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Keygen solaris 10 patch set limit

How to increase the size of the stack
1 It's Time to Disable TLS 1.0 (and All SSL Versions) If You 94%
2 How to configure SSH to allow or deny specify host(ip 94%
3 My tech scribbling: set ulimit permanently on Solaris, AIX 72%
4 Indecipherable core dump on Solaris x86_64 13%
5 PostgreSQL: Documentation: 10: 19.3. Connections and 21%
6 [Top 10] Minecraft Best Cracked Servers 26%


With its security toolkit you can crack Wi-Fi passwords, create fake networks, and test other vulnerabilities. Set an expiration date; Limit use to a fixed number of days after installation; Limit by number of executions; Limit the use of each invocation to a set number of minutes; Limit the use of your software to a total number of minutes; Custom locks - Allows you to implement custom trial limitations; Easily turn your trial version into a fully licensed version using license files; Lock license. How to Use Solaris command - sshd. Ulimit in Solaris-10 zone. I am Not very sure on the concept. Linux Password Security with pam_cracklib anchor.

How to configure UNIX and Linux systems for IBM MQ

Solaris 10+): Maximum number of semaphore operations that can be performed in each semop call. Set ftp session authentication time limit to maximum time of 15 minutes & activate session logging (-l -t400) from the expert. During the enhancement of EFI support on Solaris 10, for solaris 9, DKIOCGVTOC ioctl was only supported on a volume 1 TB DKIOCGVTOC ioctl would return an inaccurate vtoc structure due to value overflow. For details, see Editions and Supported Features for SQL Server. Sublime Text 3 may be downloaded from the Sublime Text 3 page. Alternatively, for Oracle Solaris Cluster systems, a rolling upgrade of the cluster nodes may be performed.

Serial code solved: How to set nofile perminentlt in solaris 10

Availability set vs Availability zone in azure In the Azure world, very often people confuse themselves between availability set and availability zone. Performance Limitations Occur When Performing a Hot-Plug Installation of a x8. But $ ulimit -s 8192 $ ulimit -s 16384 -bash. Controlling passwords with PAM. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. The second component, the Oracle Solaris 10 Container.

Hack ssh - change shell in Solaris/SunOS for your user only

If I make this change, will it affect new processes immediately or do I need to reboot the computer? Solaris 10: Enforcing password security to increase length more than 8 characters. SEE HOW IT WORKS Solaris 10 - file descriptors changing values - LindaC asked on 2020-02-21. Posted in ORACLE, UNIX - Solaris and tagged ORACLE Solaris, Solaris 10 on September 9, 2020 by Hosam. IP module can be tuned to prevent forwarding, redirecting of packets and request for information from the system. [SOLVED] How to increase limit for max number of open.

Patch oracle Shuts Older Servers Out of Solaris 11

Supermarkets have been forced to put a four-pack limit on toilet roll, as panicked Australians empty shelves across the country amid concerns basic supplies will run out. How to Configure Maximum number of open files per process have a peek here. I have very bizarre problem. If you choose to host the Veeam ONE database on Microsoft SQL Server Express, be informed there is a 10 GB database size limitation for this edition. I have CentOS server 6.10 and ZFS storage. EVILSUN - a remote exploitation tool that gains access to Solaris 10 and 11 systems of SPARC or i386 architecture using a vulnerability (CVE-2020-14871) exposed by SSH keyboard-interactive authentication.

11gR2 install fails with "Hard Limit: maximum user

Read Also: Set Linux Running Processes Limits on Per-Userl Level. In solaris 10, /etc/inetd.conf howdoi: Set ftp session https://av-dis.ru/download/?file=1079.

Solaris 10 Security Essentials

The ultimate Solaris sendmail troubleshooting guide – The. If this fails you will have to ask your system admin to raise at least the "hard limit" for file descriptors of this user to 4096. Also the boot candidates from the previous boot mode disappear. To check the limits (if any) set on the File System try. The hard limit can be set by the system administrator and be decreased by any user, whereas the soft limit can be set by any user, up to the hard limit. With any shell, you can always reset both soft and hard limits to their default values by logging out and back in. On the Cray XT, both RLIMIT_CORE and RLIMIT_CPU limits are always forwarded to the compute nodes.

