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  • DIY Home Design Software
  • Alibre Design Expert - Alibre, LLC
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This manual discusses the universal forwarder and how to plan, download, install, and configure it. There are two other types of forwarders.

QMK News Issue #4


It’s with regret that we are announcing that Erez (u/ezuk) has decided to step back his personal involvement with QMK, and as a membecollaborator.
Erez emailed me in late 2015 asking for assistance in using my TMK fork with the ErgoDox EZ, and volunteered to help with cleanup and documentation if we could collaborate in some way. The modifications we made, and the features we added lead us to start QMK - only the qmk_firmware repo at that time. Shortly after that, I invited u/skullydazed, and it’s since grown into quite a large project with 26 different repos (including the backend compiler, graphic configurator, toolbox, and OS hardware), 1000+ contributors (to qmk_firmware alone), tons of amazing features, and support for over 500 keyboard/project configurations. Along the way, we’ve had tremendous help from u/fredizzimo, @algernon, u/drashna, u/yanfali, u/merlin36, and u/noroadsleft as collaborators.
His company (ZSA) will continue to ship keyboards with, use, and support QMK, and they will continue sponsoring drashna’s amazing work. Erez and I have developed quite a good friendship over the years, and we will still be working together closely on the Planck EZ and other non-QMK projects in the future. Recently, Erez spear-headed the QMK Monthly, and mechmerlin has offered to take over managing it, and will be posting it to the various forums from now on.
Thanks for all of your hard work over the years,
  • Jack & the QMK community

Firmware Updates

RGB Changes

  • Realign Hue values in RGB Light feature to use 0-255 (to use 8 bit math, and to keep in line with RGB Matrix) #5547 by XScorpion2
This significantly reduces computational time, and improves performance for animations.
  • Use static table for RGB Light’s breathing animation if a center is not defined. #5484 - by mtei
Using a static table reduces the amount of computation needed to be done for the animation, and reduces firmware size.
  • RGB Matrix animations - by XScorpion2
    • Heatmap (#5786) - Keys that you hit, and adjacent keys light up based on amount of activity
    • Cycle out to in (and dual) (#5812) - A very hypnotic animation
    • Spirals and pinwheels (#5877)
    • Single band of color left to right (#5867)
  • Cleanup of RGB Matrix (#5811) by XScorpion2, this PR makes it easier to add new effects, as well as reference the config from anywhere.
  • Add range function for RGB Light (#5856) by mtei
This allows for setting a range of LEDs at once.
  • Reduce RGB Matrix Firmware size (#5919) by XScorpion2
  • Add custom center point to RGB matrix (#5886) by XScorpion2
This allows for offsetting the center of the matrix, so that you can have it centered in the middle of the alpha keys, rather than offset to the side of it, which will produce better animations
  • Fix HSV to RGB conversion issue with saturation was 0 (#5915) by XScorpion2

Core Changes

  • Add LINK_TIME_OPTIMIZATION_ENABLE option to enable LTO easily (#5674) by drashna
This allows for easier optimization of firmware size, and disables features that would error out when LTO is enabled, normally.
  • Make Python a required build dependency (#5784) by skullydazed
  • Fix Arch install script, to install avr-gcc 8.1.0 (#5857) by zvecr
  • Add configurable delay to Audio Clicky feature (#4286) by jdmcfad
  • Make delay for caps lock in Hold-Tap (Mod-Tap/Layer-Tap) function configurable (#5497) by drashna
  • Make DEBUG keycode a toggle, rather than just enabling (#5898) by fauxpark
  • Changed layerstate from uint32_t (32 bit unsigned integer) to a typedef, that can be configured. (#3637) by alex-ong
This allows for using a smaller integer for the layer state mask, which in turn can improve the speed of keymap lookups and reduce firmware size.

Split Keyboard changes

  • Fix split_common i2c backlight issues (#3886) by rclasen


  • Chinese (Mandarin) started by ymzcdg (#5807)
  • RGB Light Animation documentation overhaul (#5813) by yanfali
  • Update to Style guide (#5500) by skullydazed (long live 2 spaces :’( )

