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Any program that allows me to use Motion templates (.moti) and perhaps M4L?

Hi Everyone,
New to the world of VJing, but I had the idea of being able to use third-party (or custom) Motion templates from FCPX inside a VJ host. Is there any program that can do this? I kind of looked in to Arkaos GrandVJ but I don't think it will work.
Also working within Max4Live... if I can swap out clips with a midi-controller, but use these third-party .moti templates as effects (they are basically "glitching" titles) that would be ideal.
Thanks in advance for any insight!
Edit: Maybe I should expand a bit more on what I am ultimately trying to do. Ideally, while performing with Ableton Live, I would also like to be controlling my live visuals, but have the visuals also react to the audio. Preferably if I can trigger video clips, with some effects, via a midi controller that would then get projected out. Think glitching and badly damaged VHS tapes. Could be on separate machines, would be ideal to have everything on one. Which software would You recommend I look in to?
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Projections Designer FAQ

EDIT: These are not 100% all facts there are just one designer's answers, please see or add comments for more. Don't follow everything I say, there are some people that can add more to this, but I wanted to start a thread about possible things, I will try to update this more often if more info is added!
Hello everyone! I see a lot of common questions on here about projections, and hopefully this thread can help answer those for you all in one area. These are some solutions I have and ask anyone that has better ones or different one to chime in as well. (I'm going off what I've used and the two major brands i'm asked about, please see comments for others as well)
Q: What's a good playback program?
A:The cheapest I know is widely used is Qlab, their video has gotten better over the years and it's usually used for sound, so If you know how to program in Qlab this is a good transition for someone in Sound to start with Projections. This is used anywhere from high school to regional theatre, and is fairly easy. It can do multiple outputs and some warping for more complex surfaces, but not too complex. The cons would be having to render video out each time you want a change, this gets annoying when you are doing mapping or projecting the set.
One of the more commonly used programs is, Dataton Watchout, this (in my opinion) is the best for theatre. It uses a timeline and key frames just like video editing software. You can do a lot more than Qlab with this like several effects at once, but I advice against animating too much with watchout, it can really get choppy if too much is going on. The video output depends on the computers' video cards. I advise to go one less than it says it can do. For example a computer can put out 3 videos, only use 2. With warping you can do much more complex shapes, and with the new Watchout 6 you can import obj files of a set, building, or anything you are mapping to so that it does the projection mapping for you. You can control projectors and other computers from the main timeline as well. You can add aux timelines for random cues you want to play at any time as well. This is mostly used in some colleges, broadway, and reagional theatres. I don't think i've ever seen it used at a high school. The draw back is it's very expensive for one dongle and you need one for every computer you use. The now also have watchpax which take place of computers.
Isadora, this is the cheapest when coming to interactive projection programming. It's a bit harder to use especially for a show because you have to create a button for every cue. This is a node based programming software so unless you know some of that I'd advise to not use this, especially if you are doing a straight play that has no changes what so ever. Isadora is great for those that want interactive media, you can use Kinect, and TouchOSC, or various midi controllers with this program. It cost less than watchout, but a steep learning curve. This is what they use in a few Cirque shows, it's often used with dance related shows because the person who invented isadora made it for his and his ex wife's dance company. The different things are called stages and actors, and it's a bit easy to understand with the tutorials online, but expect to watch a lot of them.
Touch Designer, this is like isadora except even steeper, you need to also know so code for this, specifically python. I won't go into this too much but think isadora, except you have to build everything from scratch where as isadora has pre-built things. You can also use TouchOSC, Kinect, and various other midi controlers with this as well. Most of the stuff looks better on TD but is much harder to learn. It cost more than isadora, but has a growing community (Matt Ragan is THE person google to learn more about Touch Designer, and if you have looked into it you most likely watched one of this tutorials)
D3 - This is one of the hardest to learn but usually you'll have a professional programmer do this for you if you're using this, and most of the time you'll have a lot of money for this, this has been used for the olympics opening, superbowl, and touring arena shows. They are known for some of the best motion tracking, auto projector blending, and mapping.
Hippotizer - This is a mix, it can be controlled by a light board or as a timeline. This costs a lot too, I only see this for things like the superbowl halftime show, the olympics, and concerts. Mostly "flash n trash" but known for being able to talk to LED panels and not have to configure each one. TMB does classes on Hippo in various locations around the US including LDI, and TMB is the exclusive distributor for Hippotizer in the US.
Mad Mapper is another software that is used for video mapping and playback, although it seems to be used a lot with other programs as well. In fact this is a list of the programs it is used with: Modul8 Quartz Composer VDMX 5 Arkaos GrandVJ Arkaos MediaMaster OpenFrameworks Cinder MaxMsp/Jitter Unity3d Processing (soon) Resolume via FreeframeGL Isadora via Matthew Haber’s Actor CellDNA COGE Plask AV Mixer Pro
There's a lot of those programs on that list to look into as well, there's so many things and programs you can use for playback that this list can go on forever. A lot of those are also VJ software that people use for video as well because of the fast live images they can create since a majority use the computer's GPU.
MaxMSP/Jitter - is a widely used program as well. Please if people use this more add info in the comments.
Pandoras Box - Is a media server that has it's own software as well. There isn't too much I personally can tell you about it but TMB is the exclusive distributer for Coolux Pandora's box in the UK.