How to set a limit on the number of processes a

Solaris 10 patch set limit. While we try to identify the root cause, i tried to limit to limit the size of the core dump. The SGA_TARGET parameter was set to 10gb, pga=2gb. Configuring DNS-sec on Solaris 10+. Supported versions that are affected are 10 and 11. Difficult to exploit vulnerability allows low privileged attacker with logon to the infrastructure where Oracle Solaris executes to compromise Oracle Solaris. How to configure network in Solaris 10. June 3, 2020 January 9, 2020 by admin.

How to configure Shared Memory Parameters in Solaris 10, 11

Jenkins is being run by a user named "jenkins. Nope, lets move on right now. It is not required to run NetBackup in a project on these operating systems but the following steps are what is required to set semaphore values on a Solaris 10 system. View Public Profile for ichiko: Find all posts by ichiko # 2 01-25-2020 jlliagre. When configuring devices, Solaris 10 uses the SET_FEATURE command on the CMD646 to set the transfer mode to MDMA mode. HOWTO: Set Resource Controls Using Projects Instead of.

Solaris: How to set limit on the maximum number of open

Zayt is the Tiger Woods of FN, and why different formats are less random than you think

Zayt is the Tiger Woods of FN, and why different formats are less random than you think
TL;DR: Contrary to what some might have you believe, the level of variance between game modes (trios, duos, squads) is almost non-existent. The top players regularly separate themselves, with the same frequency of success as top professional golfers. Zayt has in particular emerged as perhaps the Tiger Woods of FN competitive.
Hello everyone, we are Prodigy Analytics, an Esports analytics company. We are back again, and this time we will be looking at consistency; as it pertains to players and game mode. We will specifically be examining FNCS, but will reference some World Cup data as well. With that, let's dive in.
So first, we should note a few major points.
  1. FNCS Trios was unique in that it’s weekly finals was not limited to just enough teams to fill a lobby (33), and instead had 150 teams playing. Whereas FNCS Squads and Duos had only enough teams to fill the lobby (25 and 50 respectively).
  2. Since we are dealing with different formats, each game will have a different number of teams (teams can also refer to “teams” of one, i.e. solos). As such, we attempted to standardize the placement thresholds to keep things relatively consistent, and comparable across formats. For example getting 25th in Duos is not nearly the same thing as getting 25th in Squads (i.e. last place). When reading the placement rates, all columns read left to right are equivalent.
  3. FNCS Solos is still obviously ongoing, so we are working with an incomplete data set. It is also unique in it’s format as well in that you had automatic invites, an open qualifier round, successive cutoffs for advancement, and a reboot round. As a result, we examined solos in a separate manner than the rest of the game modes.
One of the first things that we did was attempt to identify the “elite” teams in each format. We defined teams as elite if they: A) Qualified multiple weeks, B) Placed 1st one of the weeks.
Let’s first look at trios, seen below in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Shows the elite teams for NAE and EU FNCS Trios
Next we have the same figure for squads, seen below in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Shows the elite teams for NAE and EU FNCS Squads
Finally, we have the same figure for duos, seen below in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Shows the elite teams for NAE and EU FNCS Duos
We had 10, 12, and 19 teams that fit our criteria for elite in trios, squads, and duos respectively. Of the elite teams there were one, four, and six for trios, squads, and duos respectively that did not advance to grand finals. Looking at this another way, 10%, 33%, and 31% of elite teams did not advance to grand finals. We can see that of those values, the rate for trios seems to be the outlier. This is likely due to the differences between trios and the other two game modes. In order to meet our criteria for elite in trios, teams had to either win one of the weeks, or finish in the Top 5% during finals; compared with finishing in the top 40% for both squads and duos.
Now it should be pointed out that in order to advance to finals in squads and duos, teams did have to finish in the top 5% in the second round of play. The difference is, the skill level of players is stratified. Having to finish in the top 5% in duos when there are 1,000 teams (Top 50) is very different from having to finish in the top 5% when it has already been filtered down to 50 teams (Top 5). For top teams, the former is much more likely than the latter.
While not a perfect fix, we decided to expand our definition for elite teams for trios. We did so by considering any team that finished among the top 13 in multiple weeks, as well as any team that placed 1st. We chose 13, as it is ~40% of 33, the number of teams that would have played in the finals had trios followed the same format as the following two events. When we did this, we found that four of the thirteen teams that fit our definition of elite did not make it to grand finals, or 30.77%. This new rate was much closer to that observed for squads and trios, and helped to suggest that the success rate of top teams is fairly similar regardless of game mode.
