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Wizard101 - Primeval Hoard Pack Thoughts! Don't miss out on this offer! Wizard offers an online Wizard game set in the magical Wizard school, Ravenwood Academy. Try uninstalling then reinstalling it. Do you want to remove the selected. Wizard101 Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 bit additional hints.

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You can only train in spells from other schools at the cost of Training. YouTube Keyword Tool: Generate YouTube Tags & Keywords for. Wizard101 is an online game created by KingsIsle Entertainment which claims to be an exciting and fun online experience for people of all ages, and which is available for free limited play or the full version for subscription. I'll look into this immediately. Players of all ages set off on fun quests to save Wizard City from evil forces, and collect magic cards to duel their enemies in the game worlds.

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The latest tweets from @Wizard101. How To Unlock Gift Code Generator Sites With No Human https://av-dis.ru/download/?file=1160. The fictional universe of the Spiral is divided into many worlds, each of which has multiple areas. Wizard 101 Membership Monthly only at $9.95. Wizard Crowns Hack Tool is swift to use and you can quite quickly combine Crowns in your account with just a handful of clicks of button.

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Kingisle Wizard 101 $10 [Digital Code] click here to find out more. League of Legends Game Card. All Hacks For Free(Cracks, Hacks, Keygens): Wizard101 Hack. Wizard101 crown generator. DIABLO III Diablo III is a genre-defining action-RPG set in Sanctuary, a world ravaged by the eternal conflict between angels and demons.

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Games like Wizard 101 for Android. Wizard summoning the phoenix from hell, digital art style. How Do You Hack Wizard 101 Accounts? . Special Note: (Oct 25th Patch Update) included new "Dancing" badges ranging from failure to perfect. You can get the level hack, Anti-Ban, and no Proxy needed!


People may have their preferences, though. Wizard 101 hacks no s. James Haeck is the lead writer for D&D Beyond, the co-author of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and the Critical Role Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting, the DM of Worlds Apart, and a freelance writer for Wizards of the Coast, the D&D Adventurers League, and Kobold Press. Latest Free Games, Game Keys, Codes & Giveaways (2020 https://av-dis.ru/download/?file=1144. It identifies a big number of system components and it supports new technologies and standards.

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I believe it is the Tailstorm Pantera. Then along comes Wizard 101. Download this Check the box that says Enable speed hack under it. If you do not, try the last steps again. On top of that, there's piercing! Literally just blade twice and glowbugs/tempest.

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Severely-protracted made 3D Duke, June wizard101 hacks for crowns made. Answers about Wizard 101 (game) investigate this site. Wizard 101 Generator Cheats Hack Crown Version Download No Survey 12 February 2020 Update by Jenisec working on Windows, Mac OS platforms and is supported by. Does it cost crowns to access other worlds? Mobile Phone recycling made quick and easy.

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Well, I think Kingsisle as the publisher of this game already makes a masterpiece by creating. Wizard101 Crown Generator No Password No Survey. Wizard Hack Menu Created by Coridex73 How to use: Inject [HOST] into [HOST] I would recommend using my injector: Here Press INSERT to open the menu. You would have to go pretty far back to remember writing The most pleasant on line gaming experience for me so far is this Wizard 101 game. Wizard Hack Cheats Wizard Crown Generator no Survey I would gone to introduce you to Wizard Hack but first i will make a obtain of immediate brief nearly this game.

This community has a fundamental problem with the interpretation and citations of statistics and data.

