? The dealership with the scurrilous business tactics knows that realistically, the most successful business plan is to do whatever is necessary to gain the edge over its competition in getting customers in the door with the thought of buying a car.
You may say that customers will see what's happening, throw their hands up, read the riot act to everyone in screaming distance, and take their business elsewhere. This usually doesn't happen in this circumstance. More often the customer invested a six hour drive in driving to this shitty dealership and that entire time was getting married to the idea of leaving their old car and taking the new one home. Also, this dealership is going to do everything it can to poison the well and convince the customer that the same phantom accessory package will be added everywhere else they go and that they're still going to be the cheapest car on the market (or at least comparable). Then they'll make a faux-concession (remember I showed that they built in some profit with the accessories) as a show of good faith (hah!) to close the customer.
Realistically, while it goes 100% against everything you dear readebuyer would insist the average customer would do, that's not the truth. Maybe you would refuse to complete the transaction but if so you're distinctly in the minority- and a small one. The fact is that a scheme like this will lose some customers, like yourself, but it will gain more than it loses.
This problem is likely to continue until customers start choosing which dealership to give their business to by a metric other than pricing.
This is bullshit! States should outlaw practices like this!
Some do and it's market suicide because such regulations end at the state border. I work in South Carolina; the TLDR is that our state makes dealerships jump through hoops to have fees in excess of $225. For this reason most dealerships are right at that number and are rarely over $350 or so. So my state actually has this kind of regulation in place.
What's the end effect? North Carolina and Georgia have almost no regulation of fees. This means that dealerships in Atlanta, Augusta, and Charlotte regularly advertise the same car I have on my lot for $3,000 to $5,000 less than what I advertise them for- and in most cases, I'd be able to sell you the car for the same amount. If you're a SC resident I'd be able to sell it for less due to a favorable tax structure. But we lose business to dealerships across the state boundaries for this exact reason all the time. I've heard sales consultants swear up and down on the phone with customers who were otherwise a sure sale that the amazing deal we won't touch just over the state line is a mirage which will vanish the moment they arrive. Most customers assume we're full of shit because of course we're saying that. Then they spend half a day driving out of state and buy out of state for previously mentioned reasons.
All the more reason to allow manufacturers to conduct direct sales!
Imagine a world where, when you want a new car, a dealership just drops one off in front of your house and sends you a bill. Might be a Nissan Versa. Might a Chevy Silverado 3500 diesel. Might be a pogo stick. You do not get to choose what the car is nor can you contest the cost. Your only choice is to pay the bill and make it work. Sounds like a pretty great deal for the dealership, right? While I'll admit I'm simplifying things, this is essentially the relationship that manufacturers have with dealerships now. Let me rephrase this to make it more clear. I'm worried what you dear reader hear me saying is manufacturers don't want to engage in direct sales. What I'm actually saying is manufacturers fucking LOVE the status quo.
Kia Motors of America for example is having incredible success with the Telluride- so much so that Regional managers are using allotments to strongarm dealers into ordering more of less popular inventory. Last year my dealership ordered 20 base Sorentos just to get two more Tellurides allotted. Kia can damn near tell its dealerships to sell X of one car and Y of another car to meet production quotas that fit with corporate goals and dealerships will do it. [Incidentally, that's a big part of why a universal one-price model is unlikely- manufacturers would rather modulate price in many cases than modulate production.]
I don't believe you.
Ok, fine. Let's look at the financials that make direct sales ridiculously unlikely.
Even if manufacturers wanted to sell directly to customers, franchise agreements ban competition from the manufacturer and in some cases create exclusive territories. So to engage in direct sales manufacturers would need to buy out all of their franchises. There are about 16,000 car dealerships in the United States- even accounting for not all of them selling new cars, this would cost tens (if not hundreds) of billions of dollars. For reference, I work at a mid-size dealership with three brands. I would estimate it would take $40-50M to get the ownership family interested in selling. To buy my entire dealership group (three dealerships, eight brands) it would be more like a quarter billion dollars. For one dealership group.
Even if that were to happen, it wouldn't be the end of things. Manufacturers would still need to buy dealership assets. Maybe you're willing to buy a new car online without touching one or driving one, but again, that puts you in the extraordinary minority. Most customers want to be able to touch and sit in and drive a car before a final financial commitment. Even Tesla, the poster child for direct sales, has showrooms for this purpose. They just use different vocabulary.