The results were similar for EU, yielding values of 33.33%, 30.00%, and 27.27%. While not definitive, the similarity in the rates suggest that all 3 game modes display similar characteristics in terms of variance. Contrary to popular belief, duos actually displayed the most consistency of top teams advancing to grand finals. Interestingly FaZe Bizzle (one of the more outspoken critics of certain formats), Hydra, and 100T Ceice were the only NAE players to fail to advance to more than one Grand Finals, despite being categorized as an elite team (two of them were also teammates in every FNCS). For EU IDrop, Wave Flikk, and Solary Kinstaarr were the only elite teams that failed to qualify for more than one grand finals. This suggests that perhaps it says more about these particular players than it does anything else.
We next looked at the competitors from the World Cup for both solos and duos, and the number of them that competed in FNCS Duos grand finals, and that will be playing in this weekend's grand finals (though the field is not final as of yet). We’ll first discuss NAE, though the data seen below in Figure 4.
Figure 4: Displays the number of WC Solos participants for NAE and EU participating in FNCS Solos
For NAE and EU there were 25/30 and 37/40 World Cup soloists (respectively) that competed in some round of FNCS solos. Two of the twenty five (NAE) and nine of the thirty seven (EU) played only in the open round and did not advance past that. It should be noted though that the even the lowest finish of all these players still placed them in the 95th percentile of players. So while they may not have lived up to their previous achievement of qualifying for World Cup, they are all still extremely talented players. Furthermore, it doesn’t appear that the players that failed to make it out of opens have been that active and/or successful of late, indicating that perhaps they are on the other side of their peak ability. No player had more than 9 finals/heats appearances, out of 19 possible opportunities; with eight of those players having six or less.
It should also be expected that those at the top will change over time, especially considering the proliferation of cash cups, tournaments, scrim discords, and other ways that players can hone their skills and improve. 22/25 players in NAE and 23/37 players in EU managed to make it to at least day 2 of FNCS Solos; with 12 and 9 players guaranteed a spot in Grand finals for NAE and EU respectively. Without the same sort of weekly qualifiers that the previous FNCS events have offered, it is more difficult to fully discern whether the best players are actually the ones going through or not, with only World Cup as the last large scale major to compare to. However given the performance so far, it would seem as though the very top players are still able to find success.
A final note on solos; the game has changed substantially since the WC qualifiers first began. Fortnite was still very much in its early stages as far as competitive, as even the previous competitive events (SummeFall skirmish, Katowice, Winter Royale) were largely exclusive and invitation only. It should come as no surprise then that as the level--and overall numbers--of competition have grown, that some of those that found success initially aren’t necessarily among the top players still to this day. Consider that in the US Open (Golf) the yearly turnover of players in the field is right around 50% (∼80 players, of 156 total). So it should be no surprise given all of this that we will see some turnover from WC a year ago.
We performed a similar analysis for Word Cup duos, but it was complicated by the fact that very few duos are still together. Nine of the thirty five duos from World Cup (for NAE & EU) were together during FNCS Duos. Of those nine teams, eight played in at least heats, and three made it all the way to grand finals; the one exception was Slackes & Keyes, who would have made at least heats as well, but were disqualified after week 1.
In order to better evaluate a particular player's performance and place it into context, we tried to find something that we might be able to compare it to. We decided that the best comparison of a professional sport would be Golf. (We recognize that the cross section of fans between Fortnite and Golf may be relatively minuscule, but bare with us). We felt that it worked the best due to the size of the field (100 players in FN, 156 players cut down to 78 in golf), that players/teams compete against the entire field instead of head to head (typically), and that there was enough variance in performance in Golf to more closely resemble the results in FN than would other individual sports like Track & Field, Swimming, Tennis, etc.
For our purposes, we chose to examine the Top 5 golfers by world ranking from ‘00-’02. We chose this range because it corresponds to arguably the best stretch of Tiger Woods career, and thought that comparing FN performance to the variance of Tiger Woods at his apex would provide an interesting contrast. For the purposes of this we assumed a cutoff of 78 for all events (can range from 70-78). In Figure 5 below, you can see the results of Tiger Woods tournaments from ‘00-’02, and his overall numbers condensed in Figure 6 below.

