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Crew-1 Mission Update Teleconference

Welcome to the SpaceX Crew-1 Mission Media Teleconference Thread

This is your SpaceX host team a random redditor who really shouldn't remind the mod team about stuff at the last minute, bringing you live coverage of this conference! Also here's a 🎃 Crew-1 pumpkin.

Quick Facts

Quick Facts
Date 28th October 2020
Time 4pm ET, 20:00 UTC



Time Update
That's all folks!
Steve: Spaceflight is humbling, attention to detail is very important for all the crew flights. One of the engines has a slight change that we want to see fly on GPS mission first.
Hans: A wake up call to double (triple) our efforts, prior to launch we scrub everything and have been doing for many years. Team is energised to improve their process and make a better rocket
Dave Mosher (Business Insider): Is SpaceX approaching vendors to discover any other unknown unknowns?
Hans: Over last 100 launches weather is usually better than Florida afternoons
Steve: Have plans for these scenarios, Detachment 3 is ready. Ensure that vehicle is as safe as it can be, have inspected all engines. S&R is ready for their mission, have practiced rescuing in the dark etc
Kathy: This is what we plan for
?: Will launching at night be an issue for abort zones and rescue teams?
Hans: CT scanned the gas generators and found it in engines. To swap an engine in factory is straightforward, or Texas is fine. Launch site can be quick but have to do it in series. If there's an engine problem easier to pull it out and check it out on a test stand. 2-3 days to remove an engine and replace
Loren Grush (Verge): Did you actually find the lacquer or was it from the data?
Hans: Rocketry is tough and requires a lot of attention to detail. Have to be super diligent and on your toes
David: Could it cause an engine to shut down?
Hans: Cause is with multiple vendors, not pointing fingers. Potential for damage but not right away, subtle failure mode
David (Discovery): Has vendor worked with SpaceX for a long period, is it worrying such a small hole has large impact
Hans: Checked all family data on start up for fleet may do verification when refurbishing
Hans: Not hard to inspect, easier on MVac but on M1Ds have to remove heat shield to inspect. Priority is Crew-1 and GPS and upper stages
Tim: What are implications for refurbishing used SpaceX engines, is it a lot of work?
Steve: Astronauts entered soft quarantine at home, hard quarantine on Halloween. Practicing docking procedures. Travel on Nov 6th for medical screening, watch static fire of rocket (Monday 9th). Dry dress rehearsal for flight on Nov 11th
Mike (Space.com): What are astronauts up to for next 2 weeks?
Steve: Looking at Crew Dragon to see if there are similar issues
Steve: Will improve the receiving inspections and check dragons and other areas where it might occur, all actions shared with NASA
Hans: Vendor is responsible for the anodising process. SpaceX will make parts more inspectable, will specifically check each bore hole for coloured residue. Make sure everything is clean when its put together
Joey Roulette (Reuters): What was the vendors role in this and what changes will be made? Any NASA corrective actions?
Hans: Surface treatment to prevent corrosion for aluminium parts to mask areas to prevent anodization. Very standard in aerospace
Samantha: What is purpose of masking agent
Steve: 27.5 hour rendezvous if we launch on the 15th instead, 8.5 occurs again soon after
Jeff Foust: Is the 8.5 hour transit launch to docking, what happens if launching on Nov 15 instead?
Hans: Possible earlier harmless cases that were missed, possible changes by vendor or in house, still guessing. Won't happen again but difficult to explain why its occurring now. Important that we had the right abort and caught the error correctly
Eric Berger: Why has this problem with masking agency occurred now?
Steve: Agency RFR on 9th November, prop lead if everything on track
Steve: Reviewed all DM-2 data including heat shield erosion, nose cone vent that caused early parachute release
Hans: Crew-1 dragon review coming up tomorrow, then prop load and final integration
Michael Sheetz: Processing of Crew-1 vehicle is ready and DM-2 review is complete?
Hans: Triggered an effort to look at all other valves and boreholes in vehicle
Hans: Improvement to our build process to create a safer engine, working with a vendor improve
Hans: Definitely inspected all the MVac engines (as only single engine), 2 last flown and cleared before we rely, All inspected on Crew-1 and Sentinel. Happened in the last few months so only affects new boosters.
Irene Klotz: How many Merlin engines were inspected, any changes to testing procedures to prevent it reoccurring?
Kathy: Will fly both missions (Sentinel) when its the right time
Hans: Very tiny hole, 60 thousandths of an inch (about 1.6mm) borehole, understandable that it was missed and half of an inch long
Marcia Smith (Space Policy Online): How was the residue missed during inspections and what happens if Sentinel is delayed?
Hans: When you start the engine, TEA-TEB liquid oxygen and RP-1 have to be introduced in the right order, otherwise a 'hard start' can occur, which may damage the engine by rattling it. Basically a sensor detects the early pressure rises in the engine and software stops the whole process. Its safe as its held down by a clamp and only released when all 9 engines are running well.
CBS News: What would have happened if the software hadn't caught the error?
Kathy: Astronauts used tea bags to see where particles collected and then used a finer detector to locate the 'scratch' in the module. Then created a temporary patch and monitored the Nitrogen levels. Now has sturdier patch.
Gina (ABC News): Out of scope question, how was the ISS leak discovered and repaired?
Hans: Similar to a red nail polish that hardens. The engines were random not related to a batches
Steven Clarke (SFN): What was material found in relief valve, was it a solid material. Also were all engines in the same group?
Hans: Dragon progressing well
Hans: Looked at all engine start ups across fleet and discovered similar anomalies (2 found on Crew-1, 1 on Sentinel-6), have replaced those engines with tested versions
Hans: Masking lacquer was the cause of the error, probably applied during the build process and caused the blockage
Hans: McGregor site replicated the error, additional inspections discovered blocked relief valve in Merlin gas generator
Hans: GPS SV04 auto abort caused by early start behaviour on engine 1 & 2, good abort, could have caused damaging hard start
Steve: Soft crew quarantine on 14th, still more work on the engine but will fly when were ready
Steve: Agency FRR on Monday 9th, Static fire Monday
Steve: Working engine anomaly, swapping 2 engines on first stage, Sat Nov 14, 7:49pm EST, docking in 8.5 hours
Kathy: Exciting progress towards a full complement crew mission
Now live
Webcast waiting to go live
T-0 days Thread posted