Beyond showrooms, the manufacturer-owned dealerships would need to reacquire inventory.They'd need to bring service and parts departments (and THEIR inventory) back in-house. Then they'd need to hire all the techs in service, service advisors, sales staff from parts, porters, and the like. This also means hiring people for the accounting office to manage payroll and pay the bills. You know, all the people currently working at the dealership.
Ok, fine, but this still means that we can have a model where the price is the price!
Not a chance. Sales consultants will still exist. Negotiated prices will still exist. Even though Ford Dealership #1 is no longer competing with Ford Dealership #2, you damn well bet the manufacturer will want a sales consultant who can convince a customer that a Ford product is better than a Chevy or a Nissan, and you can also bet that they'll want the sales consultants to be able to sacrifice some profit to capture that business from a rival manufacturer. And they'll want the car on site so that they can have you take the car home that day and remove you from the market.
And another concept I alluded to earlier- the auto market follows traditional economic laws of supply and demand, but the market price of a given car can often change faster than the average time an example of that car sits on dealership pavement. This means that price needs to modulate in real-time to address changes in supply and demand. That said, this is another topic that really needs its own post to fully explore and I don't want to stray too far from the topic at hand.
By the way, there are some corporate-owned stores in the world. They function exactly like franchise dealerships. You don't realize there are corporate-owned stores because there's no functional difference.
You also need to realize that cars are sold with market-based pricing. Everyone likes to say that direct sales will remove the dealership middle-man and therefore eliminate one stage of markup, but no one stops and thinks about that logically. Market-based pricing decouples production cost from sale price. Let's say that the fair market value where I live for a Kia Forte LXS, a mass market unit without any weird economic factors in play, is $19,000. If I snap my fingers and transfer ownership of my dealership to the manufacturer, the car's going to still be sold for what the market will bear. Besides, fluctuations in the car market happen faster than a car might sit on the lot- dealerships need a dynamic pricing model that allows for the sale price of a vehicle to be responsive to non-static market conditions.
Ok, so what should I do when I want to buy the car?
You have a few choices here. As a prelude, we strongly encourage customers to NOT buy from dealerships that engage in practices like this. Unless these advertising practices stop producing sales, they will continue.
If you're still going to go ahead with a purchase there are a few things to consider.
If negotiating a price before you come in, ask them to write up and sign a Buyer's Order and send you a picture. Writing Buyer's Orders and not honoring them is fraudulent. Granted exceptions to fraud exist for honest mistakes, but dealerships that engage in shitty practices know that they can only get away with that so often before it starts to result in fines from the state AG's office. If they refuse, offer to give them $500 over the phone as a partial down payment (refunded at the time of purchase if you're doing 100% financing). Many dealerships that want to be transparent may be unwilling to show you a Buyer's Order before coming in because they're not interested in being your leverage to negotiate down a local dealer. Offering to give them real money will ameliorate this concern and demonstrate you're ready to buy from them right now if they honor pricing.
Remember that this pricing schematic is not a profit-driver for the dealership. Sometimes it results in a modest profit but more often it just results in the car being sold for dealer cost or thereabout. This means that a fair price for the car with no accessories is basically identical to fair price with none of them. If your concern is that you don't want to pay for the accessories, then just ignore them and pretend they don't exist. Think of it as line items that read "Market Adjustments: -$2000, +$600, +$1400. The dealership isn't going to take off the accessory charges without also taking off the fictitious discount that they exist to offset. If your concern is that you literally don't want the accessories, I don't blame you. I wouldn't want flashing brake lights that required cutting into wiring or VIN etching performed by someone making minimum wage who doesn't give a shit about quality either. In this case, do not tell them to remove the accessories- they won't. Tell them you want a virgin car and they can either dealer trade one or wait for the next shipment, and you're cool with them writing you a deal that produces the same profit margin they'd expect from a unit with all the accessories you don't want.
You'll need to go through some fine print to separate out accessory charges from dealer fees and negotiate accordingly. These are very different items in terms of pricing but can appear on a line-item offer sheet with similar verbiage. You can negotiate a virgin car that doesn't have things like Paint Protection, VIN Etching, and Pinstriping (given limitations in the previous step). However, any negotiating about things like Lot Prep Fee and Dealer Closing Fee are 100% untouchable. Just ask if the charge sounds like it represents a product added to the car or a normal part of dealership business operations. The latter will always be baked into the price and you should ignore it. Again, just focus on the out-the-door price of the car.
submitted by freeAllWeatherMats to askcarsales

