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Making this a thread: 25 tips I would tell my 18 year-old-self (dealing with low-self esteem, time management, relationships, etc.)

I posted this as an answer to u/jelly_jellooooo's question on advice we would give to our 18-year-old selves. Since I think this could be helpful to others as well, especially those who struggled with low self-esteem and an unhealthy long-term relationship like I did, I wanted to make it it's own thread (with some minor edits). Feel free to share your thoughts, questions, comments, on any of them:
Here are 25 tips I would tell my 18-year-old self:
1.) [Relationships/Self-Compassion] I know this might be hard to get right now, but you really should speak to yourself like you would speak to your friends. Kristen Neff's video on self-compassion really helped me with this. Watch this video now, rather than in your 20s.
2.) [Self-Compassion] Self-compassion is something that takes practice. It'll feel weird at first, but eventually it'll feel natural. And it'll feel so much better than telling yourself how stupid you are or that "people only hang out with you because they don't know the real you" or any other negative thing you currently tell yourself.
3.) [Time Management] Schedules aren't bad, and you won't "lose your spontaneous personality" by following them. They're a tool to help you get the stuff you want completed done. It helps you control time, rather than let time control you.
4.) [Relationships] It takes two people to make a monogamous relationship work. If you feel like you're putting in more work than your partner, or that your partner has given up- leave, even if you love him/her so much that you can't imagine being without them. (Note: if the thought "I wish I didn't love him/her" ever crosses your mind, then- as hard as it is- it's probably time to go.)
5.) [Relationships] Boundaries are important in any relationship. Staying up until 4am every night and getting only 3-6 hours of sleep when you have work to do, all in order to accommodate your partner's sporadic sleep schedule will only harm your relationship, especially if you come to feel that your partner is taking it for granted. Same thing when it comes to how you let your partner speak to you.
6.) [Relationships/Attachment Styles] If you feel your partner will get tired of you or "realize how boring you really are" if you don't speak to them every single day, then your relationship isn't healthy. Your is anxiety is not only due to both your anxious attachment style and low self-esteem, but also likely because your partner is not helping to create a safe environment with you for your relationship. If your partner does not speak to you kindly, or continuously threatens to leave you, then of course it will be difficult to build up your self-compassion in that kind of environment; of course you will in turn continue to speak unkindly to yourself. Try talk to your partner about this, and if they refuse to have the conversation with you, then- as difficult as it is, you should probably leave.
7.) [Time Management] You can have everything, just not all at once. Prioritize 2-3 goals you'd like to make the most progress on right now. Consistency is what matters. The little progressions you make each day will build up and they will go a long way.
8.) [Speaking up/Relationships] Not everyone who gets upset at you will leave you. That's an association you've made because of the unhealthy relationships you've had in your life. It should always be okay to speak your mind, don't hold back because of this fear.
9.) [Relationships/Opening Up] Don't assume your friends will get tired of you for reaching out to them when you are sad/gloomy/depressed/anxious/moody. I know you are afraid of being disliked by them and feel you can only reach out to them "a certain number of times" without them getting fed up or annoyed by your sadness or current state-of-being. But true friendship doesn't have a meter or limit. Just like you wouldn't give your friends a limit on how many times they can come to you, trust in them that they wouldn't have one for you. Also, if you feel comfortable doing so, feel free to take the first step and share this fear with them. The answers/responses of your friends may just surprise you.
10.) [Time Management/Productivity] Use a tab-limiter app to help you focus. I know you will open a bazillion tabs and spend hours not doing the work you were planning to do. This is a simple step that can help you immensely. Limit your browser to having only 2-3 tabs open.
11.) [Learning] Everyone has a different learning style. If reading the text-book isn't for you, there's no shame in watching YouTube videos, drawing it out, or printing pictures and posting them on your wall to get/review the same information. Just make sure you go for the hour long YouTube videos instead of watching 6 different 10 minute ones and still end up confused.
12.) [Productivity] For reading assignments, try to read along with a text-to-speech editor. It'll save you a bunch of time.
13.) [Self-Compassion/Self-Efficacy/Writing Confidence] You aren't a bad writer. You are careful and want to make sure your words are authentic to you. That's a wonderful thing. It's okay to allow yourself to "word vomit" first and get your ideas down, and then edit- rather then edit while you write and end not make any progress for hours. You can do it.
14.) [Business/Projects] Ideas that aren't written down and don't have a plan just aren't as valuable. You can't be the only one driving your idea; it has to flourish even when you aren't there. You have to have your ideas written down, so that if anything happens to you or life takes you in a different direction, your team can carry on. Writing down your ideas also allows you to better analyze them, and find any potential logical holes that you can fix/take care of before launching.
15.) [Self-Compassion/Time Management] Don't beat yourself up even if you fall off of your schedule from time to time. Maybe something needs to be adjusted on it to make it work better for you. Remember, a schedule is just a tool to help you manage your time. You ultimately control how it's set up so that it suit your needs.
16.) [Exercising] If something makes you feel good after doing it, then why not do it? If you're worried about time, you can always schedule it in. If you wake up late, then it's okay if you can't do a full session. Even a 5 minute yoga or cardio session can help set the tone for your day. Again, it's all about consistency and building habits.
17.) [Sleep] You've been through this many times. You just know you won't be as productive if you get 6 or 7 hours of sleep and "try to get things done" vs. if you just sleep the extra hour and a half. Prioritize sleep. You'll have a higher chance of getting those assignments done on time versus the alternative of getting less sleep, procrastinating for 2-5 hours, and then finally starting to work.
18.) [Sleep/Time Management] The early sleep club is amazing. I know you're used to going to bed at 1am the earliest and this is totally going to sound crazy to you- but if you go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 4:30am, it's the most amazing thing in the world. No one bothers you in the morning! No obligations! Life is sweet.
19.) [Productivity] Watching "Study With Me" Videos is a good way to help you get in the mood for studying.
20.) [Self-Care] Set an hour and a half for yourself each day (e.g. 30 minutes in the morning and an hour in the evening). This is your time for self-care. Don't let anyone, including yourself, mess with it or make you delay it.
21.) [Time Management] Protect your time. If you don't respect/protect your schedule, then why should anyone else? It's okay to say, "No, I have already something scheduled at this time, but we can try again this this day at X time."
22.) [Time Management] Schedule at least an hour or two for free/flexible time. You can do whatever you want during this time. It's totally up to you. If you have this time you can look forward to following your everyday schedule. It'll also help prevent you from burning out.
23.) [Learning] I know you're a curious person and want to learn so many things. An easy way to find time to explore interesting topics is when you're doing mundane tasks (i.e. laundry, dishes, etc.). Pop in those headphones and listen to a podcast or lecture on anything you're interested in.
24.) [Therapy] Sometimes, our friends and family aren't enough. It's okay to reach out to professional help, and there are free short-term services out there for whenever you are struggling with something heavy. Don't think you have to be on the brink of disaster to use those services; it's actually best to use them way before that.
25.) [Self-Compassion] You are enough. You are still learning and you will continue to grow. It's okay if you don't have all the answers or the best advice for your friends and loved ones at the moment, those answers and your confidence in them will come with time and experience. You do not have to force yourself to be energetic so people will like you, you don't have to be "out-there" or quirky to be remembered. You can be genuine, you can be you. You are enough.
There were other things I wanted to talk about, such as validating feels and dealing with people with different communication styles, but the list was already to 25 points by the time I thought about that. If you're interested in hearing about that, let me know, and I'd be more than happy to comment. Good luck my fellow ENFP peeps :)
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