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Wine 3.18 Released

The Wine development release 3.18 is now available.
What's new in this release (see below for details):
- Subpixel font rendering with FreeType >= 2.8.1. - Support for OAEP algorithm in RSA encryption. - Array marshalling fixes in DCOM. - Improved DPI scaling in the Wine console. - Various bug fixes. 
The source is available from the following locations:
http://dl.winehq.org/wine/source/3.x/wine-3.18.tar.xz http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/wine/source/3.x/wine-3.18.tar.xz 
Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:
You will find documentation on
You can also get the current source directly from the git repository.
http://www.winehq.org/git for details. 
Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.
See the file AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.
Bugs fixed in 3.18 (total 46):
13651 Opening privacy settings in Internet Explorer 6 (inetcpl.cpl) cause crash on unimplemented function wininet.dll.PrivacyGetZonePreferenceW 20613 PVSYST 5 crashed when launched 25687 "Create directory" button does nothing in ARM Versatile Express installer. 28267 winhttp tests fail if ISP has a catch-all dns failure page 32441 winhttp winhttp test changes proxy setting in Windows 8 35504 LibreOffice 4.2 installer copies MSVC++ runtime files into erroneous 'C:\Win\System\' path (directory targets/properties not re- resolved after updates from custom actions) 38402 glDebugMessageCallback has mismatched calling convention 38641 Trying to start a Steam game whilst Steam isn't running doesn't open the game 39051 TabbedTextOut() incorrect output on tab character 39508 Microsoft Office 365/OneDrive for Business installer fails in Win8+ mode with 'advapi:ParseStringSidToSid String constant not supported: "OW"' (failure to decode 'Owner Rights' SID 'S-1-3-4') 40208 Cegid Business Line installer fails in custom script action with "Object doesn't support this property or method: 'ObjRegistry.CreateKey'" (needs 'StdRegProv.CreateKey') 40303 Control Data passed in DIALOGEX Resource passes pointer with offset sizeof(WORD) 40703 MSI InstallService does not respect msidbServiceInstallErrorControlVital (0x8000) flag 41679 netconn_secure_connect: Add calling TRACE, add sock_send retcode to 'send failed' message 41934 Spreaker Studio 1.4.2 fails to install 41953 Guitar Hero World Tour (msi_view_get_row Error fetching data for 1) 42285 Age of empire 3 crashes 42677 Black Desert Online launcher fails to download/update files, reports "An error occurred while downloading file. (errorcode : 12006 or 13403)" 43187 EA Origin 'OriginWebHelperService' (QGuiApplication) non- interactive service process crashes due to null monitor info when determining the primary (default) screen 43242 Hi-Rez Smite (free-to-play online MOBA) SteamLauncherUI.exe (.NET 4.0 app) crashes during installation 43615 32-bit Process Hacker 2.39.124 crashes in 64-bit WINEPREFIX (advapi32.EnumServicesStatusEx returns garbage on Wow64) 43621 Life On Mars remake demo has missing sprites 43878 Multiple apps/games crash on unimplemented function kernel32.dll.GetQueuedCompletionStatusEx (Tokio Rust samples, Star Control: Origins, 1Password-7.2.*) 43898 Steam: Crashes after regaining focus when in Steam Guard email code window 44405 Rise Of Nations Extended edition (Steam) crashes when trying to list mods due to missing NULL output buffer handling in CryptBinaryToString() 44474 Script fails to Run function GetStringValue 44655 Carmageddon Max Damage: Crash on launch 44787 1Password-6.8.496 crashes: System.EntryPointNotFoundException (.Net app): Unable to find an entry point named 'SetWindowCompositionAttribute' in DLL 'user32.dll'. 44902 Baidu Wifi Hotspot crashes in IShellLink::SetIconLocation method due to missing NULL path handling 45509 64-bit PSIM 11.0.3 fails to install, reports 'err:msiexec:custom_action_server Failed to create custom action server pipe' 45566 League of Legends 8.12+ needs ntdll.RtlSetUnhandledExceptionFilter 45588 .Net Framework 4.5.2 (WPF) System.Windows.Media.PixelFormat requires windowscodecs.dll.IWICPixelFormatInfo_{GetChannelCount ,GetChannelMask,GetBitsPerPixel}_Proxy 45680 Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (SP1) fails to install in 64-bit WINEPREFIX 45708 djkaty.com Simple2D demos v1.13: BitmapBrushDemo needs D2D1MakeSkewMatrix 45709 djkaty.com Simple2D demos v1.13 need support for IWICImagingFactory2, CLSID '{317d06e8-5f24-433d-bdf7- 79ce68d8abc2}' 45723 Occlusion queries always flush (Overwatch) 45782 mono needs unimplemented function api-ms-win-crt-math-l1- 1-0.dll._Cbuild 45816 Orbit Profile crashes in Unhandled exception: unimplemented function msvcp140.dll.? [email protected]@@[email protected] called 45830 Fifa 19 Demo refuses to launch past the launcher 45880 Multiple PC/SC applications crash on unimplemented function winscard.dll.SCardCancel (Aruba key, SmartCard test apps) 45891 Steam crashes at launch with "GetQueuedCompletionStatusEx() failed: 120" error 45910 nProtect GameGuard used by multiple MMORPG games crashes on unimplemented function wevtapi.dll.EvtExportLog (4Story, Phantasy Star Online 2) 45915 x64dbg/x32dbg crash during shutdown on unimplemented function msvcr120.dll.?? [email protected][email protected]@ [email protected]@[email protected]@@Z 45923 Regression in register_avicap_devices 45928 Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 10 (.NET 4.6) installer fails, claims KB3118401 is needed ('ucrtbase.dll' missing version resource, >= 10.0.0) 45942 AnyRail6: crashing when open Options 
submitted by catulirdit to linux_gaming