Hilichurl Language Research (Translation from CN)

There's an incredible CN post deciphering the hilichurl language and I thought I'd share it here.
Original post
Post title: This hilichurl researcher announces that they have deciphered the hilichurl language and discovered Unu, the god/gods of the hilichurls.
This article collects 15 pieces of information related to Hilichurlian that have been announced, including the official voice actor skits, the hilichurl dialogue in chapter 5 of the official manga, part 4 of the manga Daily Slime Sauce, Hilichurl Ballad Selection (including 7 poems), Hilichurl Cultural Customs (4 volumes in total, the 3rd is missing), and the Ella Musk quests. This hilichurl researcher has mostly finished translating the above materials, and discovered significant self-consistency in Hilichurlian vocabulary. Here is my analysis for research and discussion with other hilichurl scholars.
The pronunciation of Hilichurlian can be read directly in Roman script. Many words come from Japanese, English, Russian, and Chinese. There is no obvious encryption, and it does not seem to be related to @多闻不难大佬's analysis of the Abyss language/Khaen'riah language. In Hilichurlian, the sentence structure and word order are complex and changeable depending on the environment. There are situations where the same word is used as a verb, noun or adjective in different contexts. The expressions of Hilichurlian are relatively primitive and the vocabulary is quite scarce. All of the above have caused certain difficulties in deciphering the language under the condition of limited information.
This hilichurl expert deciphered Hilichurlian in about five hours, and now summarizes all known Hilichurlian vocabulary in the form of a dictionary at the end of the article. Even amateur hilichurl enthusiasts can easily translate and make sentences based on the dictionary.
All hilichurl enthusiasts are welcome to help me further improve and correct the Hilichurlian dictionary.

1. VA Skit - Mondstadt Tea Time

Olah Greeting, hello
Mosi Eat/Food
Mita Meat
Mosi Mita Expression of joy
Gusha Vegetables (negative connotation)
Mosi Gusha Expression of sadness
Source: Excerpt from the second episode of the Mondstadt Tea Time video series
Official meaning of "Mosi Mita" and "Mosi Gusha." Mita often has a positive meaning, while Gusha often has a negative meaning.

2. Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 1 Song 1

Mi I, me
Mimi We, us
Muhe Victory, success, triumph
Biat Strike violently, curse
Ye You, contemptuously, emphasizes that one is superior to the other party. "Yo" has a more friendly meaning
Dada Excellence, goodness, expression of praise. Used for emphasis.
Mi muhe ye
Mi biat ye
Biat ye dada
Muhe dada
Context: Hilichurls sing this song before battle.
Source: 1st song from Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 1
Mi muhe ye I triumph over you
Mi biat ye I strike you down
Biat ye dada Strike you down with glory
Muhe dada Victory with glory
"Mi" in Hilichurlian can refer to "I", and "Mimi" refers to "we", which only has the function of distinguishing between singular and plural. The same applies to "ye," "yeye," "yo," and "yoyo" below.
Regarding the fact that "ye" and "yo" both mean the personal pronoun "you," according to the context, "yo" and "yoyo" are often used in friendly communication, as in (11) the friendly hilichurl's reply to the hilichurl scholar Ella Musk "Yo mimi beru si?" (What are you doing here?) and the shamanic poetry in (6) "Nini movo muhe yoyo" (May the storm bring you victory). When you use "ye" and "yeye," you demean the other party; it can be translated as "you maggot" or "you bastards," often used in battle or between superior and inferior ranks. For example, in (7), the divine Unu’s reply to the hilichurls' question "Kuzi mita dada ye" (Unu replied: "You, the mighty hilichurl tribe, are greater") and the provocative battle song "Mi muhe ye" in (1) (I triumph over you)

3. Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 1 Song 2

Eleka Now, in this moment (guessed, no other source)
-a- "ah" - meaningless song refrain
Domu Dance
La "La" - meaningless song refrain
Context: Festive celebration, tribal hymn
Source: 2nd song from Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 1
Eleka mimi-a-Domu (Now?) we dance
Mita domu-a-dada The hilichurl dance is great
La-la-la La la la
La-la-la La la la
Mimi mosi ye mita We are all very happy ("mosi mita" expresses happiness, see (1). Of course, it also expresses the cruelty and power of the tribe by literally saying "we eat your meat")
This paragraph describes tribal ceremonies. Primitive ceremonies are based on ritual dances. Therefore, it is possible that "domu" may mean "dance." Combined with "sada" (singing) in (5) and "sada" and "domu" in (8) we can confirm that "domu" means "dance."
Regarding "Eleka," it can only be speculated as a function word. In (9) Hilichurl Cultural Customs, it is mentioned that hilichurls have no concept of past and future, only "this moment." It is speculated that "eleka" means "this moment," as we have no other information.
Regarding "mita," combined with multiple "mita"s below, it can be inferred that "mita" does not only mean physical meat, but can also be extended to the hilichurl race, hilichurl tribes, or the Meaty Tribe.

4. Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 1 Song 3

Nye Expresses negation, "not" or "un-"
Context: Shamanic ode of grief and melancholy
Source: 3rd song from Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 1
Mi muhe mita nye I am defeated, shamed
Mi muhe mita nye I am defeated, shamed
Muhe nye Defeat
Muhe nye Defeat
Gusha Sadness
Biat, gusha Accursed sadness
This paragraph describes the tragic song of the old shaman, so it has a depressing feeling. Combined with (12), "muhe" is assumed to mean positive emotions, and "nye" is assumed to mean negative.
"Biat" is a curse word, the pronunciation may be borrowed from Russian "blyat"
Originally "Mi muhe mita nye" was translated as "I am no longer a strong hilichurl". Thanks to nazuurin's correction, through semantic analysis of the following pronoun + verb + pronoun phrases
Mi muhe ye (I triumph over you)
Mi biat ye (I strike you down)
Biat ye dada (Strike you down with glory)
Mi muhe mita nye (I am defeated, shamed)
Nini movo muhe yoyo (wind brings victory to you)
Mimi domo (we dance)
Mimi nunu (we sleep)
Nini zido (The storm kills)
We can analyze the grammatical rules of Hilichurlian: The subject of the action is before the verb, the object of the action is after the verb.
However, there are two special cases of continuous chaining of pronouns:
kuzi unu ya zido (Mighty Unu and the human fight)
yo mimi beru si? (What do you want to do with us?)
We can see that when the pronouns are together, it means A does X with B. This is logically self-consistent and conforms to the usual rules of grammar.

5. Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 2 Song 4

Celi Element/Elemental
Upa Combine, merge
Sada Sing, song
Shato like, similar to, in the manner of
Lata Water, Hydro
Kuzi Mighty
Unu Unu, the god/gods worshipped by hilichurls
Zido Kill
Ya Human (singular)
Yaya Humans (plural)
Celi upa celi
Sada shato lata
kuzi unu ya zido
Unu dada
Context: A special philosophical meaning for hilichurls, similar to ancient poetry or romances
Source: 4th song from Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 2
Celi upa celi Element combines with element
Sada shado lata A song like water
Kuzi unu ya zido Mighty Unu and the human fight
Unu dada Glory to Unu
In the text, "unu" appears many times, especially in the poem in (7) which mentions Unu in every other sentence. This is another text that praises Unu, so Unu is believed to be the god/gods worshipped by hilichurls.
"Ya" refers specifically to humans, because when hilichurls see the player, they will shout "ya!" or "yaya ika!" It can be understood that both these phrases mean "enemy." If "ya" refers to humans, "ika" means hostile, enemy. In this paragraph, "ya zido" (to "zido" the human) also expresses hostility. Combined with "nini zido" (may the wind "zido") in (13) it expresses a strong threat, so it is determined that "zido" means to kill, which is a strong threatening tone.
"Sada" cannot mean "dance" based on (4), combined with a poem praising the wind (6), wind brings victory, "Lata movo mosi yoyo" (may "lata" bring you food), we can infer that "lata" is highly related to the water element. "Celi" most likely refers to all elements. This is confirmed in the Hydro Samachurl spell "lata movo dada" (May the water bring good luck) in the Daily Slime Sauce manga, as shown below:

6. Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 2 Song 5

Nini The storm, Anemo. "Ni" likely means "wind"
Movo Bring (here translated as "may X bring")
Yoyo You (plural). Hilichurls use "yoyo" when friendly and "yeye" when angry or offended
Tomo Meaning unclear, based on context assumed to be thanks or satisfaction, from the Japanese word "doumo"
Nini movo muhe yoyo
Nini movo mimi tomo
Lata movo mosi yoyo
Celi movo celi yoyo
Context: An Anemo Samachurl praising the power of Anemo when drunk
Source: 5th song from Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 2
Nini movo muhe yoyo May Anemo bring you victory
Nini movo mimi tomo May Anemo bring us (satisfaction?)
Lata movo mosi yoyo May Hydro bring you food
Celi movo celi yoyo May the elements bring you elements (may the elements be with you)
"Celi XX celi" has interfered with the translation a lot, but "yoyo" (you) is added at the end of every sentence here. This implies that this poem is in the style of a shaman's blessing, and if the last sentence "May elements bring you elements" is translated as "May the elements be with you" it fits. Thus "celi" means "elements."
Since the emphasis is on tribes venerating Anemo, the words must be highly related to elements. The most frequent "nini" must refer to the element of Anemo, "lata" is the element of Hydro, and the component of "movo" in the sentence is a verb which can be translated as "carry, bring," borrowed from the English pronunciation of move.

7. Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 2 Song 6

Unu Unu, the god/gods worshipped by hilichurls. Hilichurl Cultural Customs mentions that the hilichurl gods are not part of the Seven
Yaya Humans
Ika Enemy
Kundala Alive, being
Dala Question: what, which, etc.
Kuzi Great, mighty
Mita Meat, or the hilichurl tribe
Unu, unu
Yaya ika kundala!
Mita dada ya dala?
Kuzi mita dada ye
Mita dada-a-mimi
Context: A pious ode sung by hilichurls during sacrifices
Source: 6th song from Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 2
Unu, unu O Unu, Unu
Yaya ika kundala! Human enemies live!
Unu, unu O Unu, Unu
Mita dada ya dala? Is hilichurl greater than human?
Unu, unu O Unu, Unu
Kuzi mita dada ye (Unu's reply) You, the mighty hilichurl tribe, are greater
Mita dada-a-mimi The great hilichurls, us
The meaning of "unu" here has been explained in (5) and will not be repeated. The fourth line of the poem "mita" (hilichurl) should correspond to "ya" (human), and the meanings of "mita" and "ya" are confirmed.
There is a word "kundala" here. At first, this hilichurl scholar misinterpreted it as attack. Thanks to my bro SuperEgoFreud for correcting: In the short play [https://bv1yz4y1d7w8/] (TN: This link is also broken in the original post) played by Boss David himself (TN: David/Da Wei, a name for Liu Wei, VP of Mihoyo, the guy the Wei Hilichurls are based on), the Mita Samachurl says "mimi kundala dala" at 5:04 with the subtitles "everyone must live well," so it is determined that "kundala" means being alive, being, living.
Dala can be literally translated as "what?" to express doubt. Another "dala" appeared in the AR 36 quest "Lionfang's Legacy" and was confirmed: When replying to Paimon, the hilichurl used "dala?" to express doubt.
Paimon: *clears throat* Excuse me, Mr. Hilichurl?
Hilichurl: Dala?

8. Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 2 Song 7

Mimi movo
Mimi sada
Mimi domu
Domu upa
Gusha dada
Context: Sung around the bonfire at the end of the night. Afterwards, the chief says "nunu" three times, meaning "sleep"
Source: Song 7 in Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 2

Mimi movo We go
Mimi sada We sing
Mimi domu We dance
Domu upa Dance together
Gusha dada Even sadness/vegetables are fine (positive tone)
Nunu, nunu, nunu Sleep, sleep, sleep
I realized that the name of Dadaupa Gorge (TN: Da Da Wu Pa in Chinese) is written "Dada-upa" in Roman script. It is connected with the local land densely covered with a large number of hilichurl tribes. Can the best "upa" be understood as the best canyon? Or the best... settlement? This is it! "Upa" can be translated as a noun and it can be a settlement or a gathering place, then "the best gathering place" for "dada-upa" can make sense; as a verb "upa," it can be translated as gathering, cohesion, and in the context "domu upa" can be translated as gathering and dancing together. In the context of "celi upa celi", it can be understood as yelling "Elements, become as one!" before casting the spell. So far the meaning of "upa" has also been determined.

9. Hilichurl Cultural Customs Vol. 2

It would appear that the hilichurl possess no concept of either the past or future, living only in the present. They do not intentionally store up food for survival, nor do they commemorate their deceased forebears.
Source: Excerpt from Hilichurl Cultural Customs Vol. 2

10. When saying goodbye to Ella Musk in the Knights of Favonius library

When selecting "Goodbye" in the dialogue options:
Ella Musk: Nye mita da ye mosi zido!
Ella Musk: Oh — and that means "Goodbye, have a nice trip!"
Nye mita da ye mosi zido Goodbye, have a nice trip
P. S. This rascal is a bogus Hilichurl researcher, if you believe her you're screwed... Based on the analysis of this superior Hilichurlian expert, this sentence actually means that "without meat to eat you will die." If you say this to a hilichurl who knows if it might attack you... The real translation of "goodbye" may be "valo" as described in the analysis of (11)

11. Language/Poetry Exchange Achievements

Beru Want (not confirmed, only appears once)
Si thing, situation
Valo Thank you, you're welcome
Guru-guru Possibly the "gulu gulu" sound (TN: rumbling onomatopoeia in Chinese) your stomach makes when you're hungry
Buka Grilling, grilled meat (TN: this is contradicted later on in the dictionary, most likely they meant to write "stomach")
Todo Rest assured, don't worry
Ella Musk: Olah! Muhe mimi, nye, eh... mosi aba?
Hilichurl: Yo mimi beru si?
Ella Musk: Buka...mita nye, guru-guru...yo mosi ka?
Hilichurl: Ya odomu, Todo yo, buka guru-guru nye.
Ella Musk: Mi? Dada! Valo.
Hilichurl: Valo, ya odomu. (Appears happy)
(You get Suspicious Steaks)
Ella Musk: Olah! Muhe mimi, nye, eh... mosi aba? Hello! Victory us, no, uh... have food?
Hilichurl: Yo mimi beru si? What you doing with us?
Ella Musk: Buka...mita nye, guru-guru...yo mosi ka? Tummy... no meat, rumbling... you have food?
Hilichurl: Ya odomu, Todo yo, buka guru-guru nye. Human friend, give you, tummy no rumble.
Ella Musk: Mi? Dada! Valo. Me? Great! Thanks.
Hilichurl: Valo, ya odomu. You're welcome, human friend.
We can't fully trusk the imbecile Ella Musk, so let's take this with a grain of salt. Here "beru si" and "todo" only appear once and must be guessed based on context. The hilichurls also say "dala si?" ("What's the matter," I can't find the source of this sentence but I did see it), suggesting that "dala" indicates a questions, and "si" may refer to things/situations, based on the Chinese "事" (TN: shi). But the meaning of "beru" is not certain and you are all free to debate this further.
"Valo" here can be understood as a courtesy phrase like "thank you/you're welcome", and it can also be translated as "goodbye." More information on Hilichurlian is needed to confirm.