Figure 5: Shows Tiger Woods tournament results from 2000-2002

Figure 6: Tiger Woods cumulative tournament results from '00-'02
We should note that Tiger Woods level of dominance at his peak was something rarely seen before or since. As such, it should not be the standard to which the “best” is held to, but it does serve as a useful measuring stick to compare performance against. We next have the aggregate results for Phil Mickelson (the only other golfer to rank in the top 5 in each of the years examined), as well as the aggregate scores #2-5 golfers in the three year period, seen below in Figure 8.

Figure 7: Shows the cumulative tournament results for Phil Mickelson, as well as the #2-5 ranked golfers in the world from '00-'02
We can now compare these numbers to those of the top Fortnite players. We spoke to some within the community to gauge their opinion on top players, as well as relied on some of our own data. It should be noted that while the placement cutoffs are different for the golfers and FN players, they were adjusted to be relative to the players competing. So when comparing, Top 10 for golf is equivalent to Top 8 in FN, and Top 15 in golf to Top 12 in FN. The results can be seen below for players from NAE and EU in Figures 9 & 10, and the cumulative totals in Figure 11.

Figure 8: Cumulative FNCS stats for some of the top NAE players

Figure 9: Cumulative FNCS stats for some of the top EU players

Figure 10: Cumulative stats for NAE & EU top players
Comparing these values, we can see that top Fortnite pros have values quite similar to the success rates of the top professional golfers. It is also perhaps useful to compare the region total stats (Figure11) against the cumulative golf stats (Figure 8); as this compares the top group of players against one another. Zayt may very well be the Tiger Woods of Fortnite, boasting a win rate even higher than that of the golf legend. Similarly, we can also compare the rate at which these top golfers and FN pros missed the cuts in events, seen below in Figure 11.

Figure 11: Shows the number of missed cuts for event by the #2-5 ranked golfers from '00-'02, as well as the number of missed cuts for some of the top NAE & EU players
The results are fairly close to one another, further lending credence to the idea that Fortnite success is not nearly as random as it is often stated to be. Beyond that, a certain level of variance is a healthy thing for games. If it is consistently the same team winning every event, intrigue is largely removed aside from fans of that particular team. One need look no further than the NBA for an example. Common fan sentiment during the Warriors dynasty was that the league lacked genuine intrigue, because it was almost a foregone conclusion that the Warriors would end up NBA champions. Now this did lead to some exciting NBA finals upsets, but generally parity within a sport is healthy.
So to conclude, we would suggest that despite the feelings that some within the community may have regarding the variance of different formats, it would seem that it is fairly consistent for each. Top teams advance at nearly identical rates regardless of format. We also observe that the established top players display placement conversion rates similar to those seen by top professional golfers, suggesting that the best players are able to perform at a rate commonly observed (and accepted) in a major, worldwide, multi-million dollar, professional sport. We will need to see how this weekends FNCS Solos shakes out, but we suspect that we will still see the established stars of FN competitive shine.
With that, we’ll open the comments for you guys. Feel free to ask any questions and we will do our best to answer them. Thanks for reading, and best of luck to all competitors this weekend!
submitted by ProdigyAnalytics to FortniteCompetitive

Death worlds [lets build d100]