Benditos, Malditos (Part 2/2): Argentina's journey at the 2026 World Cup (Long read with videos, featuring custom kits I made)

Read Part 1. This is Part 2 of the Benditos, Malditos post, AKA my story about my job as Argentina manager during the 2026 World Cup in the US/Mexico/Canada. Originally planned, writted, and conceived as one single post, I was forced to split it into 2 due to Reddit's limitation to 5 videos per post. This part covers the entirety of the World Cup, with information, descriptions and video highlights for every game. Hope you enjoy! :)

  • All matches played on Legendary with sliders, 5 min halves.
  • Inspired by u/Mandjaku96's posts about his China National Team on the 2026 World Cup. (Check them out!)
  • Custom kits made by myself. They're based upon Argentina's 2002 World Cup kits. Why did I chose the kits used in one of the most dissapointhing tournaments for our country? Because I think they're some of the most beautiful ones the NT has used, and I thought they deserved redemption. Kits made using Arethiel's Kit Generator.
  • I apologize in advance for any choppy-laggy moment in the videos, of which I don't think there's many, but one or two may pop up in a couple of them. My PC kinda sucks tbh lol.
  • I've edited boots and some haircuts using Aranaktu's Live Editor and hidden ID boots and hairstyles.

Opening match: Argentina 4 - 0 Greece

  • Argentina (3-3-3-1): Carrizo; Quinteros, Ávila, Rojas; Valiente, Palacios, Barrios; Valentini, Dybala (C), Nahuelpan; Martínez.
  • Greece (4-2-3-1): Vlachodimos; Tsimikas (C), Mavropranos, Lamprou, Retsos; Galenopoulos, Vasiliadis, Chatzigiovanis, Bouzoukis, Limnios; Donis.
  • Goals: 19' L. Martínez (ARG), 66' 79' P. Dybala (ARG), 88' T. Almada (ARG)
  • Substitutions: 65' Donis🔻🔺Pavilidis (GRE); 80' Nahuelpan🔻🔺Almada, Dybala🔻🔺Zamponi, 88' Valentini🔻🔺Morales (ARG)
  • Venue: Mercedez Benz Stadium, Atlanta, USA
  • Date: June 22, 2026, 10:00 AM
  • Man of the Match: P. Dybala (ARG)
Argentina's debut in the World Cup at the Mercedes Benz stadium started harder than expected. Despite Lautaro's opening goal at 19', Greece played a better game in the first half, and were denied a goal by Carrizo. Early on the second half, he also made a providencial save that stopped Vasiliadis from scoring the equalizer. The second argentine goal arrived in the 66' minute, after a bad pass by Lamprou, who gifted the ball to Lautaro, who in turn assisted Dybala for a 1-v-1 chance against Vlachodimos. The 2-0 deeply affected Greece's morale, and their performance went down from there. Dybala scored yet again in the 79', and Almada added his personal one two minutes before the final whistle. Thus, Argentina obtained a 4-0 victory to begin their World Cup campaign, same result as obtained in the 1994 WC.