During the no-play-for-COVID era, coinciding with the release of 9th edition, the community was given a unique set of circumstances, that we'll probably not see again. A brand new game prompting a brand new meta, but also no tournaments being played meaning no statistics or data to give any real insight into this new edition. People's opinions were flowing in discussion, opinions based on personal experiences, theories, and critical thought. People seemed a more open minded to creative ideas and fresh takes on units, and even things some might call outlandish were being given the consideration they deserve, rather than being dismissed offhand for not being represented in the month's statistics.
And that last sentence is my lead-in to the problem here. People using "the stats" to stranglehold discussion, and citing them as "objectively correct" ways to disprove opinions that are not represented in these statistics. Because now that we've had a few events and people are creeping back to the tables, this mentality is creeping back into discussion amongst the community. Take note of the fact as well that I've very carefully used the phrase "represented" here both times, rather than "disagreeing" or "agreeing" with the stats, because that's where a fundamental misunderstanding is occurring.
Just because an opinion isn't represented by the stats doesn't mean it disagrees with them.
Just because an opinion is mirrored by the statistics, doesn't make it correct.
The statistics themselves are objective. Your interpretation of them may not be.
What do I mean by this? Let's break it down. The statistics are a measure of what IS, CURRENTLY, doing well. My emphasis on both words. The statistics represent the human beings who have taken their collection to an event, and performed well on the day. This is admittedly, probably a decent indicator that the armies that performed there are decent armies, and does prove one thing - they were capable of winning, well, whatever they just won. That's the fact the statistic tells us. No matter how skilled the player, that was achieved by a human playing the army, not a wizard (for the sake of stats having any meaning at all, we have to assume that neither player was cheating, which is honestly a pretty safe assumption in this relatively small, friendly insular, and communal competitive scene - we know who the cheaters are). And at the same time, it does not prove that any of the armies not positively represented by this statistic cannot also perform to a similar level. It just means they aren't currently doing so. And while this may be because they are underpowered and not capable of doing so, there's also a variety of other reasons as to why this may be completely unrelated to the power level of the army. If you have ever used an army's lack of first place finishes, or win rate, as "proof" that they are can't do well - you have fallen into this fallacy. It's an easy trap to fall into, but you have looked at what the statistics say, and extrapolated from that and interpreted them into saying something that they didn't quite prove at all.
For a recent example demonstrating this: midway through 8th, many people cited many statistics about Tau's win rate, and comparative lack of GT 1st place finishes, as proof as to why Tau just weren't a top army in 8th, or even a good one. Then Richard Siegler went and won 9 games in a row at NOVA and blew away all those "objectively proven" claims like dusting the windowsill with a leafblower. Or did he? Nope, even then we had people on this very sub dismissing his Tau placing as a fluke and getting upvoted for it, while citing the stats. We have the benefit of hindsight to know that this wasn't a fluke at all, and at the same time, a perfect example of just how counter-productive and strangling "the stats" can be towards building your understanding of the game. Tau didn't suddenly become strong at this event, they were just as strong before Siegler won with them, it just hadn't happened yet. And if Siegler didn't go to NOVA that year like he initially planned at at all and Andrew Gonyo's 2nd place Imperium got first place, while Tau didn't even crack the top 10 - guess what, Tau would have still been just as strong - but people staring at the stats would have no idea, because this wouldn't have been represented by any data. The stats don't lie - they just aren't saying what you think they are.
Some more reasons not related to a balance deficiency as to why an army might have a poor win rate or a lack of GT finishes, are almost all the human elements, something which way too many people are forgetting about or entirely ignoring when attempting to read the stats. For starters, this community is not a large one. We aren't playing millions of games a day like this is league of legends in its prime. We have a handful of tournaments weekly of varying sizes, and there is more than enough room for an individual person's presence or absence alone to skew data. This leaves obvious room for inaccuracies in trying to tie win-rate or finishes to overall power level.
Also, human understanding of an army. Everyone seems to have this idea that because there are competitive players for every army, that every army has been fully "solved". Siegler's list was a brand new approach on Tau that many people hadn't even considered doing with the army yet, and that started getting attention near the END of the season. It was always there, the human element of the players themselves hadn't really brought this style of play yet. And this is almost always possible the case for any undersuccessful army, that they aren't currently being played to their fullest. Even Siegler's NOVA list wasn't his final take on the list and he spoke afterwards on improvements he could make on it.
This last point also goes hand in hand with the statistics themselves - just because two list share a faction name, does not make them the same army. Erik Lathouras for example is one of the few people doing well with Tyranids. But of the people struggling with Tyranids, who else is actually playing his list of 200 Termagants or whatever and the same character support? All the other guys out here running monster heavy or genestealer bombs or whatever, share a data point with his list, but in reality they are completely different armies. How is the people out here banging their head against brick walls with the thoroughly outdated Stealer bomb, at all representative or relevant to the strength of a good Tyranid horde list? Answer: it isn't, yet still, it shares the data point.
The human playerbase of an army also varies - it isn't the same people playing every army! What if, hypothetically, Richard Siegler had decided as a human being, having a human thought, "anime is for bitches, I'm playing Khorne Berzerkers", and his contribution competitively was as a World Eaters player? Where would the general view of Tau as a faction in 8th have finished? Even with Siegler's wins and an improved understanding of the army by the end of the year, the army finished with a 48% win rate. I don't think it's unfair to say that I think many people would be saying right now that "Tau have been awful since 7th!", and citing "the stats" to anyone who disagreed. Playerbase's are made up of very different people, and have different players of different skill levels pioneering them and building our understanding of them.
