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Share - Firestorm Armada Spartan Games Frigate and Corvette Group Sorylian Collective. So, I run octane 2.0 benchmark and i got a score of 94! Had I been using just the one Pi, that would have been sufficient.

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Download Armada II Upgrade Project More Star Trek: Armada II Mods This mod from the A2UPGRADE team contains retextured or highly enhanced graphics sets and loading/splash screen additions along with new planet sets, asteroids, etc. Fixed a crash when quotas were turned on while a process was traced with ktrace(1). If you wish to play Star Trek Armada on Windows 10 look up "Star Trek Armada 1 dxwrapper" on Google and open the Github link (should be first in the search) This wrapper patch works perfect (hats off to eriedlinger from FleetOps Forum).

If Armada firefox'd down at 31:26, would Jigglypuff have died?

If Armada firefox'd down at 31:26, would Jigglypuff have died? submitted by daskrip to smashbros

Top 10 Sets of 2015

10) Mango vs Mew2King at Paragon LA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgOHZRF-BlI Significance: This is the main reason this set is on this list. For the most part both M2K and Mango had been underperforming for most of the year and seeing them in grand finals was a treat to say the least. Story: If for nothing else please watch this set for the beginning to see M2K in the player cam moving more in his seat than I’ve ever seen and adjusting his glasses in the middle of combos and grabs. Also the set came down to a game 5 last hit scenario which was a nail bitter. Gameplay: M2K gets some sick gimps in game 3 but Mango managed to adjust and beat him on the same stage the next game; however there was some choking by M2K in the final moments of game five unfortunately.
9) Armada vs Mango at Smash Summit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJWqNAto920 Significance: No Falco has ever given Armada this kind of challenge in years (PPMD at evo 2013?). Mango also showed that he hasn’t lost his touch just yet despite his lackluster performances this year. Story: The last game was an incredibly tense last hit situation. Other than that Armada dominated the games that he won (including a 4 stock on yoshi’s) and Mango clutched out his victories (including a game on yoshi’s immediately after being 4 stocked) Gameplay: It didn’t really feel like either player played amazingly with all of the flubs in game 5, Armada missing key edgegaurds and Mango getting four stocked and sding and almost giving away game 4 but it’s still Armada vs Mango so there are certainly plays to be found in his set regardless.
8) HungryBox vs SFAT at Press Start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGNIABHNhAs Significance: The classic upset story. SFAT beat Leffen earlier and this was his chance to beat HBox as well which would have been huge for him. Story: This set was insane! SFAT takes the first 2 games pretty commandingly……then HBox stood up (his final form) HBox then takes games 3 and 4 but the momentum shifts once again in game 5 and SFAT goes up 3 stocks to on puff stock at kill percent. HBox somehow manages to get clutch ledge plays and on his final stock SFAT decides to stand up! HBox clutches out the set which of course results in one of the biggest popoff’s I’ve ever seen (so yeah, a standard Hbox pop off) Gameplay: Most of the impressive thing about the gameplay came from SFAT and his incredible raw dd up smashes, sick up airs, firefoxes without using his jump to trick Hbox ect.
7) Westballz vs Mango (GF) at Mayhem (June) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKn-aIErRXo Significance: Westballz takes two sets off mango including one in the Falco ditto (a mu we rarely see at the high level now) and apparently this set spawned the adderall accusation(s) on westballz from….I’ll just say an anonymous informant… Story: I’ll cheat and include both gf sets for this one b/c I can’t pick one. There were 2 3-1 victories for Westballz and a bunch of close intense games. Gameplay: The main reason this set is on my list is b/c Westballz played amazing getting sick zero to deaths (especially at 17:42) and in a lot of situations Mango was able to answer back so it’s not like he was playing bad.
6) Armada vs Mango (GF set 2) at INY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ogs89Ok9CY Significance: This was the last time we’ve seen a full blown Peach vs Fox set between the two greatest players of all time and it might be THE last one…forever (I’ll just let that sink in). This set is important b/c Armada seemed pretty determined to start going fox a lot more but Mango forced him into a situation where he HAD to play Peach and Armada started dual maining from this point on. Story: This set wouldn’t be all that special if Armada just ran a train over Mango but in game 3 we see the sickest comeback with the triple up air from Mango when it looked like all hope was lost. He goes into the next game with all of the momentum but Armada one-ups Mango’s comeback with his own and concludes INY. Also the projector went out in the final moments of the set b/c it couldn’t handle the awesomeness, it happens. Gameplay: In the beginning of the set Armada was making some incredible plays especially at the end of game 2 but Mango made plenty of his own (insert dope triple up air here) and both players were reading the mess out of each other.
5) Armada vs Axe at Eclipse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7krQyuyJbqE Significance: Leffen is the only player in history who has taken a set off of each of the five Gods of smash (something he only accomplished this year) and Axe was one stock away from doing the same. Other than Leffen, Armada hasn’t dropped a set to a non-god since 2010 (I think). Story: After just barely taking the first games the two go back and forth taking games from each other with most of them being extremely close. Axe successfully survives both a bomb AND a stitch face in this set (ironically Armada lost both those games). It came down to another last game lost stock situation and a weaker dot face turnip takes the last stock (of course….) Gameplay: Despite a bad mu for Pika Axe played amazingly and found incredible kills off the top and gimps. Armada also had a super clutch recovery near the end of game 5 on his 3rd stock which got him the lead.