1-A planet that has plant lifes that can grow in every organic substince very fast. Resulting everyone who set a foot in this planet devored by untold billons of micro seeds on the skin. Sucking up nutritions And killing them.
2-The planet has massive, godzilla like creatures roaming around and stepping on everything
3-The planet is house to untold trillons of diseses, bacteria, parasites And viruses
4-The planets weather changes rapidly. One seconds its hot enough to boild your blood, another second is cold enough to freeze it.
5-A planet with massive solar waves And ion storms that result it giant storms And perventing technology to function properly.
6- The planet has suffered a supervolcano eruption, burying the cities in ash and reducing the sun to a dim bulb in the sky even at high noon.
7- The planet was host to a botched gravity manipulation experiment, and now shifts in the gravity are as frequent as changes in the weather, including brutal "grav storms" that will literally fling anything not bolted down into orbit.
8- The planet is a hazardous waste dump for an advanced species. Anything from yesterday's lunch, to surplus military weapons, to small quantities of anti-matter in expired containment units could be going to the surface to become someone else's problem.
9- The entire planet has been declared a memorial to the intelligent species that once lived there. Their cities and homes are kept pristine by an army of robots... which will brutally expunge anything disrupting the sanctity of the memorial.
10- The planet is tidally locked to the sun, resulting in a blasted day-side hellscape and a cold perpetual night on the opposite side.
11- A planet with extremely fine and sharp dust due to a lack of any binding water. This dust would wear down anything rather quickly and it would end up everywhere. They would also create thunderstorms due to static electricity.
12- A planet with extremely a high density atmosphere.
13- A planet with vast deposits of Gallium. During summer when the heat builds up entire land masses shift over the molten metal, every year the geography of the entire world shifts and rivers of liquid metal make certain areas uninhabitable.
14- A planet where terraforming efforts have catastrophically failed.
To resolve, roll again. The second result is an unexpected side effect, which appeared late in the process. If not for this side effect, the planetary environment would have been very pleasant for a variety of lifeforms.
15- -This planet is a jungle world so choked with vegetation the planet's earthen surface can't be found. The canopy layers are similar to the layer zones of oceans; the deeper one goes the less light there is, the stranger the life becomes, and the more hostile the conditions get.
16- -A dry desert planet with no resources of any kind, but is used as a testing ground for many experimental military equipment and munitions. Expect unexploded ordanence, rouge AI with guns, unstable energy weapons, and random blasts from orbital weapon platforms.
17- -The planet teeters dangerously close to a black hole but is held in place with a 'spatial anchor' on it's surface. Everything else that comes close to the black hole is sucked in so the planet is constantly bombarded with chunks of other broken planets
18- -A rouge planet that has no light of any kind. The clouds prevent any stars from being seen. It's totally silent here. There is something down there. Darkness equals death. Don't take your eyes off the light. Don't shine light into the dark.
19- Planet which is covered by a green mold that has completely encased everything
20- A planet covered in self replicating nanites. Any thing that touches the surface gets dissolved by the nanites.
21- A planet with permanent extremely violent storms.
22- A planet surrounded by killer satellites. The satellites fire on any non-native lifeforms on the planet.
23- A planet that was used for biological weapons testing. Horrific mutated monstrosities hunt and kill anything on the surface.
24- A planet that was used for robotic weapons testing. Prototype war machines hunt and kill anything on the surface.
25- Hordes of ghost wander around the planet and suck the life out of the living.
26- The entire planet is booby trapped.
27- The planet is a nuclear wasteland. Most of the world is covered in lethal levels of radiation.
28- The planet passes through a debris cloud. The ground is regularly hammered by meteorites.
29- The planets atmosphere acts like a drug. Drug causes (apathy, euphoria, mindless rage, paralysis, sleep, weakness).
30- The planets atmosphere is acidic.
31- The planets atmosphere is saturated with mutagens. Any person or creature exposed to the atmosphere mutates into horrific a creature.
32- The planets atmosphere is toxic.
33- The planet is covered in a fungal forest. The surface is constantly covered in a cloud of spores. The spores are lethal to those who breath them.
34- The planet suffered a zombie apocalypse. All the people and creatures on the planet are mindless zombies that attack the living.
35- The planet was host to a dimensional gateway experiment. Gateways randomly appear and disappear all around the planet. The gates often open to something dangerous (in or near a black hole / in or near a star / in a magma pocket / in the vacuum of space).