Catalyst media server - This is a widely used program as well for video playback. This is run by a light board as well as an app. I don't know w hole lot about it myself but info on it can be here: http://www.pro-systems-group.com/en/products/catalyst-media-server
A newer thing being used is Millumen from the most recent update (v2) you can control a lot more than v1, you can also directly used this with after effects. more info at http://www.millumin.com/
Q: What the best solution for running cable for projections?
A: VGA(or DVI) to Cat5 to VGA(dvi), with a signal booster. The only issue that may happen is with older projectors the computer will go to a default setting of 800x600. The fix this you may need to google how to force resolution, there are various ways to do it for PC and Mac with apps or with going into the system.
Q: I have a short distance and do I need a new projector?
A: You most likely need to just look at lenses. In most cases there's no need to get a different projector, you could rent or invest in a different lens. These work just like a camera lens. The smaller the number the larger the picture. Right now for the shortest throw you can use a 0.5 or 0.6 projector lens. It's not a "short throw projector" you're looking for it's a lens. Some older projectors don't have as many options as new projectors so you will have to get a new projector that can have multiple lenses, but in most cases you should look for a lens before spending a lot of money on a new projector or renting a projector.
Q: How do I deal with projection black?
A: Use a newer projector specifically Christie's have the dimmest projection black. Use a shutter: Either blocking the projector or a douser, some interesting things I've seen are flaps made operated by a person. DMX control from lighting, by using a gel scroller that has black wrap on part of it, alternating between "open" and "close", or a DMX controlled douser. You can also look to see if the projector has a shutter built in, usually see if a projector has a cat5 input first, if it does you can control it via a web browser by connecting via cat5 and setting the IP address setting in the projections menu on the projector. When you set it, then go to your computer and type in the IP address in your web browsers. Here you can normally control panning, turning a projector on and off, and the shutter (sometimes known as standby or freeze, it varies on the model maker). If you can control via cat5 then when using TCP control in watchout or isadora. The common command is [ projection.mute = 0$0D or 0$1D ] Barco and Christie's have different commands, Barcos especially vary depending on the model to check the user manual for TCP control. Some old Sonys can be controled as well, christie and barco basically have a monopoly on projectors now, as they bought out various models from different projection companies and slapped their names on them.
Q: We're looking to buy a new projector should we get a Barco or Christie?
A: I personally prefer Christie. Their customer service is much better than barco, and they have replied much faster to missed calls than Barco in the past. Also Christie updates their user interface more when using a web browser to control projectors. They have more universal commands as well for TCP control, and have better projection black.
Q: Projection Mapping/ Set Masking... how?
A: There are 2 ways I've mapped without a fancy program.
  1. Use the computer you're projecting with and drag photoshop on to the projector screen, make sure it's the full resolution of the screen, and then go full screen. use the pen tool to trace the set. This can be very fun, but also take a lot of time for complex sets, but you'll have a mask for every part of the set. make sure to use different colors each major part of the set.
  2. Put all white from the projector and take a picture as close as you can to the lens of the set, make sure all the white on the set from the projector is in the computer, take that image and put it in photoshop and crop to just the white area, it may need some perspective warping. now you can use the set itself and trace it without being around the set, put it in watchout or in qlab and corner pin the image of the set, it'll look weird because you have the set being projected on the set... omg so meta.. but just keep corner pinning in the program until it matches as close as possible. Now you can use this image and make content to go on certain areas, just keep the corner pin settings to the projectors in the program and you're ready to go!
Q: Does it matter what I use for playback?
A: As long as you have control of switching videos and pausing videos, you can use what you need to use. Projection is new but it's a big investment to make. When I first started out in Highschool , geeze almost 10 years ago, The first time i ever saw projections used was my senior year, we did a production of the secret garden, the rig was horrible and not up to safety code at all, and they used pictures on a power point. The good thing about projection is it allows for experimentation. You're already using something for a different thing it's intended to be used for. That is why theatre itself is amazing. Qlab is the cheapest and if you're just starting out, use it, they've gotten better with time for video, it's not my go to but I will use it over other programs if designing fast or last minute. What really matters is the content. Is it the best, no, but it's not the worst. It's the most affordable and many theatres use it. Watchout is my ideal program, theatre has a beginning middle and end, it's a timeline, if you want to jump around you can get into that with aux timelines, you can do a lot of faux interaction there as well.
Other useful info:
Any time you change something in the projector itself like key stoning on the projector (not the playback software) you loose 1-2 frames in playback. There's nothing you can really do, but it is annoying, try not to adjust anything with the projector except lens shifting.
Make sure you know how long things will render. Don't say you can fix something right away if you can't. I know Directors don't like to hear this, because they are used to lighting or sound just making some changes and hearing or seeing it right away, but video needs to render. Even for changing color on something. Some things like Q lab and Watchout allow you to change color which is fast, but not instant. If something is going to take too long, tell them you've taken the note. If it's urgent and they need to see it right away, tell them it will take time and you need to program it and people can work ahead (unless you need lighting to be a specific way, then they'll have to hold) it's just how it is, actors can take notes or rehearse a scene with the director during this time.
Always have a backup plan, Midi isn't always 100% we know this from lighting and sound, but everyone loves to hate computers as well. It's best to keep computers running video next to the op controlling them. If you have a projection op, then great you're fine, if you have a lighting or sound board op also triggering video, make sure you have the computer near them. It may be annoying to press 2 different buttons on go, but it happens.
I hope these answers and misc info help people, if you have a question about video leave a comment and i'll update this! (again mostly from my experience there are other brands as well)
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