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Industrial Waste Air Model Technical Background Document. Buccaneers vs Raiders Week 7 Game Info. The result is a rise in crude oil prices relative to refined products, and this weakens, or narrows, the crack spread initially. (PDF) Influence of dry season on Quercus suber L. leaf. Suber et al. 20080217095: Limiting Device for Limiting Relay Welding and Motor Driving Apparatus: September, 2020: Ono: 20090167080: CURRENT BALANCING FOR MULTI-PHASE CONVERTERS: July, 2020: Carpenter et al. 20100079001: Outlet switch socket device: April, 2020: Lee et al. 20090121545: Auxiliary Component Control for Use with a Lawn and Garden. Warning: Although the current score, time elapsed, video and other data provided on this site is sourced from "live" feeds provided by third parties, you should be aware that this data may be subject to a time delay and/or be inaccurate.

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Battle Cats Cheats Free Cat Food & XP in 2020 web. The Macho Brace is an item that will make EV training slightly easier because it doubles the EVs you gain in battle. COMe -9X9 0 User Manual iv Box Contents COMe -9X90 1 x COMe-9X90 module 1 x Screw bag 1 x Heatsink with fan (fansink) Ordering Information Model Name Description. Gene family could code for a vacuolar malate channel. How Phillips 66 Makes Most of Its Money The biggest driver of last year's earnings decline, though, was a significant drop in the market crack spread, which is the difference between the price. The game was never released in Japan for the normal Game Boy.


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The story of Eusociology

Source: Wikipedia page on Eusociality Link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eusociality
Also a little bit on from the Cretaceous Wikipedia Page
Link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cretaceous
Please note that this was done on my limited knowledge and a quick reading of the wiki, so I am open to feedback on any factual errors. Please read the story, and I hope you enjoy.
It is said that long ago somewhere during the Upper Jurassic state of the game, a group of friends came together and vowed to make an unformidable class/strategy/build that would etch their names in Earth’s history forever. Up until that point; the meta, the non-meta, the griefers, and so on all had the same goal of passing on their own genes. It was the unquestionable goal of the game, build up your character, maybe even specialize, but make sure you had a good source of nutrience to mate and spread your offspring. At first, the group of friends started off just as any other group trying to etch their name in the history of Earth would do, and that is mess with the stats. They tried a variety of strategies; first by trying to optimizing stats in archosaurians, the meta at the time, but just weren’t good enough to make an impact or beat the professional builds. Like they say, you can’t get water from a dry well. Then the group of friends moved on to mammals, they experienced with mechanics such as burrowing, or having fat. They could see the self sustaining usefulness of warm blooded mammals, but every time they went out, even as a pack, the group of friends would be dominated by the terrifyingly advanced and energy optimized cold blooded dinosaurs, so they had to move on. It was only when the group of friends came insects that one of them accidentally turned reproduction off and what they saw amazed them. Reproduction had always been on as a default, because why wouldn’t it be, it was the main goal of the game. But when the group of friends accidentally turned off the reproduction button that no one else did at that point was that if they had one person of their species be specifically designated to giving birth, they could have that one person put all their stats into effective reproducing, even almost to the point of rapid fire (but in the process shorten the lifespan of the other in the species), they could leave her at the nest/homebase safe from predators. If they did that, the other friends would be able to specialize in others things such as building the nest, gathering food, attending to the brood, and so on. Not only would the ants that left the nest be dispensable, but easily replaceable. The group of friends realized they had it, the thing that would etch their names into Earth’s History. After lots of successful testing, the group posted their strategy online and amassed many users to help them grow their strategy, which is now known as Eusocialogy. It became one of the staples of insects, as the insects started diversifying during the cretaceous period into ants, termites and other things of the like. During the current meta, the strategy can not only be found in insects, but also some crustaceans such as shrimp & mammals like the naked mole rat. As you might be thinking, If Eusociology is so good & it is a strategy, why aren’t humans the most intelligent and OP build in the meta using it? The truth is, they were, sorta. Things like Empires, Kingdoms, and Monarchies were all similar in strategy to Eusociology, but as you know that was when humans were first showing their OPness, so the devs tried to nerf the humans by giving them thoughts of free will, equality, and new forms of such as government democracy and constitutional monarchies. There recently was a resurgence of a similar strategy to counteract the dev’s so called nerf, with a new strategy called Communism, but was met by animosity by the lazy people who were were on more capitalistic servers with all humans that believed in free will.
Edit: Now in the modern game, lots of people like playing Eusociological species as groups where they work together to find food, defend the nest, Band work for the colony.
Edit: Now that you know this let me pose a question to you. Are species like ants that are specialized for the strategy of being Eusocial Uber Suber S-Class or since as inividuals they suck such as the queen can’t defend herself or a worker ant can’t reproduce they are -Z class? What is your value criterion, the survivability and reproductive capabilities of the species or the individual?
Edit: Also did you know that some ants can be polygyny or have more than one queen?
Thanks for reading, please comment down below for feedback.
submitted by Carbinkisgod to Tierzoo