36- A planet that recently drew a moon into its Roche limit, ripping it apart. There's a belt around the equator where moon debris the size of Alaska rains down on all sides constantly, and will for the next 100,000 years.
37- • ⁠The planet is travelling through time at an accelerated pace. Days pass in seconds, and years pass in minutes. Before you can find out what's going on, it's too late. you've arrived at the heat-death of the universe
38- • ⁠The surface is covered by a relatively thin membrane separating the dangerous liquids from the atmosphere. From the outside, it appears that life can thrive on this planet, but only if it can distribute its weight well enough.
39- • ⁠This planet has converted its entire population into pure energy by mistake. Given the continued absence of life on the planet, it's safe to assume the machine is still active.
40- The planet had a breathable atmosphere, earth-like gravity, and a lush biosphere. However, due to the combined action of it's moons and the activity of the star it orbits, surface wind speeds seldom drop below 320km/h, with average rainfall over 12m/day. While the planet is theoretically habitable, attempting a landing is suicidal.
41- This planet is in a hyper-elliptic orbit around a massively dense star, being flung into the deep reaches of space, cold and freezing, before eventually reaching its apex, and beginning a gradual increase in speed until it is hurtling through space, briefly passing so near the star the atmosphere boils off, before being flung off into deep space and freezing over once again.
42- This “planet” is the body of a long dead gigantic being. It’s festering corpse was big enough to hold an atmosphere, and its rotting body produced fumes that made up a sickly yellow sky full of toxic gas. The ground is soft and mushy due to the decayed muscle underfoot, and may swallow you like quicksand. The life forms found here are mostly descended from gigantic parasites that were in the original creature. These parasites have evolved into different things, but still keep many parasitic features, making even the smallest plant dangerous. The seas are made a mix of body fluids, which rain down from blood red clouds. They are extremely acidic and contaminated with all sorts of bacteria, so caution is required in making any sort of water here. The surface has many great gaps and holes, leading into the dark abyss below. This underground houses the most predators, who consume the “planet” from the inside out.
43- Most of the animal life has evolved to be hyper-intelligent when it comes to survival. The simplest predator is as smart as the average teenager and there seem to be plenty of species that hunt for fun.
44- Planet was hit by a gamma ray burst that scourged it of most life either recently or long ago
45- Planet was terraformed by a long-dead race leaving relics like island size nuclear reactors, ancient machines waiting to be rewoken (Illus from the Expanse)
46- An arid planet with seas made of acid that rotate around the planet with the gravity of its moon wiping out everything in cycles
47- A planet that, at random times at least once per week, incenses it's gravity tenfold for one minute. Makes life near impossible and a death sentence for any travelers
48- The entire planet is constructed of thin sticks of balsa wood and canvas, painted to look like mundane rocks, ground and flora. A single wrong step upon its surface may lead to a lengthy and very crunchy fall to the planet’s core. It’s obvious that some force created this world as some sort of insane art project, but for what purpose?
49- A planet where every plant, animal and even the very earth had some form of venom or poison. It was very popular in Koronus for assassins. However, it was difficult to get to.
The equatorial ring was the only place habitation could occur, any attempts to expand further into the jungles and forests of the planet lead to extreme casualties.
Eventually a bunch of various manufactorums spread across the equator, however greed lead to war. To solve this issue, each manufactorum had a specific plot of land surrounded by a massive wall. They were separated from their neighbouring facilities by demilitarized zones.
50- An unstable planetoid whose atmosphere is held together by a supermassive core, resulting in a stable accretion disk of massive islands and chunks of rock and metal
51- The planet is full of vast deserts on one side of the planet and a massive ocean of salt water on the other no fresh water exists. All creatures hardy enough to live on this planet kill anything not part of their species on sight.
52- Two connected ideas:
-The planet was once alive; both the planet itself and all live living on it were a linked hive-like intelligence. Unfortunately, this intelligent met a terrible fate. The planet's life network is now either...
...a ghost: the planet appears translucent on a visual scan. Attempts to land a craft on it result in the craft passing through the planet, and the aura of undeath surrounding the planet causes severe damage to any living crew as the planet attempts to consume their life energy.
...a zombie: the planet's flora and fauna appear necrotized and crave flesh. The planet emits eerie signals into space, luring organic beings to approach it and be consumed.
53- Oh, I’ve got a good one!
The planet is under the control of a lovecraft monster. It seems like a generic medieval world, but nothing in it is real, and the longer you stay on the planet, the longer it becomes obvious. Mountains may end up becoming more numerous out of nowhere, the townsfolk begin to look and talk the same, and freak accidents start becoming much more occurent