12. Draft Lines of Hilichurl Poetry (quest item from Ella Musk)

Celi dada, mimi nunu!
— "nunu" seems to be an everyday greeting... This phrase does not appear to convey any malicious intent.
Muhe ye!
— These two words seem to indicate some sort of... positive excitement.
Ye dada!
— Very direct praise. Most likely does not have any negative connotations.
Ya yika!
— Appears to be a negative term expressing disapproval at the listener.
Nini zido!
— Seems to be an intensely threatening term.
Celi dada, mimi nunu! Praise the elements, we sleep!
Muhe ye! Triumph you!
Ye dada! You great!
Ya yika! Human enemy!
Nini zido! The storm kills!
Source: Draft Lines of Hilichurl Poetry
Analysis: There are no uncommon words, consistent with previous translations

13. Afterwards, in the quest dialogue with hilichurls

Paimon: Which line should we start with?
- Celi dada, mimi nunu! (If chosen: "Hmm, not much of a reaction. Seems like it isn't interested in talking. Guess we'll just have to guess what it's saying from its body language... Huh... That seemed to go well... What do you know — the hilichurl seems to like it! ")
- Ya yika!
- Ye dada!
- Nini zido!
- Muhe ye!
When you continue reading:
Choose "Ye dada" - "Huh... That seemed to go well... What do you know — the hilichurl seems to like it!"
"Muhe ye!" - "Whoa... So hilichurls dance now. Paimon guesses they really liked that one."
P. S. Based on our analysis of the 7 hilichurl poems, I believe these are all straightforward for everyone to understand.

14. Ella Musk's Draft Hilichurl Ballads

Kucha kucha Munch, munch, the sound of eating grass. Can be translated as weak
Tiga Geo, stone
Olah! Olah!
Yoyo mosi mita!
Nye, nye mosi mita,
Yeye mosi gusha!
Mosi gusha, mosi tiga,
Yeye kucha kucha!
Let us finally translate the poem of this unlucky girl. It's a huge meme that will definitely get you beaten up by hilichurls:
Olah! Olah! Hello! Hello!
Yoyo mosi mita! You are all happy/eating meat!
Nye, nye mosi mita, No, not happy/eating meat,
Yeye mosi gusha! You bastards can eat grass!
Mosi gusha, mosi tiga, Eat grass, eat rocks,
Yeye kucha kucha! Grass, munch, munch!
Here the new word "tiga" appears, based on context it is a noun that refers to something difficult to eat, similar to "gusha." The Stonehide Lawachurl has been described as "tiga mitono" (unknown source), "mitono" is a variant of "mita" (hilichurl), probably referring to mitachurls, so "tiga" most likely refers to the element of stone or Geo.

15. AR 36 "Lionfang's Legacy" quest dialogue with hilichurls about the Shield of Magnificent Honor

Vin Wine, wine-related
Plata Shield
Kucha pupu Sound effect of eating grass, has a mocking tone
Traveller: Vin plata dada! (Wine shield great! Makes the hilichurl happy)
Traveller: Kucha pupu gusha ye! (Probably some kind of insult)
Hilichurl: Biadam! (looks angry)
Traveller: Mani nini Biaodomu.
Hilichurl: Yaya ika! Kundala ye plata! (TN: This seems to be wrong based on genshin-impact.fandom.com unless the line is different between EN and CN)
Afterwards a fight begins.
Traveller: Vin plata dada! Wine shield great! (Makes the hilichurl happy)
Traveller: Kucha pupu gusha ye! Munch, crunch, you eat grass!
Hilichurl: Biadam! Oi!
Traveller: Mani nini Biaodomu. May Anemo curse you ("Biaodomu" is most likely a mispronounced "Biadam")
Hilichurl: Yaya ika! Kundala ye plata! Humans enemy! (You who) are here, (get a taste of) my shield!
Hilichurl: Yaya ika! Mani ye! TN: The wiki says this is the actual line, which would be "Humans enemy! Give you!"
Hilichurl: Muhe vin plata? Mani ye! Mani dada! TN: The wiki says this is the line if you succeed on the negotiation, which would be "(Want to) win wine shield? Give you! Gift great!"
(too long, continued in comments)
submitted by chinkeeyong to Genshin_Impact

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