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Hacked thandor patch 1 05

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DOS glide games list: 31 (29 (1 is DOSglide + Winglide) + 1 OEM + 1 "not supported"). Thandor patch 1 05. Thandor [cheats updated] full article. Racial Traits Edit Racial traits are now available for all races. Each race receives at least 4 traits (several passive and at.

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[LFA] [COM] Anceto Saqr the Najima of the wind

Edit: I’ve narrowed down the artists I wish to work with. Thank you
Hello my name is Thandor, and I am currently looking for a commission of my current rogue that I play in a 5e game on roll20. I started this game back in january and having recently reached that time of the year where I get older signifying I've survived the planet once again, I was given the greenlight to see about gifting myself a commission of my on-going character.

I tried to use the format provided by the discord, but it kept breaking for me in the preview so I do apologize for the current nature. I am looking to hire an artist, granted I would prefer having avenues to check prices to see what works best for me in private messages.
I can be reached here on Reddit messages
Edit: I want to thank everyone that sent me a message or replied in some fashion, you are all talented artists in your own way.

Character Basics

Full Name: Anceto Saqr
Race/Ethnic Group: Half-elf, human side has arabic-like descent
Class/Occupation: Rogue Arcane Trickster, but known as a Najima to the party, or 'magical assassin' as they otherwise call her.
Character Nature: Fantasy

Character Details

Gender: Female
Age: 23? (She truthfully doesn't know)
Facial Features: Her slightly tan skin-tone and facial features suggest she is from a desert at an initial glance. Her eyes are an amber-red, sharp and betray someone that could be up to something even if she isn't. Her hair pale ashen white that has often came up as a odd trait for someone to have from her background, being mostly to chin length save for a bundle she keeps tied into a low pony tail that reaches her back.
Distinguishing Marks: Along the left arm starting at the elbow to her neck are tattoo'd markings in Undercommon that are basically the spells she knows as an arcane trickster. Hair color is as mentioned before an ashen white, due to her blood having some relation to a plot driven device that drew her into the adventure in the first place.
Significant item: A white muffler around her neck that was a gift from a friend. A white ring that has the appearance of a feather bonded to her left hand that she cannot remove. A poncho usually hiding her throwing knives and armor.
Body Type: Slim and lithe build that reflects her agile nature.
Color Scheme: White-Grey-a few soft browns, and a few cyan toned beads on accessories.
Gear: Commonly wears a wool parka over her body hiding her knive throwing vest, while carrying a shortsword on her back hip named Talon, often has a knife at the ready that is hooked forward and used for 'people' rather then monsters when needed. Has studded leather armor, but keeps it tailored to allow freedom of movement and dyed dark to match the rest of her attire. Doesn't like shoulder pads as an example.
Animal Companion: Rih, a desert-eagle owl who has is known to simply give "judgmental stares" at anyone and everyone. Brown primary color. Has the highest 'I died' count of the entire party, and not required for existence although his feathers often help represent her.
Action/Pose: Can be something simple, something representing the character moving or in motion similar to what is shown in the following references. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/mrfz/images/8/8c/Gravel_Elite_2.png/revision/latest?cb=20190627031445

Character persona

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality Traits: Sassy at an onset, she often finds herself in a position of making choices for the party and is at times the decision maker for what the party will do next as they are usually unsure or 'quiet' on the objectives. Despite her upbringing she has no love for her history, but uses her training and skills for the benefit of the party on there quest. At times she is known to try and pick on a few of the party members out of fun, but when she gets into combat she often drops her trickster guise and takes on a more serious and fierce roll as she puts on the mantle of the killer she was raised to be. Often curses and speaks in Undercommon despite no one in the party understanding it, and whenever the party 'speaks to one another telepathically' they only hear her in Undercommon as it was her 'native language' growing up.
Ideals and Goals: Originally born to an order that taught her to dispatch others and deliver justice without question in the night, she has henceforth dropped that objective to simply do what is best to save as many lives as possible while adventuring with those that she had become attached to. She originally didn't like the idea of being apart of destiny, but has henceforth embraced it as long as she sees to the lives of the many saved.
Bonds and Flaws: Family was something she never had, and to make up for it she sees the party around her as her family now and is often willing to go out of her way to sacrifice her own safety to protect the others. This at times causes the others to feel she is impulsive, and it does backfire on her own health more often then naught. She also is vindictive deep down, and the moment she is betrayed she feels that the only thing worth doing is getting equal or revenge in some manner against those that have wronged her, calling those responsible 'monsters that stopped being men when they made there choice'. Finally, she struggles often with self-confidence, as she often believes that she could do better then what she is doing for those around her; even though many of the parties own successes have came because of her.