This is true on a broader level than the individual as well. We recognise the positives of this sometimes ("oh, Orks as an army very commonly attract the kind of person who is boisterous and rowdy and loves a crazy melee!"), but people easily get offended when addressing the other implications of this sometimes. So I'm going preface this generalisation by mentioning that it's exactly that - a GENERALISATION, and like all generalisations is full of exceptions. An easy example is Space Marines - they are undeniably one of the most popular armies among newbies. Even players of other armies often started with Space Marines and eventually expanded / swapped into their current faction (Even me - my first army was Blood Angels!). The competitive win-rate of Space Marines is undoubtably dragged by a much higher rate of newer players, as opposed to an army like GSC or Ynnarri, subfactions of lesser popular armies to begin with, with a much smaller range, and also much harder to play. For this reason alone the Space Marine win rate will never be accurate. The same can be said for over or underrepresentation of an army. Slaanesh Daemons say could be a total sleeper, one of the best armys in the meta, but there's only so many events they can possibly win if only one good player is out there taking them to events. There's many other observations people can make about the playerbases of each community, I'll definitely say my own army, Tyranids, attracts a certain type of player as well, and this type player that I've found is most common among the vocal elements of our playerbase, is probably not the type of person best suited for the competitive mentality. And again (to both preface and postface now), this is a generalisation, and affects the overall statistic, but is not a reflection of any individual person, who may very well be a polar opposite to any of these descriptions.
I also want to address the dismissal people use "oh he's just a good player, so that win doesn't count". No, he's a good player, so that's exactly WHY it can count. This player is demonstrating what the army is capable of, it's them we should look to for where the ceiling of the army is, not you, who plays weekly with your buddies at the shop with your slowly increasing 3000 pt collection with a little bit of flex. That's not to dismiss anyone's experience as invalid of course and you may very well have great insight into your army, but it is to say that if we are going to look to someone for an indication of the the potential strength of an army being played to its fullest, we should look to the best players and the top-end outliers - not the weaker players, or mid level competitive players or whatever you consider the average comp player. It's also very dismissive, and often forgets that these results by excellents players are almost always playing against other the excellent players out there in the world, by just a few rounds into an event." I'm going to stick with my NOVA example for consistency here. Here's a couple of quotes from the reddit thread about his win, that attempted to do just that:
Siegler is an amazing player, but hes the outlier not the standard
One super successful person is the outlier, not the trend. Again, that's stats 101
Now we can easily see the flaw here in hindsight. Tau weren't underpowered at all, as was further demonstrated throughout the rest of the edition, Tau were very much an army of a power level capable of winning an event like NOVA, but quotes like these would happily say this wasn't the case and dismiss this placing as an "outlier" because of the "stats", when neither of these words mean what they thought, and only serve to give a blinkered view competitively. Richard Siegler is not a Jedi, he showed what his army was capable of, and if you or I can't measure up to that, it's not because the army is lacking.
And on the topic of player skill, just quickly, the difficulty of an army when combined with the human element is also going to have an impact on any overall statistic. In a hypothetical world where Space Marines and GSC are both perfectly balanced, and we requisition the exact same 1000 players take each army to an event, can you guess which one is going to have the lower win rate? Almost certainly GSC, the fact is they are just harder to play at a higher level and leave much more room for errors. This also affects army representation. I think most people agree horde Nids is probably one of the strongest ways to play Nids - but honestly who wants to go out and buy + paint up 200 termagants and exhaust themselves moving them around all day, just to help prove that Nids are a decent midtier army as opposed to a bottom one? I mean you're not even getting rewarded with a top tier army here. This sort of stuff affects the statistic - the statistic is a number which holds absolutely no nuance at all.
All of these points are important reasons why the stats are not objective measures of anything power level wise.
This isn't to say we should ignore the stats. Especially top 4's. They demonstrate a good picture of the meta. They demonstrate what is currently doing well, they often demonstrate the currently known power level of factions, and with unexpected or surprise faction placings they demonstrate what an army can achieve in the right hands or circumstances. However it's important that we recognise what the stats are saying and not get tricked into thinking they are saying more than they actually are. And to respond to a statement that boils down to "I think this even though I don't believe it to be known by others", with what is essentially a list of "well here's what we know so you're wrong" is actually just an irrelevant counter argument, to break the most common misuse I see down to it's simplest terms.
People are all over the shop, making these statistics say whatever suits their current held belief. I don't even believe it's intentional most the time. But we as a community have been victim to this mentality of "stats" and "data" being absolutely counter-productive to discussion for so long that its becoming ingrained, and causing people to be incapable of recognising facets of the game that are yet to be spelled out by these stats. I'd like to promote an increase in, or even just a return to, the use of critical thought, personal experience, and rationality, as support for our opinions and claims - and discourage the use (or should I say misuse) of stats to "counter" people's opinions, when very rarely are you doing that at all.
EDIT: Special thanks to Mr Siegler for providing my go-to example for this thread <3 There's many others I could have used, but that one was very prominent and fresh in most of our minds I'm sure, so hope he doesn't mind me making such liberal use of his name in here.
submitted by DARKBLADESKULLBITER to WarhammerCompetitive

Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 20.0

Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 20.0

Update 20.1 is now available.
Version 20.1 is now out. You can view the patch notes here.

New Awesome

  • New air-based drone hero, Etienne!
    • Etienne controls an army of drones to take out the Bloons from above & behind cover, watch out for his abilities which supercharge his drones temporarily & unleash a barrage of Bloon doom from above
  • New Advanced Map, Mesa
  • New Admiral Brickell Skin, Dread Pirate Brickell
  • Expanded Odyssey Events system
    • Extreme Mode added! When set to Extreme mode once your monkeys are placed they are used up! Be careful how many you use on early islands!
    • Do note that Heroes will always fight by your side and will not be consumed in Extreme mode.
    • Odysseys now display a stats summary at the end with a number of interesting details including total time taken
    • Finalized all the map statues for Odyssey, this now allows us to make any map available during the event. Which maps would you like to see next?
    • Added Clear All Monkeys / Powers options for crew selection
    • Added a number of new Odyssey related achievements!
    • Odyssey crew panels now show their category coloring
    • Odyssey events now offer a replay option after being completed, but note that this does not increase the rewards earned. The thinking behind this to try different builds and create personal challenges for friends and community.
  • New Trophy Store items
    • New Player Icons for Adora, Engineer, Brickell & Benjamin
    • New Hero items Obyn Ghost Wolf, Ezili Frog & Striker Jones Paradrop placement
    • New Bloon Modifiers Top Hats, Mo’ Monkeys pop fx, Sci Fi BFB & Steampunk ZOMG
    • New Co-op emotes Let’s Go!, OK, Crickets, & Sparkling Hearts
    • New Music Track Sunset - Silent Night

Key Features

  • Co-op players may now change their hero in the co-op lobby
  • Races will now display a popup showing how much fasteslower you are doing compared to your best time every 5 rounds
  • Fortification Bands have been added to skinned versions of MOABs
  • In-game update notes can now be viewed from the options page on the main menu

Big Changes / Additions

  • A larger overall behind the scenes change splitting up our assets and the way they load/download. This won’t have too noticeable an impact on this update but in the future should allow us to have more flexibility in cutting down the size of updates.This should also help with memory, and help us find memory leaks
  • There were some good requests for help in something other than a Quincy start, so we have tweaked the Expert Infernal map slightly to allow for some more varied starting strategies
  • Prevented a crash or game quit upon the last seconds of a final round from failing to award a completion medal
  • Lots of changes related to the way the game saves & loads, should improve load times and load certain other things in a more natural state
  • Purchasing any trophy items should correctly trigger an immediate backup to the server
  • Instamonkeys in combinations of 110/101/011 and 220/202/022 should correctly be able to appear in their respective drop pools for all cases of randomised Tier 1 & 2 Instamonkeys
  • Incorrect or ‘Unknown Powers’ will no longer be stored in account save files. This should prevent ‘infinite notifications’ on the power screen when the player can never view them.