4) Leffen vs PPMD at Apex 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv74JXJBFwk Significance: This was PPMD’s first real test since he came back from whichever mountain of solitude he goes to between super majors and he proved he was still in great form (obligatory PPMD Kreyasm). Also Leffen said that PPMD wouldn’t take Apex this year so that makes the result super ironic. Story: It feels like every moment of this set was incredible. Every game was last stock and PPMD clutched out a huge victory on fd with his fragile last stock. The two went back and forth taking games from eachother. The most hype set of the tournament imo (could have been Mango vs Leffen if Mango didn’t buster out so hard) Gameplay: Both players looked on point except for the flubbed recovery on the last stock of game 5. PPMD got sick punishes (FD chain grab ztd) and edge guards and his dash dancing was still Kreygasmic. Leffen was a monster by the ledge and put together crazy u air strings. Also PPMD’s ledge grab at the end of game 3 was unbelievably clean and fast.
3) Abate vs S2J at TBH5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW_m7kvGVXc Significance: The winner of this match was basically guaranteed a spot in top 8 (Sorry Duck) and top 8 for a Midwesterner (yes Pittsburgh counts as Midwest) especially a Luigi was unheard of for a super major but Falcon getting top 8 at a super major hasn’t happened since Apex 2013 which is a big deal considering that Falcon’s “viability” has come into question. As a Falcon main from Pittsburgh I feel conflicted….. Also when Abate went to SoCal this year he lost to S2J at Mayhem and SSS iirc. Story: Abate surprises everyone again by taking the first 2 games (S2J was Falco game 2) but then S2J figures something out and there is a momentum swing after a close game 3. All of a sudden we’re on the last game and stock. S2J is at death percent but gets Abate of stage with a knee then goes for a very really extremely super questionable stomp but Abate meteor cancels like a boss and out lives S2J!..... ok I lied, there was a weird variation of the invisible ceiling glitch and Abate went nowhere after the stomp and it came down to both players using their upb at the same time and leaving gravity to decide it. Thanks Melee. Also this is the one match that has no sound for the first 2 minutes or so. Thanks Gimr. Gameplay: This set was incredibly fast and dynamic and Abate was hitting a bunch of drop zones while S2J was getting very clutch knee setups. The Falco game was the probably where the weaker play on S2J’s end but overall it’s good to see both players doing well.
2) Leffen vs Plup at Evo 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVDT5UCwkNs Significance: Leffen sucking vs Samus wasn’t a thing until Plup beat him at Paragon so Leffen definitely had something to prove and before Evo their last encounter was at Ceo where Plup just narrowly lost the set as sheik. He probably would have went sheik this time if he didn’t break his controller (whoops) but we get some GOAT Samus play instead and winning this game got Plup 4th place at the largest melee tournament of all time but it’s too bad he forgot about the award ceremony tho (achievement unlocked : fucking whoops) Story: Plup two stocks Leffen on game one and Leffen two stocks him right back! The real interesting part of this set was game 3 where Plup death touches Leffen’s first two stocks but Leffen starts to mount a huge comeback anyways. It all came down to a last stock play and Plup manages not to full apart under Leffen’s momentum. It must have been great to see this live but too bad I accidentally slept through most of top 8… Gameplay: Plup does some crazy stuff in this tourney like super wavedashing in the middle of tournament and putting insane pressure on Leffen and of course the first two zero to deaths on the last game showed how good Plup is at the mu. Leffen didn’t have many costly flubs except for the hilarious/disappointing unnecessary shorten. He also showed his mental fortitude by almost mounting a 3 stock comeback on his last stock.
1) Leffen vs Armada at Paragon Orlando https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X5ED5dcP8s Significance: Leffen beat Armada at TBH4 and Beast V (twice), HungryBox beat Armada’s Young Link at Evo (twice) and Armada is losing faith in peach so he decides to train up his Fox again for his problem mu’s. This was the set that established Armada’s fox as a legit threat (this and his set with HBox) and it’s pretty unbelievable that it had to happen in Loser’s Quarters (shout outs to Plup) Story: Game 1 Armada goes Peach and gets destroyed nearly getting four stocked by Leffen. Then Armada removes his limiter, err I mean jacket….picks fox…. And still gets wrecked in the ditto. At this point there is zero reason to believe Armada will win this set. Then in the very next game Leffen gets 4 stocked in the ditto…like something just unlocked deep within Armada. In the next game Armada almost 4 stocks him again (seriously it’s like the dues ex machina power ups that shonen protagonists get when they need it most). Game 5 looked like a repeat of game 4 when Leffen flips the momentum on its head and mounted a comeback from being down 1 stock to 3. Last game, last stock, last hit, phantom jab? Whoever said that set in Florida was the greatest of all time, you are no longer sadly mistaken. Gameplay: Leffen’s dominance over the best peach in the known universe was super impressive. Reading approaching nairs and shield drops with up smashes and barely needing to use any lasers at all. Armada’s combos and edge guards starting with the game 3 zero to death. Leffen’s shine spike on Armada in the last game gave him the momentum to clutch out the most incredible set of the year!
Opinion Shield: Just a friendly reminder that this list and its order are just my opinion. Feel free to share your own top ten in the comments!
submitted by CobaKid to SSBM

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