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Stronghold 1 adds free build mode to the game and extra options into multiplayer mode. OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit, Build 7601, Installed 20170816084210.000000+120 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8400 @ 2.66GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10, CPU Count: 4 Total Physical RAM: 5 GB Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 420. Stronghold 2 crack 1.0 skype.

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Serials & keys - unlocks the world. GamesRadar "Stronghold Kingdoms is probably one of my favourite MMORTS titles" - Engadget "A rich massively multiplayer strategy game" - GameWatcher Stronghold Kingdoms is a massively multiplayer grand strategy game and the first ever online Stronghold! Free stronghold crusader indir download software at UpdateStar - Stronghold Crusader HD is the updated release of the original strategy classic Stronghold Crusader released in 2020 and developed by firefly studios.

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May 17 00:00 UTC - GreenDoomsDay's #50 SPECIAL - Dragons Den

Wow... I've already hosted 50 GAMES! That's astonishing, at first, when I started I just wanted to try hosting out, but I've gotten addicted since. Along the way I have made many many friends, and of course, some enemies, but I would have to say its completely worth it. This community is literally the nicest most fun thing on the internet. Some of you guys can be really amazing, and some of you can be really nice, but in the end, I love you all. :D.
There is a few people I would like to thank, without these people especially, I would not be hosting games, even if you play a small role, you still do important things.
WiNtErHaWX9 – Me and you are literally internet brothers, we talk everyday, not only about UHC related stuff but also things going on in our lives, we both trust each other, and we argue alot, but I guess that's because great minds always battle. I really don't give you enough credit, because, without you I wouldn't have even found the community and started hosting. We have been friends for like 5 months and through that time we have become such great friends, its unbelievable. I love youuuu <3
CaliTwerk - Man, you are so sexy. I remember first joining your teamspeak at like 2 in the morning, you were literally my favourite host at the time. I asked you how I would go about getting into hosting, and you provided me with the information to start, you were basically where my hosting was created. Without you I would not be a host.
Drracoon – Ricooooooo, you provided me with a server to let me try hosting for a time period. In the time I hosted on this server, I thought the server would end and nothing more would be heard of me, but because of you lending me the server, it inspired me to become a regular UHC host on the subreddit and later I would find more servers to host on. Thank you so, so, so much.
Bitlington – Me and you fight like a married couple but we are an amazing duo. You let me use your server whenever I want, and, your server is where I primarily host, you do not ask for anything from me except for my help working on things on the server. You let me host on your server when Drracoons server ran out of time, and for that, I thank you. :D
Mortimier– You have also let me host on your server, which is where I have been hosting since Bitlington's server is under maintenance. You respect me, and I respect you, we get along and you are a very nice guy. :D
Boyce – I love you.
Rheo96 – My favourite Asian, you have supported my hosting through your recorded gameplay on youtube, you have brought me more players to my games, and I really appreciate all your support, we need to start playing together again, even though we are both very busy. Thanks <3
Learning – You have offered to let me host on your server, and I really appreciate that, I enjoy being an operator on your server, even if I don't have my face on the OP wall cough.
yjite – Hey idiot, did you find a B-Team server yet? You have helped so much in the recent games, I would like to thank you for devoting your time to help me host UHC's, I don't understand how someone can enjoy spectating UHC more than actually playing it. You're weird.
ColdFusion5 - You man, you have been one of my favourite hosts for a while now, we dont talk very much, but when we do, we have pretty good conversations, I really appreciate all the hosting tips you've given me when I ask for help on skype, and I really appreciate how often you play my games. Thanks dude.
And you guys - Thanks to everyone who plays my games on a regular basis, thanks for all the support, and the nice feedback. I appreciate when you guys are nice. I am also sad when you guys are mean. I love you all. <3
Now... for the moment we've all been waiting for.. It's here. The gamemode. Dragon's Den.
What is Dragon's Den???
The server will be open 24/7 to the 60 players (Game duration can be up to 72 hours), meaning you can join at anytime. Your objective is to fight and kill the Ender Dragon and collect the egg. If you do this, you are then considered the winner of that game. You may have three allies. But only one can capture the egg. Winner will be the one with the egg or last man standing.
Well Green, what the hell man I thought this was an FFA? It is an FFA but if you want to ally with a bunch of people, go ahead. Be reminded that they can kill you, and only one person can win.
  • Stripmining, branchmining, blastmining, and pokeholing are all allowed at ANY level
  • No spoiling, if you spoil and we catch you, you get banned on the spot.
  • Spawners will be indestructable as to prevent people from ruining the game by getting rid of them. (Silverfish spawners will be removed)
  • Beds are disabled
  • Once you are in the end, you cannot leave, you either die, or you win, if you leave, you will lose, it will more than likely tp you to spawn, which you will have no way of getting back into the match. I suggest right clicking the egg off of the portal to get away from there so you dont fall in!
  • /lives to see your lives or someone elses lives.
  • You can have three allies. (You and three others)
  • When you die, and your deathban is up do /rescatter to scatter back into the game! You will have invincibility and you will not be able to PvP (For 3 minutes), but be weary of mobs!
Pre whitelists only.
Everyone who is pre whitelisted needs to be on the server 1 hour prior to game start, if you are not there you will be removed from the whitelists and someone will take your place.
I will open to the public 30 minutes before if we dont have enough people.
If you miss scatter YOU CAN'T PLAY
Match Information
Gheads: On (4 hearts)
Absorbtion: Off
Nether: On (Regen pots off, Strength nerfed to 1.5)
Border: 5000x5000
PvP: 12 hours after game starts.
Nether: Disabled for the first 24 hours. All potions are vanilla.
End: The stronghold will be somewhere on the map. (Obvs)
Everyone will have three lives. On your first two,you get a 4 hour death ban. When that 4 hours is up you can come back and get rescattered. It's a good idea to hide things, so you dont have to restart when you die When you die the third time, it's like regular UHC and you do not come back. You are done.
I will edit this post with more information ask questions in the comments. HYPE!
Thanks so, so, so, so, so much Mortimier for the custom skript you wrote to make this game possible. Without him this game wouldnt be playable. I love you <3
submitted by GreenDoomsDay to ultrahardcore