Second group match: Cameroon 0 - 3 Argentina

  • Cameroon (4-3-3): Onana; Ngouyamsa, Oyongo, Yongwa, Mbaizo; Zambo Anguissa (C), Eteki, Sonii; Evina, Sanago, Lamkel Zé.
  • Argentina (3-3-3-1): Carrizo; Quinteros, Ávila, Rojas; Valiente, Palacios, Barrios; Valentini, Dybala (C), Nahuelpan; Martínez.
  • Goals: 28' 42' E. Palacios (ARG), 80' M. Retegui (ARG)
  • Substitutions: 59' Soni🔻🔺Malong (CAM); 69' Dybala🔻🔺Almada, 77' Palacios🔻🔺Domínguez, Martínez🔻🔺Retegui (ARG)
  • Bookings: 30' 🟨Y. Eteki (CAM)
  • Venue: Red Bull Arena, New Jersey, USA
  • Date: June 27, 2026, 5:00 PM
  • Man of the Match: E. Palacios (ARG)
For the second group stage match, Argentina faced Cameroon. It was an easy match all over. Argentina dominated posession and shots, Cameroon only managing to bring danger with a long shot by Evina which almost hit the post. Exequiel Palacios showed his goalscoring capacities, with 2 goals, the first of them in the 28th minute, and the second at the 42th. On the second half, the match continued as it did on the first half, with Argentina being dominant in every faucet of the game. Mateo Retegui added another goal in the 80th minute, after being subbed in only a couple minutes prior. With this victory, Argentina secured qualification to the Round of 16.

Third group match: Argentina 1 - 1 Sweden

  • Argentina (3-3-3-1): Carrizo; Quinteros, Vittor, Rojas; Zamponi, Palacios, Barrios; Morales, Dybala (C), Álvarez; Retegui.
  • Sweden (4-5-1): Loeper; Hedlund, Lindelof, Almqvist, Valiente; Eliasson, Olsson, Osterholm, Kulusevksi, Svanberg (C); Wede.
  • Goals: 70' J. Osterholm (SWE), 75' N. Martinángelo (ARG)
  • Substitutions: 45' Dybala🔻🔺Martinángelo (ARG); 58' Eliasson🔻🔺Horberg (SWE), 70' Álvarez🔻🔺Almada (ARG), 74' Wede🔻🔺Isak (SWE), 76' Barrios🔻🔺Domínguez (ARG), 84' Olsson🔻🔺Nygren (SWE).
  • Bookings: 25' 🟨A. Almqvist (SWE), 84' 🟨 E. Palacios (ARG)
  • Injuries: 19' I. Morales (ARG) (Recovered)
  • Venue: Dignity Health Sports Park, Los Angeles, USA
  • Date: July 1, 2026, 11:00 AM
  • Man of the Match: D. Kulusevski (SWE)
For the final group match, Racedo decided to rest some of the usual starting XI, and presented a more alternative team against the Swedes. Sweden was in second place of Group H, had won against Cameroon, drawed against Greece, and could top the group if they beated Argentina. This would be the hardest match of the group. Sweden was the better team for most of the game, and Carrizo was Argentina's star player. To make matters worse, Isidoro Morales, the PSG winger, got injured after an aerial challenge in the 19' minute. He luckily recovered by the end of first half. The few attacks by Argentina were unsuccesful. In the second half, Sweden finally got a deserved lead after Osterholm dribbled past Vittor and launched an amazing shot which hit the post and entered the net. However, the Swedish excitement would only last 5 minutes as Martinángelo dribbled into the Swedish box and scored after a cannonshot of a strike, and a poor reaction by keeper Loeper. Argentina was content with the draw as it secured a first place result, and held on as Sweden tried to grab a late winner. Not even Racedo's team could break Argentina's curse against the Blågult in World Cups. They had more shots, shots on goal, and posession, but Argentina managed to grab a smart point to move on to the Round of 16.
Stage group matches highlights:
I wanted to have the highlights for each separate match on their own. It wasn't possible because of the 5-video limit, so I had to make 1 video for the 3 group stage matches.