Bug Fixes & General Changes

  • Playing a new game over the top of an old save should no longer double stack the stats summary at the end
  • Added some effects limitation to help improve performance
  • Map: In The Loop now allows for collision with the trees for Juggernaut projectiles
  • Co-op improvements made to ‘game start disconnects’
  • Co-op double tapping join button should no longer cause an occasional crash
  • Co-op improvements to ‘Local Lobby’ system including a refresh button on the page
  • Co-op: cleaned up how the game handles disconnecting and reconnecting in lobbies
  • Daily Challenges now have a modifier icon to display when a challenge does not allow for a round 100 Instamonkey reward to be claimed
  • Corrected some visual issues with the water on Adora’s Temple
  • The tutorial should no longer count as a game played in player stats
  • Double tapping events menu will not load it twice anymore
  • Some localization formatting & translation fixes
  • Resolved an issue where playing custom challenges would reroll collection event bonus maps
  • Chromebook touchpads should function like steam touchpads now.
  • Behind the scenes components cleanup to MOAB-class assets & damage states
  • Performance improvements for all cash-related modifiers applied to Bloons
  • Resolved a number of height issues related to redeploying towers
  • Receiving a conflict popup while another menu is open in game should no longer cause the game to lock up
  • All hero placement related animations & voice lines should work correctly now even if the hero starts above level 1
  • Resolved an issue causing some models on the main menu to t-pose occasionally
Race specific:
  • Exiting from viewing a player profile from a leaderboard should no longer throw you down the list
  • Viewing a Profile created on a future version will no longer cause a crash
  • Race timer should now immediately stop when the last Bloon is popped
  • Races once again correctly display your own rank
  • Display of the race leaderboard will update less frequently for players with scores outside of the top 100
Dart Monkey
  • Master Double Cross no longer allows you to use 1 Crossbow Master in Daily Challenges where this tower is prohibited
Ice Monkey
  • 000 Base Ice Monkey attack hitbox should allow it to hit Bloons from below the track now
  • 4xx Embrittlement description updated to mention camo & property removal
Monkey Sub
  • 2xx Sub portrait has been corrected to fit the model better
  • x5x Pre-Emptive Strike description reworded as the effect is very different to ‘MOAB Assassin’
Monkey Buccaneer
  • 5xx Carrier Flagship should no longer inflate summary screen stats when save is loaded
Monkey Ace
  • Should no longer cause a crash on Geared when map is turning
  • x4x Ground Zero description updated to include base Bombs being upgraded
Heli Pilot
  • Should no longer cause a crash on Geared when map is turning
  • Resolved a crash related to 2 chinook helis targeting the same tower
  • Co-op no longer allows towers to be upgraded while redeploying
Mortar Monkey
  • 5xx The Biggest One description updated as it deals much more damage now
  • x5x Artillery Battery description updated as ‘triple pain’ doesn’t describe 4x attack speed very well
Wizard Monkey
  • x4x Phoenix summons should no longer be consumed when moving off an ice platform
  • xx5 Prince of Darkness should no longer display buff icon when placing towers that cannot receive its buff
Super Monkey
  • 5xx Resolved a number of art issues on gained temple powers
  • 3xx Lower tier brews should no longer cancel out higher tiers from upgrading the tower’s buff when they target the same tower at the same time
  • xx3 Druid of Wrath description updated to "attacking Bloons" not "popping"
  • xx4 Poplust description updated to mention ‘pierce’ not just attack speed
Banana Farm
  • xx2 Banana Salvage now gives the correct amount of cash
Spike Factory
  • x5x Carpet of Spikes now correctly gains +2 damage to all, not just 1
Monkey Village
  • xx4 Monkey City description updated to include increased cash production in radius
  • xx5 Monkeyopolis no longer takes buffs from Alchemist
  • 5xx Sentry Paragon should no longer cause a secondary explosion when manually sold
  • xx4 Bloontrap, resolved collection sometimes displaying less cash than it should
Striker Jones
  • Fixed Co-op icon emote for Octojones
Obyn Greenfoot
  • Resolved an issue where reloading with level 20 Obyn reduced Wall of Trees to level 10
  • Resolved an issue with reloading a CHIMPS save file giving the wrong cash value from Wall of Trees
  • Resolved a sequence of cash multipliers with Syphon Funding that could cause Bloons to give negative cash upon pop
Admiral Brickell
  • Resolved an issue where reloading with level 20 Brickell reduced Mega Mine to level 10
Energising Totem
  • Some UI issues cleaned up