54- Spatial rifts whip across the planet surface like knives. Being hit with a rift edge will slice anything into pieces and displace the pieces as far as 200m away, though most displacements are only 5m or less.
55- The entire surface is an acidic quicksand type of soup. This is even riskier because the surface churns so violently that tidal waves upto 5km high move chaotically at upto 250kph around the globe.
56- The planet is very young and still in the accretion phase so that thousands of massive asteroids impact the surface on many days. The atmosphere is highly toxic, filled with heavy metals, and radioactive isotopes.
57- The planet is within the blast wave of a supernova.
58- This was a ring world built by an advanced civilization over a Millenia ago. It is very broken. Pieces of the ring grind each other into asteroids continuously.
59- A planet with a surface made of clay that excretes acidic substances that dissolve all living matter into more clay.
60- A planet with an odd magnetic field that has caused large plates of sharp metal to become suspended in air. This same magnetic field is responsible for rushing winds that cause the plates to smash together, shredding anything in their path with deafening metallic ringing
61- Something living within the core of the planet releases psionic energy that drives the inhabitants mad
62- Poisonous mist hangs in the air, infecting wounds created by the needle sharp spines that cover the surface of this planet.
63- A planetoid made of diamond or precious metals that is caught within an asteroid field, causing the surface to be pelted nonstop by large chunks of space debris
64- An ocean planet where the ocean is made up of sulphuric acid due to volcanic activity in the depths. The acid is not strong enough to immediately dissolve you, it will take at least 10 minutes to get through your skin. But once it is through your skin, you will not last long... The ocean is also at least 1 km deep everywhere.
65- No oxygen in the atmosphere.
66- A dry, dusty planet that exists mostly of quicksand on the surface, though there are some rare oasis-like areas with a bit of water and plant life to stabilize the soil.
67- Cyanide-rich atmosphere.
68- A planet where carbon is scarce and the inhabiting lifeforms (mostly bacteria but also fast-growing fungi-like lifeforms) have a taste for it.
69- A planet with high radiation due to nuclear wars from past civilizations. There is life left, though heavily mutated and mostly sick.
70- A planet with high seismic activity; severe earthquakes and volcanic activity are prominent.
71- A planet with high wind speeds. The wind will blow away a full-sized orc at it's strongest. There are a few caves, which offer shelter from the wind, though the howling is insanely loud due to the corrosion it has caused on the landscape over the centuries. Long exposure to the howling wind will damage your ears severely, causing them to bleed after an hour and a half. Further expose will result in permanent deafness.
72- Hydrogen chloride-rich atmosphere (on contact with water or bodily fluids it will create highly concentrated hydrochloric acid. Eyes, nose and mouth will melt away first, and the rest follows soon after.
73- • ⁠This planet is a sentient gaseous giant although it has no voice to speak it attempts to communicate with other life forms by delving into their memories and bringing into existence the form of someone they were most attatched to, this more often that not is someone that the life form has lost and therefore drives the majority of life forms insane ( roughly adapted from the book solaris)
74- • ⁠A planet harsh and cold , the surface of which entirely covered in ice. Its ice storms blow so cold they can freeze objects/ships/lifeforms in seconds , deep beneath within the core is warm enough to support life . However through lack of food its inhabitants have devoured one another leaving only a large sea serpent within devouring parts of it's own tail in order to survive.
75- • ⁠an Orb of black obsidian this world makes a pass through its suns great solar flare once every 100 years.... some how it manages not to burn up and is instead supercooled creating a world of Black glass.
76- • ⁠a massive crystal imprisons a great titan. It is long dead but fiercely defended by a race that believe it to be a sleeping god
77- • ⁠a violently reactive newly formed world.. its plates shift so violently that it is almost constantly quaking. Its surface is hot and borderline molten and geothermal activity causes a constant spray of molten lava and ash into the upper atmosphere that is beginning to cool and harden, as it begins to seperate into 2 smaller bodies It resembles a mushroom cloud.
78- A planet with released clouds of experimental mind altering drugs. Since many of these were failed combat stimulants most increase aggression to extreme levels.
79- The planet was previously involved in a rebellion, one that failed with the most horrific outcome as the planet's surface was bombarded with nuclear detonations. All life that remains is grown underground in a complex of tunnels beneath the irradiated surface. People are not born, but rather grown in vats in bulk as tithe to those who won as tribute. Those who come from this world are very likely to join the bulwark of the current regime's army, and die whilst being trained in the harshest conditions possible. Those who make it beyond this grueling training regiment go on to usually die in service to the ruling faction's army, as an insignificant cog in the unstoppable, unending hordes of flesh that the ruling regime throws at its enemies.