Round of 16: Argentina 3 - 0 Wales

  • Argentina (3-3-3-1): Carrizo; Quinteros, Ávila, Rojas; Valiente, Domínguez, Barrios; Valentini, Dybala (C), Nahuelpan; Martínez.
  • Wales (4-2-3-1): Aimson; Norrington-Davies, Ampadu (C), Mepham, Williams; Coxe, Levitt; Matondo, Roberts, Ray; Jephcott.
  • Goals: 45' L. Martínez (ARG), 69' N. Domínguez (ARG), 80' N. Nahuelpan (ARG)
  • Substitutions: 68' Roberts🔻🔺Woodburn (WAL); Dybala🔻🔺Álvarez (ARG), 78' Jephcott🔻🔺Taylor (WAL); Domínguez🔻🔺Lo Celso, Valentini🔻🔺Morales (ARG)
  • Injuries: 9' C. Mepham (Recovered), 18' L. Jephcott, 63' T. Roberts (Didn't recover) (WAL)
  • Venue: Mercedez Benz Stadium, Atlanta, USA
  • Date: July 5, 2026, 5:00 PM
  • Man of the Match: N. Domínguez (ARG)
  • Match highlights:
For the Round of 16 match, Argentina played against underdogs Wales, who had arrived at that stage after beating Egypt and New Zealand, and losing to Italy. On the first half, both teams were able to create good chances, but neither could score, due to a mix of bad finishing, and good goalkeeping. The physical strenght of the argentinian defenders and CDMs was crucial in this stage of the game, as they regained possesion an endless amount of times thanks to it. 3 welsh players were injured in (fair) challenges and tackles, and 2 of them had to be substituted. However, once again, the match hit a turning point once Martínez scored the opening goal in the 45' minute, right before the half-time whistle. After that, it was all Argentina's game. Domínguez scored the second in the 69' minute, and Nahuelpan added his own at 80 minutes of play, both exploiting gaps and very poor defending by Wales. Argentina won showing its best side on the second half of the match.

Quarter Finals: Netherlands 1 - 3 Argentina

  • Netherlands (4-2-3-1): Koopmans; Wijndal, Van Dijk (C), Knoester, Frimpong; De Jong, Van de Beek; Bergwijn, Ihhateren, Kluivert; Boadu.
  • Argentina (3-3-3-1): Carrizo; Quinteros, Ávila, Rojas; Valiente, Palacios, Barrios; Valentini, Dybala (C), Nahuelpan; Martínez.
  • Goals: 5' 44' P. Dybala (ARG), 67' J. Kluivert (NED), 81' L. Martínez (ARG)
  • Substitutions: 68' Valentini🔻🔺Morales, 81' Martínez🔻🔺Retegui, Dybala🔻🔺Zamponi (ARG)
  • Venue: BC Place Stadium, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Date: July 10, 2026, 8:00 PM
  • Man of the Match: P. Dybala (ARG)
  • Match highlights:
The QF match faced Argentina against the team which sent them home in 2022, the Netherlands, who had defeated Slovenia 3-0 the round prior. Only 5 minutes in, Dybala scored to give Argentina the lead, with a tap in after an unlucky rebound by Koopmans. The Netherlands tried their best to get an equalizer, but their efforts were denied by Carrizo. Some time after, a shot by Lautaro was deflected by Koopmans into Dybala, who scored yet another tap-in goal. In the second half, Argentina played a more defensive game, and focused on keeping posession to give the Dutch as little chances as possible. Justin Kluivert did manage to get a goal back, as he scored after a precise cross from Boadu into the argentinian box which found him alone. The tension rised as the argentines felt the ghosts of the Copa America final against Brazil where a 2-0 lead turned into 2-2. However, they needn't worry, as Lautaro scored a third thanks to a great lobbed through ball from Dybala which gave him a 1-on-1 chance against Koopmans. Argentina managed to hold on to the lead, and qualified to the Semifinals, where they would meet...