Briefing participants:
  • Kathy Lueders, Associate Administrator, Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters, Washington
  • Steve Stich, Manager, Commercial Crew Program, NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Houston
  • Hans Koenigsmann, Vice President, Build and Flight Reliability, SpaceX, Hawthorne, California


NASA TV on Youtube

Links & Resources

  • Coming soon

Participate in the discussion!

  • First of all, launch threads are party threads! We understand everyone is excited, so we relax the rules in these venues. The most important thing is that everyone enjoy themselves
  • Please constrain the launch party to this thread alone. We will remove low effort comments elsewhere!
  • Real-time chat on our official Internet Relay Chat (IRC) #SpaceX on Snoonet
  • Please post small launch updates, discussions, and questions here, rather than as a separate post. Thanks!
  • Wanna talk about other SpaceX stuff in a more relaxed atmosphere? Head over to SpaceXLounge

submitted by Straumli_Blight to spacex

Hippity Hoppity, this is no longer your Property (to manage)

After graduating college my girlfriend and I moved to a new state where she was accepted into an engineering program. We found a lovely garden apartment style complex that advertised 100 Mbps internet speed included in the price among a few other amenities. When we met the property manager, he seemed strict but well mannered, nothing out of the ordinary. Until we signed the lease...
The first problem:
Suddenly, walking into his office was not allowed without an appointment. I had come by to ask a question, saw him browsing social media, and figured he was as available as he made himself to us when we first came by, unannounced, to view a model apartment. Nope. He refused to answer my question and asked me to make an appointment via email.
The second problem:
The terms of our lease included an attachment to complete within 48 hours of accepting the keys that details all discrepancies within the unit. We submitted the attachment via email around the 40th hour. The property manager responded that the terms recently changed from 48 to 24 hours and since we had passed 24 hours, we would be held liable for all found damages. When citing our copy of the lease which explicitly stated 48 hours, he informs us that we signed an outdated copy and would need to make an appointment to come by the office and sign a new lease.
The third problem:
The internet speed was not 100 Mbps as advertised. It was less than 15 Mbps off peak and about ~5 Mbps on peak. We again contacted the property manager to complain but were referred to make an appointment.
The fourth problem:
We made an appointment to address the previous three problems. During this meeting and after I finished voicing our issues, the property manager leans forward and says, "There are other communities in this neighborhood that may be more accepting of people like you and your girlfriend. You're welcome to break the lease and leave."
"people like you and your girlfriend"
I had thought he was referencing our no nonsense response to his nonsense (daily communication, scheduling multiple meetings to address these issues, etc) but my girlfriend believed he was speaking towards our skin colors. Her, a black woman, and myself, a white man. My girlfriend jokingly told me to check my privilege before getting serious and explaining to me that we were experiencing discrimination at the very least.
The solution:
I did some research and discovered the property manager worked for a larger organization that owned several complexes throughout the country. I found their director of human resources on LinkedIn and made a connection. I then emailed her copies of all email correspondence, screenshots of the lease, pictures of the internet speed flags advertised by the road, and more screenshots of online speed tests. We further noted his comment and the implications behind it.
The human resources director replied within a few hours and promised us she would look into the issue.
About two days later, the property manager called and asked us to come by his office at our convenience. We showed up near the end of the day, and sat down across from him. He then proceeded to ask us if we would be willing to write a letter stating we accepted his apology (despite not yet offering said apology) and in return he would credit us a months rent, accept our damages attachment, and promise to have the ISP on site within a week to assess the internet issues. We declined. He got personal with us and revealed his job may be at stake and asked us to reconsider.
My girlfriend leaned forward and said, "There are other communities in this neighborhood that may be more accepting of people like you. You're welcome to leave."
The property manager was replaced in a week with a super sweet older woman who not only gave us all the things the original property manager had promised; the one month credit, accepting the damages attachment and then further scheduling maintenance to fix said damages, having the ISP assess and upgrade the internet to promised speeds, but she also made it clear her office was always open for anything we may need.
I looked up the old property manager about a few months later on LinkedIn. Still unemployed.
submitted by AE2AW to ProRevenge

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