80- The planet was host to a telepathic transmitter experiment. Unfortunately, the power is turned up so high that it literally fries the brain of anyone within high orbit of the planet.
81- An ancient precursor race built a machine on the planet that makes their thoughts into reality. They were destroyed by nightmares (made into reality) created by negative thoughts and emotions. The machines still function and will likely continue to function for millions of years. Credit: 1956 film "Forbidden Planet"
82- The planet is very placid and peaceful, but with no sapient life on it. The planet is so rich in natural resources that a pound of wood burns like 10 pounds of pure coal and its native animals’ meat is so nutritious it actually improves health. However, the planet is inhabited by hibernating superpredators that ruthlessly hunt down any foreign life form attempting to harvest its natural resources. They are completely immune to all forms of conventional weaponry.
83- The planet appears normal and Earthlike, however, there is no land-based animal life. Above the water, only plants and fungus live. This is because the planets star, which is normally quiet, is actually variable and goes nova ~ every 100 years, sterilizing the surface. Plants and fungus that regrow from their roots simply replace the dead tissue on the surface, and aquatic life is generally fine, but any colony established here is on a clock from day one.
84- A planet that is very rich in pure sodium on the surface. The atmosphere contains no oxygen. There are a few caves with bacterial ecosystems that are very rich in oxygen. However, should the oxygen ever reach the surface and come into contact with the sodium, the slightest spark will set it off and explode. This will cause a chain reaction by exposing other caves with oxygen. There are a few large (thousands of square kilometers) craters on the surface indicating this has happened before.
85- A planet inhabited by an intelligent species that will capture any alien lifeform to examine, usually with fatal consequences.
86- A planet that has near-constant thunderstorms, leaving no space for life to sprout other than underground. Life has adapted and can actually use the electricity as an energy source, but for earth(-like) life, the electrical currents in air will be lethal after a while.
87- A huge planet with gravity 5 times as strong as on earth. Only small plants and animals can survive (and bacteria and fungi-like lifeforms of course)
88- An icy planet that is warming up and the ice has started to melt. Ancient bacteria in the ice disrupt the water's eco-system and cause many species to die out. This world isn't immediately deadly, but it is a dying one.
89- A planet inhabited by robots who hate biolife as it used to treat them badly and slay any biolife that lands on their planet.
90- A planet involved in a violent interplanetary-wide war. Not as deadly as some planets, but not a very safe place to be for very long as there are no neutral countries and all sides commit regular war crimes
91- A planet that over a very long period of time spiraled inwards towards it's sun. The life either died or fled in starships. One half of the planet is a tide locked sea of lava and the other half is freezing ice.
92- The planet had been used as an insane asylum for the galactic governments for some time. It was practically a lone moon without a planet, massive complex buildings were erected on its surface, composed of only archways, staircases, compact cells (of course cells did vary for species), and small hallways. Using advanced technologies, a form of biological stasis fluid, that did not need changing, was administered to the ill. Essientally, the fluid kept the patients vitals stable and would repair any self inflicted wound and, in addition, rendered them relatively sedated, yet allowed them to remain conscious as the same time. The fluid was administered by a pack that would be inserted into the back and was wirelessly hooked onto a mainframe that insured each patients pack cycle the proper chemicals.
Unfortunately, due to a malfunction in the mainframe (that is still being investigated to this day), the sedative chemicals that were adminstered and cycled by the pack one day began to be filtered out of the blood stream and back into the pack. While the body stasis and regenrative functions remained stable, the patients then fell back into their own respective delusions and conditions. This incident caused the deaths of almost all staff at the facility (of which there were few), mainly due to patient voilence.
Since then, the facility has been abandoned and the only use its seen to date has been by corrupt governments dumping political prisoners on the surface of the planet. Currently there is a reward for the where'abouts of several political figures on the planet. There is also a incredibly large reward for anyone party that is able to repair the mainframe, located in the center basement of the planet's complex.
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