Semifinals: Brazil 1 - 2 Argentina (a.e.t)

  • Brazil (4-3-3): Ederson; Lodi, Reis, Henrique, António; André, Leonardo, Arthur (C); Vinicius Jr., Gabriel Jesus; Rodrygo.
  • Argentina (3-3-3-1): Carrizo; Quinteros, Ávila, Rojas; Valiente, Palacios, Barrios; Valentini, Dybala (C), Nahuelpan; Martínez.
  • Goals: 29' E. Palacios (ARG), 54' Rodrygo (BRA), 98' N. Nahuelpan (ARG)
  • Substitutions: 65' Dybala🔻🔺Almada (ARG); 82' António🔻🔺Kunde (BRA), Martínez🔻🔺Álvarez (ARG), 89' Lodi🔻🔺Lopes Martins, Gabriel Jesus🔻🔺Richarlison (BRA), 99' Valentini🔻🔺Morales (ARG).
  • Venue: Estadio Azteca, México DF, México
  • Date: July 15, 2026, 9:00 PM
  • Man of the Match: E. Palacios (ARG)
  • Match highlights:
That's right, Brazil. They had beaten France, only by penalties, after an intense 3-3 Quarter Final match, as well as defeating Colombia in the Round of 16, 2-1. The beginning of the south american derby in México DF looked like Argentina's miraculous 1-0 win against Brazil in 1990. Brazil started out attacking the argentinian team again and again. Great saves by Carrizo and the post prevented Argentina from conceding. After switching the offensive tactics, the argentines managed to score the first goal in the 29th minute, thanks to Palacios, and they went to half time with a 1-0 lead. On the second half, Argentina's plans to mantain the lead failed when Ávila made a horrific mistake, giving the ball away to Rodrygo to score an easy equalizer in the 54'. (In all fairness, my fault, I messed up and I passed the ball to the right instead of upwards, Gastón Ávila is a great defender and had no responsability). The easy goal they had conceded didn't demoralize the Argentinian squad. They pushed harder and harder against the Brazilian defense, to get another goal and avoid extra time. However, that didn't happen. 1-1 it was at the end of 90 minutes, and off to extra time they went. At 98', Nahuelpan finally slotted the ball into the Brazilian goal, after being left unmarked for a second too long in the middle of the Brazilian box, and from then on, the game plan was as simple as DO NOT. LET. BRAZIL. GET. THE BALL. Argentina managed to hold on, and crowds in Buenos Aires, all over the country, and in the Azteca celebrated as the National Team had managed to get into a World Cup final after 12 years.