Balance Changes

Dart Monkey
Dart Monkey at its core is an early game focus tower, so we added some projectile speed options to try and help with its tendency to miss faster Bloons. Spike-o-pult’s rate was also increased and damage type changed to shatter to be more versatile of a stepping stone in niche setups saving for Juggernaut
  • xx2 Enhanced Eyesight projectile speed increased 300 -> 330
  • xx3 Crossbow projectile speed increased from 300 -> 360
  • xx4 Sharp Shooter projectile speed increased from 300 -> 400
  • xx5 Crossbow Master remains at 450 speed
  • 3xx Spike-o-pult can now damage frozen Bloons type changed Sharp -> Shatter
  • 3xx Spike-o-pult rate increased from 1.25s -> 1.15s
  • 4xx Juggernaut DOES NOT carry over this rate increase
Bomb Shooter
We’re really excited about the recent rise in Bomb fame, and we want to encourage this by buffing some of the detracting parts of Bomb Shooters. But larger groups of basic T3 Maulers are now performing far too well against everything when they are intended to be more of a MOAB Specialist. This change means little in the early game, but should pull these groups back a little in more higher round gameplay.
  • 3xx Really Big Bombs damage increased 2 -> 3
  • 4xx Bloon Impact does NOT gain any improvement from this change
  • x3x MOAB Mauler Ceramic bonus reduced from 5 -> 4
  • x4x MOAB Assassin MOAB bonus increased from 18 -> 25
  • x5x MOAB Eliminator MOAB bonus increased from 79 -> 99
Tack Shooter
Inferno Ring has felt very outclassed for a long time, and more recently the tack shooter was reworked to give pierce on x2x which made the old 402 pierce crosspath not make as much sense anymore. We wanted to start work on both these issues together by reworking how Ring of Fire and Inferno Ring interact with crosspaths
  • 401 Ring of Fire & Inferno Ring no longer gain pierce +10
  • 402 Ring of Fire & Inferno Ring no longer gain pierce +10
  • 410 Ring of Fire & Inferno Ring now increase total pierce by +10
  • 420 Ring of Fire & Inferno Ring now increase total pierce by +10
  • 402 Ring of Fire now increases base damage from 3 -> 4
  • 502 Inferno Ring now increases base damage from 4 -> 5
Glue Gunner
Many people seem to agree 5xx Glue is ‘good’, but simply outclassed (mainly by 5xx mortar at a similar price). This won’t completely fix that, we hope to work on making the earlier stepping stone tiers a little easier to use and provide the 520 crosspath with a better niche by making Bloon Solver benefit from all pierce twice as much (which x2x provides).
  • 3xx Bloon Dissolver $3,300 -> $2,700
  • 4xx Bloon Liquifier $7,000 -> $6,500
  • 5xx Bloon Solver now fires 2 projectiles per attack
  • 5xx Bloon Solver total pierce per projectile reduced from 12 -> 6
  • 510 Bloon Solver total pierce per projectile reduced from 13 -> 7
  • 520 Bloon Solver total pierce per projectile reduced from 16 -> 11
Sniper Monkey
This tower felt like it’s strength too heavily required the xx2 upgrade, and that this harmed crosspath choices. So we increased the base attack rate while nerfing the increase from these upgrades. This is a slight overall buff
  • 000 Sniper Monkey fire rate increased from 2s -> 1.59
  • xx1 Fast Firing rate bonus reduced from 35% -> 30%
  • xx2 Even Faster Firing rate bonus reduced from 40% -> 30%
  • 5xx Cripple MOAB duration rates for stun/debuff increased
    • MOAB 6 -> 7
    • BFB 3 -> 6
    • ZOMG 1.5 -> 3
    • DDT 1.5 -> 4
    • BAD 0.25 -> 0.75
Monkey Sub
The cost efficiency of Sub Commander's +5 pierce favored low tiers more than we’d like. Fortunately other paths of sub don’t care so much about pierce, so as xx4 AP Darts gives its own large pierce increase we hope lowering the amount of this buff slightly will make driving to T4 more meaningful.
  • xx5 Sub Commander pierce buff reduced from 5 -> 4
Heli Pilot