Donwload PUBG LIte For PC

Free-to-Play, Low Spec, Play Now
| M A P P U B G L i t e |
PUBG Lite Mempunyai tiga Area MAP
📷Map ERANGEL adalah sebuah pulau yang terletak di Laut Hitam. Mulai sekitar 1950, pulau ini diduduki oleh Uni Soviet dan digunakan sebagai fasilitas percobaan militer, yang menjelaskan Pangkalan Militer, begitupun Rumah sakit dan fasilitas penyimpanan. Orang-orang yang tergabung pada gerakan perlawanan dari pemerintahan setempat mencoba mendapatkan pulau mereka kembali, tetapi gagal.
Pulau 8x8km ini memberikan berbagai lingkungan seperti Pembangkit Nuklir,Pangkalan Militer, Kota yang banjir, rawa dan gunung.
Map MIRAMAR adalah Padang gurun sepi yang berlawanan dengan Erangel dimana disitu banyak rumput dan pepohonan. Bukit pasir, tumbuhan kering, dan lahan minyak menjelaskan padang gurun tandus ini. Medan yang keras dan perkotaan yang padat akan meberikanmu tantangan lebih untuk keahlian bertahanmu. Buat strategi baru dengan senjata dan kendaraan eksklusif Miramar untuk menikmati sensasi Batte Royale.
Training Mode memperbolehkan 5-20 pemain (solo dengan matchmaking) untuk menjelajahi map berukuran 2×2. Pemain dapat melatih semua senjata dan kendaraan untuk menguasai permainan ini.
Dua map yang bisa di mainkan di versi mobile belum ada di seri PUBG Lite ini Mungkin Update kedepanya akan di tambahkan.
| K O N T R O L P U B G L i t e |
Key maping keyboard dan mouse PUBG Lite
1 : Senjata primer
2 : Senjata Sekunder
3 : Pistol
4 : Senjata jarak dekat
5 : Granat
7 : Kit Medis
8 : Pertolongan pertama
9 : Perban
0 : minuman berenergi
I : Buka penyimpanan
W : Maju
A : Jalan ke kiri
D : Jalan ke kanan
S : Mundur
Q : Miring ke kiri
E : Miring ke kanan
C : Duduk
X : Bersenjata
Z : Merangkak
F : Gunakan / Ambil
V : FPP / TPP ganti sudut kamera
B : Ubah mode tembak
M : Buka Map
CTL : Jalan
SHIFT : Lari
SPACE : Lompat
LMB : Tembak
RMB : Bidik
MW : Ganti senjata
MOVE : sudut kamera
| P A T C H N O T E #07 P U B G L i t e |
Patch ini memiliki beberapa konten yang akan membantu kalian untuk bermain lebih nyaman.
Merubah sistem parasut
Menambahkan lapangan tembak di Starting Island
Update lainnya
[Konten baru: Perubahan Sistem Parasut]
Kami mendengar banyak permintaan kalian untuk meningkatkan sistem Parasut, jadi dengan update kali ini kalian akan menemukan sistem parasut yang telah diperbarui. Kami telah menambahkan pergerakan yang lebih realistis yang membuat kalian dapat membelokkan parasut dengan lebih halus, lebih mudah dan lebih tepat sesuai lokasi yang kalian inginkan.
Terjun Bebas
  • Shift kiri membuat kalian terjun dengan kecepatan penuh ke tanah
  • perbelokan yang lebih halus dan cepat saat terjun bebas
  • Shift kiri membantu kalian turun lebh cepat
  • CTRL kiri membuat kalian meluncur jika kalian ingin mencapai tempat yang lebih jauh
  • Lama animasi karakter tergantung pada kecepatan saat mendarat
    • Semakin tinggi kecepatannya maka semakin lama animasinya
  • Kalian dapat memotong parasut saat mendekati tanah saat bergerak tanpa menabrak objek
    • Ini akan membantu kalian lompat lebih akurat dan lebih cepat ke tempat yang ingin kalian loot
    • Ini akan membuat kalian lebih cepat tetapi kalian bisa menerima damage jika kalian lompat terlalu jauh
  • Dengan sistem yang baru ini, menabrak objek atau bangunan akan membuat parasut terpotong secara otomatis
Lapangan tembak telah ditambahkan ke Starting Island
Melihat feedback dari kalian berdasar survey dari komunitas, kami membuat ide bahwa player bisa melakukan gameplay yang bermakna di starting island. Karena itu, kami menambahkan lapangan tembak untuk melatih kemampuan kalian. Cobalah beberapa senjata di starting island
Optimisasi Dan perbaikan
  • Meningkatkan efek muzzle
  • Mengoptimisasi pergerakan karakter player lain (membuat pergerakan lebih halus)
PUBG Lite Udpate Lainnya
  • Menambahkan attachment baru bernama “duckbill”
    • Kami telah menambahkan attachment shotgun baru yaitu duckbill. yang dapat dipasangkan ke S1987 dan S12K, Duck bill mengurangi spread vertical dan horizontal dari senjata.
    • Menambahkan SLR ke Training mode
      • Kami telah menambahkan SLR ke Training mode yang dapat kalian gunakan untuk berlatih
Perbaikan & Optimalisasi Game PUBG Lite
  • Memperbaiki isu dimana quick marker tidak ditampilkan saat player berada dalam kendaraan
  • Memperbaiki isu dimana quick marker ditampilkan di jendela
  • Memperbaiki isu dimana karakter mati saat turun dari kendaraan dengan kecepatan pelan
  • Memperbaiki isu dimana bagian dalam kendaraan tidak dapat dilihat dari kejauhan
  • Memperbaiki isu dimana karakter tersangkut di lokasi tertentu di Ferry Pier di Erangel
  • Memperbaiki isu dimana voice chat tidak bekerja di lobby
Kami akan terus melakukan yang terbaik untuk mendapatkan feedback dari kalian.
Terima kasih dan sampai jumpa di dalam game!
Suber artikel : lite.pubg.com
Bagi kalian yang belum download PUBG Lite
Download PUBG Lite
Software Pendukung
Driver VGA PUBG Lite
submitted by microartdotnet to u/microartdotnet

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