Final: Italy 0 - 1 Argentina

  • Italy (4-3-3): Donnarumma; Pellegrini, Romagnoli, Faraoni, Bellanova; Tonalli (C), Barella, Zaniolo; Capone, Cutrone, Orsolini.
  • Argentina (3-3-3-1): Carrizo; Quinteros, Ávila, Rojas; Valiente, Palacios, Barrios; Valentini, Dybala (C), Nahuelpan; Martínez.
  • Goals: 59' P. Dybala (ARG)
  • Substitutions: 42' Nahuelpan🔻🔺Almada (ARG); 89' Cutrone🔻🔺Kean (ITA); 89' Valentini🔻🔺Morales, Palacios🔻🔺Domínguez (ARG)
  • Injuries: 39' N. Nahuelpan (ARG) (Didn't recover)
  • Venue: CenturyLink Field, Seattle, USA.
  • Date: July 19, 2026, 3:00 PM
  • Man of the Match: J. Valiente (ARG)
  • Match highlights:
Be careful with the volume for this one. And sorry for the choppy quality, FIFA and OBS Studio weren't having a great day :c
And time for the final it was! Argentina had to face Italy, the vigent European Champions, a very solid and strong team which counted with players like Christian Capone, the eventual Golden Boot winner, with an impressive 8 goals in 7 matches, the great Gianluigi Donnarumma, captain Sandro Tonali, and defender Faraoni, one of the best CBs in the world. Italy had won their group with ease, with victories over Wales, Egypt, and New Zealand. On the round of 16, they sent Sweden home with a 2-0 victory. On the Quarter Finals, they scraped a 1-0 win against Spain, and on the semis, they had beaten England 2-1.
In a packed CenturyLink Field, Argentina and Italy jumped onto the pitch. The argentinian anthem and its characteristic chanting by the crowd gave almost everyone chills. Millions were watching the match, from the entire country, as well as millions of people around the world. Italy, like Brazil, were dominant in the first minutes of the match. Carrizo saved a great free kick by Tonali 4 minutes into the game, and denied him a goal again on a clear 1v1 chance for Italy, in the 17th minute. Donnarumma didn't hold back either, stopping Lautaro from scoring in the first half. Argentina slowly settled down and managed to get more posession and control of the match. In the 39th minute, however, Nahuelpan had a rough collision with an italian player, and had to be substituted. The hero of the semifinal against Brazil would have to watch the game from the sidelines, as Almada came onto the pitch to replace him. The first half ended 0-0, with Carrizo and Donnarumma's saves being the most interesting part of the game so far.
The second half seemed to be more of the same, until in the 59th Julio Valiente sent a great through ball to Dybala, who scored with a fantastic finish to give Argentina the lead. From then on, the match became very disputed, with almost no clear chances for any of the two teams for the remaining of the game. A through ball for Cutrone which Carrizo managed to catch before it reached the italian striker, and a shot by Dybala cleared by Donnarumma were the only chances either team had until the final whistle. The ball barely even left the playing field until Argentina got 2 corner kicks in a row a minute before the end.
As the final whistle finally arrived, every Argentinian player on and off the pitch erupted in celebration, as well as the coaching staff. Dybala lifted the trophy, fulfilling what Messi, unfortunately, hadn't been able to do. But every single player, no matter how much minutes they had in the tournament, had a part on the team's sucess. With goals, assists, clearances, saves, or hell, even brewing the best mates and telling the best jokes to raise the team's morale in between matches. The whole team had earned the right board the plane back home with the satisfaction of fulfilling your duty, and celebrate with the people, as Bilardo and his team had last done, 40 years ago.

World Cup Extra Awards

  • Golden Ball: Dybala (ARG)
  • Silver Ball: Capone (ITA)
  • Bronze Ball: Vinicius Jr. (BRA)
  • Golden Boot: Capone (ITA)
  • Silver Boot: Vinicius Jr. (BRA)
  • Bronze Ball: Dybala (ARG)
  • Young player award: Biabiany (FRA)
  • Most assists: Greenwood (ENG)
  • Golden Glove: Carrizo (ARG)
  • Fair Play Trophy: Spain

Bonus: The Tactics.