Wolf Kraft [Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelist} {1.12.1}

Description: Wolf Kraft is an always-vanilla server loaded with a fresh map started by two friends who share a great passion for the game. We are currently looking for a handful of players interested in joining us on this new adventure, to shape this world together as we form new friendships and work to create things we have only imagined!
No Mods, no Plugins, just straight out of the box vanilla Minecraft so the game can be enjoyed as intended. We have over 5 years of running vanilla servers of varying sizes and are looking to bring our server total to 10-12 unique players of a similar mindset with a great respect and appreciation for the vanilla version of this game.
Wolf Kraft is currently running on version 1.12.1 and we will continue to run on the most current official versions as they become available.
The server is based in Virginia, and difficulty is locked on hard.
Wolf Kraft is a server for mature players who: Understand the fundamentals of the game; Have a good work ethic; Possess good sportsmanship; Are fairly active; Are conscientious of their environment; Are conscientious of other players; Enjoy playing Minecraft; Are willing to contribute to group projects on the server (i.e. group spawn, Nether Hub, etc.).
We will communicate outside of the game primarily using Skype.
Rules: No Griefing/Theft!; Respect other players’ base/home and surrounding areas; No cussing; No advertising; No floating trees in community areas; No offense builds (i.e builds that promote racism or other negative stereotypes); Light up caves in all community areas as you explore them; Pranking is allowed so long as players agree upon such acts and it does not violate any of the above-stated rules.
Applications: All players interested must submit an application, either by PM or as a comment on this thread. Please see the sample application to get an idea of what we are looking for and please do not hesitate to ask any questions.
By submitting an application you are agreeing to abide by the rules of the server should you be accepted, and to have your IGN run through a ban database.
Please Note: We think it is fair that certain community events should happen when everyone is available (or has OK’d if they are unavailable). Things like defeating the first Wither, finding a Stronghold (or exploring it if someone finds one accidentally), and conquering the first Enderdragon should all happen as a group. I think it is also fair that all players do what they reasonably can to help everyone meet those goals, such as collecting Eye of Enders or Wither Skeleton Skulls.
submitted by Paper_Beats_Scissors to mcservers

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