Configurator Updates

Printable Keymaps
Learning a new keymap and/or layout? Can’t remember what layer you put what key on? New feature this month, printout your keymaps for posterity so you can look like the expert h4k0r we all know you want to be.
I18N Translation
  • French UI translation by gab-a (First translation)
  • German UI translation by heieisch (Second translation)
Keyboard Input
  • Numpad and FKey Support (mukealicious)
  • Shifted Keycodes Support (idea by u/yomimashita)
  • Massive number of default keymaps (noroadsleft)
  • Updated dztech keymaps (moyi4681)
  • WASDAT keymap (fauxpark)
  • Updated keyboard folder exclusion list (noroadsleft)
  • Keymaps for Sol, Zen and Zygomorph (XScorpion2)
  • Signum 3 updates (jceb)
  • Update v-select to v3
  • Fix janky searchable dropdown behavior (XScorpion2)
  • Fix output text for keymap JSON import (noroadsleft)
  • Off by one error on potato facts (noroadsleft)
  • Invalid layer input, restrict to 16 layers
  • Whitelist allowable keymap name characters
  • Modifier keycode handling (noroadsleft)
  • GMK Mizu and Striker colorways (noroadsleft/mechmerlin)
  • Massive colorway refactor (noroadsleft)
  • Fix AnyKey dynamic updating (reported by noroadsleft)
  • Fix Layer key breakage due to Print feature (reported by tufkin)
  • Fix broken keymap name generation due to white list (fauxpark)
  • Fix broken keymap state due to print feature (reported by fauxpark, erovia and lucky)

New Boards

  • Wilba Tech WT69-A (#5721) by Wilba6582
  • Butter Stick (#5742) by germ
  • BM16S (#5659) by bontakun
  • Nomu30 (#5759) by takai
  • KagaMidget (#5755) by yynmt
  • DZtech DZ65RGB (#5756) by moyi4681
  • Cannonkeys Practice65 (#5795) by awkannan
  • ProjectKeyboard Alice (#5581) by awkannan
  • UT47.2 (#5788) by keyhive
  • Noxary 280, 260, and 220 (#5814, #5815, #5816) by mechmerlin
  • KBD67 v2 (#5777) by Vorror
  • NEK Type A (#5175) by ecopoesis
  • RGBKB Zygomorph (#5841) by XScorpion2
  • Daishi handwired (#5712) by Croktopus
  • Wasdat controller by maartenwut (#5855) by fauxpark
  • Keycapsss O4L 5x12 (#5859) by BenRoe
  • Scythe (#5873) by ka2hiro
  • 40percentclub nein (#5876) by zvecr
  • Novelkeys NK65 (#5865) by yiancar
  • Fox Lab Leaf60 (#5882) by mechmerlin
  • Halberd (#5874) by ka2hiro
  • Mars 8.0 (#5894) by mechmerlin
  • Mullet and Mulletpad keyboards (#5878) by coseyfannitutti
  • Treadstone32 (#5888) by marksard
  • YD60MQ support (#5911) by krusli
  • Peiorisboards Ixora (#5931) by coarse
  • LazyDesigners Dimple (#5963) by Erovia
  • AbstractKB Ellipse (#5939) by AbstractKB
  • LSJ Ares (#5588) by Maartenwut
  • Spacetime Keyboard (#5969) by kyleterry


jackhumbert, yanfali, drashna, noroadsleft
submitted by merlin36 to olkb

For all the people asking if a deck will work for them:

In my experience, all popsicle skateboards (the shape most common in modern skateboarding) are pretty much the same. As long as its a deck from an actual skate company (i.e. not a Wal-Mart/target/etc board) you'll most likely be perfectly fine! I'd say for most grown people an 8.0 is the best starting point for size. If you really want specific advice, go to your local shop! They are more than happy to help people get setup with their first board, and, you know, support local businesses. I know that's probably not an option for most people right now with COVID-19, but see if you can call or maybe even email. When you get more comfortable riding around feel free to mess around with size and even shape (Welcome skateboards have some pretty rad old school shaped decks).
When I got my first skateboard in like the 4th grade, the guy at the shop basically told my parents to just get whatever design I liked on a 7.75 then get an 8.0 when I get bigger. I got a super cool deck with Godzilla attacking Seattle and I loved it. Right now I have a 8.125 wicked princess from Welcome and I'm loving it. I always thought I should ride smaller boards because I'm a 5'5" 110 lbs girl but I really love having more surface area for my big size 9 women's/7.5 men's feet. I haven't noticed the heavier board afecting my riding at all. Plus, shaped boards are super sick imo.
Hope this is helpful! If anyone has anything to add or correct please do! I am not an expert, but I keep seeing posts asking if [insert deck here] will work for them and only you can really answer that through trial and error.
submitted by LivThePopcornfart to NewSkaters

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