2026 Argentina played an uncommon 3-3-3-1 formation, composed of 3 CBs, 2 CDM, 1 CM, 1 LM, 1 RM, 1 CF and 1 ST. This formation would effectively turn into a 3-3-4 on attack, as the left and right midfielders moved higher on the pitch to act as wingers and the CF pushed higher to support the attack, and into a 3-5-1-1 on defense, as the left and right midfielders dropped down to act as wingbacks. Offensively, Argentina relied on posession and the strikers winning the back of opposition defenders. Most goals came from precise crosses and through balls, taking advantage of the pace of the argentinian strikers and offensive midfielders. The CM would often join the attack, in fact, Exequiel Palacios, who often played that role, was one of the highest scorers of the team. The CDMs, on the other hand, would usually stay back. On defense, the CDMs had the task of covering the wings of the opposition attack, and cutting passing lanes, as the CM, LM and RM dropped down to help regain posession. The CBs didn't sway too far of their own penalty box, and ideally, only covered the wings if they had enough support from the CDMs. When done right, Argentina's plan often meant the opposition had no good passing lanes, and had to resort to starting the attack again, make risky passes that ended in losing possesion, or attempting an uneffective cross with no clear target in the argentinian box, which was often cleared out by the tall, strong CBs or CDMs. When done wrong, Argentina still had the last line of defense: Goalkeeper Germán Carrizo. His crucial saves in key moments made him the deserved winner of the Golden Glove, mantaining a clean sheet for 4 out of 7 games.
  • Carrizo gave the argentinian squad security on goal. When everything else failed, or the opponents managed to outplay the argentinian defense, the Bayern Munich goalkeeper would give the team one extra life. Had anything happened to him, his backup, Walter Benítez, was also a trustworthy keeper, showing good performances with Boca Juniors. Gerónimo Rulli, being the third choice goalkeeper, didn't really get much (if any) playing time, in the World Cup or anywhere else with Argentina. However, as traditional for third choice goalkeepers in argentinian clubs, he fulfilled the key position of cebamates. His role was to brew the best mates, a traditional argentinian hot beverage, to keep the squad happy and motivated. He also told some great jokes, which made him be chosen to fill the third choice goalkeeper spot for the World Cup over Joaquín Piovi.
  • Racedo always chose tall, strong CBs to protect the argentinian goal. His back 3 line often consisted of Quinteros, Rojas, and Ávila. Zamponi was used as a CB in the Copa América and World Cup Qualifying matches, but he was later deployed as a CDM and would stay in that position throughout the World Cup.
  • He also prefered CDMs who were decently tall and strong, as were Valiente and Barrios, to 1. Ensure the argentinian box would be very well protected against crosses, having up to 5 tall defensive players in to defend against them, and 2. Obtain a physical advantage in one-to-one challenges against opponent strikers, aerial challenges, and tackles.
  • The CM in middle had to be a very versatile and dynamic player with a lot of stamina, since he would often be the link in between the defensive and offensive stages of Argentina's playstyle, and he would also more than often be the final recipient of a key through ball to score a goal. Exequiel Palacios or Nicolás Domínguez played that role.
  • The LM and RM had to be very pacey and agile, good dribblers, have great passing and vision, and be decent defensely, to be able to drop down and help the defense out. These players were often the ones who got the most tired, constantly running as they helped to make the transition between the defense and attack phases of the gameplan, so they also needed to have very good stamina. It was probably the hardest role to fulfill in the entire squad, and the most crucial one. Racedo relied on players like Valentini, Nahuelpan, Morales, and, in ocassion, Álvarez or Almada.
  • The CF role was taken by captain Dybala, who was one of the stars of the squad, participating in and articulating most of Argentina's attacks, scoring 6 goals and giving out 3 assists, a performance which earned him the Golden Ball. Almada, Álvarez, or Palacios (as CAM) were alternatives to play in that position, and it was common to see a tired Dybala be substituted for a more defensive midfielder such as Domínguez, who would then drop into the CM position as Palacios played where Dybala used to be.
  • As for the ST, the squad had few, but quality options. Lautaro Martinez was the main choice, and his speed and accuracy turned him into a constant danger for the opponent's goal. Retegui was the other ST, a more classic Nª9, his strenght and height offering the argentinian attack a different path to score. While Álvarez could play as a ST, it was unusual for him to play in that position, being used mostly as a RW or CF.

Final Notes

  • I've taken some liberties with the names of the brazilian players in sake of making them more realistic. Mainly so that you read "António" and not one of those unrealistic "António Lopes Da Silva Rodrigues".
  • Hat boi FTW.
  • If anyone's interested, the third place match was between England and Brazil. Brazil won 2-1.
  • Germany were knocked out in the Round of 16 by Mexico, who would then be knocked out by England in the QFs.
  • England beated Turkey 4-1 in the Round of 16, then Mexico 1-0 before the semis against Italy.
  • Spain beated the US 3-0 in the Round of 16, before being knocked out by Italy.
  • France beated Uruguay 4-2 in the Round of 16, before being knocked out by Brazil.
  • This was also Venezuela's first World Cup! Beated Switzerland 2-0 but lost 1-3 to France and 4-0 to Mexico, managing a third place finish.
  • Thank you if you've actually come this far down! This took a lot of time and effort, between playing the games, making the highlights, and all, so I hope you've enjoyed the read. Until next time I feel like doing one of these!
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