Visual concepts: Current picture/token I have been using for roll20: https://www.deviantart.com/dropdeadcoheed/art/Sheik-555168061
Hair style is a mixture between the above image and the following listed, unseen is a low pony-tail that that reaches down to the middle of her back and comprises of longer hair she doesn't cut.
Her shortsword is notably designed like this, although at the base is a symbol that looks like a closed, upside down, eye of boccob with a tear drop coming out from it.
Example of the symbols upon her left arm/neck
The ring attached to her finger
Poncho Style examples-
https://www.pinterest.com/pin/821062575795283959/ (Guy on the far far right)
https://www.pinterest.com/pin/22095854410176165/ (Not green, but grey)
More references can be provided as needed.


Anceto Saqr was born to a human mother and a elvan father, although she would never know there faces or name. She actually never had a name, simply found herself growing up in a commune of assassin's that lived within the deserts attempting to keep the peace and enforce a rule within the shadows. They were known as the Duat-Ka. Despite her natural talents at lying, stealth, and investigating clues, she never truly had a heart in what she was doing and often found herself attempting to form a bond or family with her peers. This was often met with disdain from her teachers, who saw her as wasting her talents or clearly attempting to fail at something she was so naturally talented at.
By the time she was a young adult however she found herself under the name of Anceto, taking the monikor after witnessing someone else that had the name getting executed for a crime that her order believed had been committed. Anceto personally believed the individual was innocent deep down, and resolved to carry the name onward to honor the individual who final moments were thinking of there family at home and asking the order to spare them. Years later her best friend would give Anceto her current last name, Saqr; which translates into Falcon as Anceto had a tendency to "Move like one when in combat, swooping in and out with her 'talon' and striking swiftly".
Surving the order however came with costs, as she found herself at times struggling with a depression that would threaten her own life. She even attempted to fail her final exam, a task that would usually result in death, only to accidently pass it as a prank she pulled permitted her success. Both horrified and confused at the luck she had, the girl would go on to become what was known as a Najima, a Inquisitor of the sands that would seek out the truth in the shadows to bring justice to the light. Although advancing faster then her friend whom she gifted a sword to https://www.deviantart.com/laxsibeart/The-Sword-120667348 , who in turn gifted her the white muffler she wears, she would stay in touch as best as she could until one day the clan stopped sending orders.
Returning home she found her home on fire, and many of the remaining members either dead or wounded. Her friend among those still alive, she learned that a cope had occured within the order, and those unwilling to join the revolt were slain. Feeling betrayed at the lost of her home, Anceto among a few remaining others set off across the sands to track down those that had betrayed them all. However, what she didn't expect was to find herself caught up in a much greater piece of the worlds future. Having wandered to Druidic earten circle on her way to a city to following clues, she became caught up in an adventure with a party that was attempting to stop rampaging elementals that threatened the very balance of the world. Along the way she was later revealed to be the chosen one of the wind itself, having adorned a ring on her finger that she cannot remove that allows her to commune and sooth the raging wind elementals due to her mysterious heritage that was revealed to be the reason for her abnormal hair tone.
She now has put back her quest for revenge on the back burner, as she now focuses on saving the world as a whole.
submitted by Thanedor to characterdrawing

Thandor: The Invasion

Does anyone else remember playing this?
I have no idea how popular it was back in 2000 when it was released but I played the shit out of this game.
I'd come home from school and literally spend my entire evening playing it.
Pretty sure I was getting like 5fps on my parents potato of a PC too.
submitted by Celtain1337 to gaming

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