Pursuit Downdraft has felt like an overperformer for a very long time, but instead of outright nerfing it we increased crosspath potential for those who manually take control over their heli micro. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Pursuit Razor Rotors has underperformed due to distancing itself far too much, so we increased the range of this attack slightly.
  • 300 Razor Rotors area increased from 33 to 35
  • 030 blow rate reduced from 0.125 -> 0.15
  • 032 blow rate increased from 0.125 -> 0.12
  • xx4 Comanche Defense duration increased 10 -> 12
Wizard Monkey
Second and third path upgrades get some fine tuning for more internal consistency. We want to make slow tweaks here to bring them into better balance
  • 031 Dragon’s Breath crosspath now benefits from increased pierce 4 -> 6
  • x4x & x5x Phoenix summon states should now save between games
  • xx3 Shimmer price reduced from $1800 -> 1700
  • xx5 Unpopped Army, we know how badly changes are wanted here, but there was more to do than we could achieve in this update
Super Monkey
We were finally able to properly implement a popular suggestion for the Robo Monkey, and will be keeping an eye on it’s performance more closely in this update. In addition to this, Dark Knight’s reliance on Alchemist/Obyn to reach a reasonable pierce value made it too difficult to enjoy teleporting around using Dark Knight’s new ability so we tried to cut out that dependency with a sizable pierce increase.
  • x3x Robo Monkey is now able to independently set its arms to different target priorities
  • xx3 Dark Knight pierce increased from 3 -> 5 (please note the xx4 Dark Champion does not inherit the pierce buff from xx3)
Alchemist is already widely used, but we thought of an interesting way to add some more crosspath value and wanted to take the chance to perform a small rebalance at the same time.
  • 3xx Berserker Brew buff shots per brew reduced from 30 -> 25
  • 4xx Stronger Stimulant buff shots per brew reduced from 50 -> 40
  • 320 Berserker Brew buff shots per brew increased from 25 -> 35
  • 420 Stronger Stimulant buff shots per brew increased from 40 -> 50
  • 320 Berserker Brew duration increased from 5s -> 6
  • 320 Berserker Brew re-application cooldown reduced from 5s -> 4
  • 420 Stronger Stimulant duration increased from 12s -> 13
  • 420 Stronger Stimulant re-application cooldown reduced from 5s -> 4
Spike Factory
Bigger balance shifts including Super Mines were not feasible for this update, but we did make a meaningful price reduction.
  • 5xx Super Mines Price reduced from $175,000 -> 162,500
Continuing our efforts to make crosspaths meaningful and fit the style of each path more solidly, a number of crosspath and base level balance shifts were made.
  • 110 Larger Service Area now applies 1/5th the range (+4) to any sentries produced
  • 101 Oversize Nails allows sentries produced by this tower to pop frozen Bloons
  • 101 Oversize Nails now increases sentry pierce by +1
  • 2xx Faster Engineering sentry deployment rate increased further from 7s -> 6
  • 4xx Sentry Expert base range of all sentries increased from 45 -> 50
  • 5xx Sentry Paragon explosion radius scales with sentry radius
  • x4x Engineer Overclock ability active buff state will now be included in save files
  • x5x Ultraboost will now apply ‘perma’ stacks upon ability activation rather than expiration
Admiral Brickell
While Brickell setups have a very specific select group of interactions, it is clear her abilities in this interaction are over performing so we want to try take a slow approach toning these back while we continue to review all Heroes each update.
  • Lv 3: Naval Tactics Duration reduced 10 -> 9
  • Lv 14: Naval Tactics Duration reduced 15 -> 12
  • Lv 10: Mega Mine damage reduced from 5000 -> 4000

Edit: Balance changes -> Glue Gunner Edit: Added 20.1 link to top
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