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Bedside Manor [Final]

Part: -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6- -7- -8- -9 -10- -11
I took in my surroundings. Here we were again, seated around the dinner table. To my right, Jerry. To my left, Loren. Across from me… I could barely make it out, but that looked like it must have at some point been Wolfgang.
My eyes stung like they’d been brining in salt for hours. My muscles were jello. My head was heavy and off balance, and as I moved my neck I could feel something readjusting itself. Krikrikrikrikrik. Something that felt like a series of shallow knives stabbed into the skin in my hair, releasing streams of blood down my forehead and behind my ears. I reached up and pulled at the heavy bowl-shaped object on my head, but as I did, the knives dug deeper.
Krikrikrikrikrik. The pain was almost too much to bear, in a moment filled with panic and adrenaline, I pulled with all my strength, yanking the object free. I looked down at the thing in my hands and saw an insect, kicking its six pointy legs in the air. Chunks of my own flesh attached to the serrated feet. It looked like a gray mite, only it was about a foot in diameter, with a shell like a horseshoe crab. Where its mouth should have been, there was instead a thick, white, segmented tube running into my own mouth. Something beneath the hard crabshell vibrated, emanating that loud chirping noise: Krikrikrikrikrik.
I dropped the mite onto its back, grabbed the tube inside my mouth, and started pulling. It was sticky, slimy, rubbery, and--worst of all--long. I could feel it wiggling in my throat as I pulled it out, three or four inches at a time. But the more I pulled, the more emerged, until it was just a coil of white tube several yards long. When I finally reached the end, I saw that it had a pair of black eyes, and a mouth of its own--with concentric circles of hundreds of yellow, hooked teeth. I was looking into a tiny lamprey face. The noise it made when we locked eyes was loud and shrill: KRIKRIKRIKRIKRI!!!
I tossed it aside and dry-heaved as every muscle in my body screamed. A tingling feeling was returning to my arms and leg. Tears washed the burn from my eyes. And now I could see with clearer horror exactly what surrounded me.
The helmet-bugs were sitting atop all of the others. The calamari mouth tubes suckled at their insides as the creatures clenched themselves in place. The room was the same, but oh so different. The light came from a bioluminescent white film that coated the surface of the walls around us and looked like glowing coagulated fat.
The mouth tube on the creature I’d tossed aside was now screeching, KRIKRIKRIKRIKRI!!! It whipped around like an uncontrolled firehose. KRIKRIKRIKRIKRI!!! As soon as I was strong enough to stand, I stomped it into oblivion. KRIKRIKRI--. The mite creature’s legs stopped skittering in the air and slowly curved in on themselves. It got off lucky. Death was too good for the bastard.
My next move was to try and wake Jerry. He would know what to do. Or he would, at least, have something funny to say about our predicament. But the creature on his head had six legs firmly embedded deep into his skull. I couldn’t figure out any way to remove the bug without risking a fatal scalping. As I considered pulling at his mouth tube, I realized that Jerry had grown a beard since the last time I saw him. Even with the bug helmet, I could see that his wild hair had grown significantly longer. We must have been sitting here at this table for a couple of weeks at least.
Realizations came to me in waves. He was wearing the same clothes he’d had on when we walked up the hill to Bedside Manor. I was also back in my jeans and t-shirt. The floor was sticky, patches of spaghetti-noodle plants wriggled out of the carpet every few feet, releasing clouds of ashy spores into the air. On the table where our plates should have been, there were clusters of translucent egg sacs, with each egg about the size of a ping-pong ball and containing multiple tiny helmet-bug embryos. To top it off, everyone else at the table was different now.
They were all emaciated. The worst being Tobias and Bridget--mummified corpses with dark-tanned skin stretched across skeletal remains. Wolfgang was naked, taller, gaunt and stretched out like a starving child that had aged into malnourished adulthood. He and his mother must have been sitting in place for years.
Claire and Loren were wearing the same clothing as when we attempted our escape together. It felt like such a long, long time ago. I couldn’t tell how long the sisters had been here, but they both looked like they were starving. I needed to check, to see if any of them were even breathing, or if the insects had sucked the last of the life from their husks.
Stripes of blood had dried in lines down Claire’s face long ago. The tube of the insect pulsed as I got closer. The parasitic monster was clearly aware of my presence, even if none of the others were. Maybe I could scare it away or pry it off, but first I needed to see if I was wasting my time on a futile effort. I put my hand to Claire’s neck, hoping to find a pulse. Her skin felt cold under my fingertips. If there was a trace of a heartbeat, I couldn’t find it.
But I didn’t need to. Her hand shot up and wrapped around my wrist. Her eyes opened wide and stared ahead, through me. And then I heard her voice, inside my head.
Get out while you still can. Do not try to save us.
She released her grip and let her hand fall to her side. Her eyes closed and she went as still as a frozen lake.
“Claire,” I said. “I’m not going to leave you.”
There was a different voice in my head now. Not Claire’s. Not mine. Someone, something, else.
You’re not supposed to be here, Jack.
I felt the blazing heat upon my back like a fire run amok. I turned to face the source and nearly missed it. The thing emitting this invisible radiation was sitting there, at the head of the table--the same place where it had been this entire time. I knew he was there, only I couldn’t see him. He didn’t reflect any light. Like some kind of dark hole, he absorbed everything around him. But I could sense his presence if I focused hard enough. He was the shape of a human--one head, two arms, all that stuff, except he wasn’t made of flesh and matter. He was made of negative space. I physically couldn’t even point my eyes at him, but I knew he was there.
“Hey,” I said. “Is this whole thing your idea?”
“Yes,” he said back in a voice that sounded like a hiss of steam.
“Well it’s quite awful and I hate it.”
“I know. You were never supposed to see this. No one has ever woken up before. Not in a billion worlds. Not in a trillion years. There is no protocol for this.”
“What are you supposed to be, anyway?”
“We are as the microbiota who live in your intestines. We help you, we keep you alive and strong. And in return, you feed us. Our species are a symbiosis. We wish you no harm.”
“Oh really? I said, wiping the fresh blood trail out of my brow. “You could have fooled me--what with all the death and torture and everything.”
“We survive off of the emotional energy you throw away. Excitement, fear, love, hate. It all tastes the same. When our hosts allow it, we sow euphoric sustenance. But if our hosts try to starve us, we make darker withdrawals in the name of survival. Surely you understand.”
“Understand my dick!” I screamed. This negative void entity was really starting to piss me off.
Perhaps… the void said with some hesitation, ...a compromise is in order.
For a brief instant, I felt a flicker of hope. The entity running this nightmare wanted to come to the proverbial table. Gods don’t need to negotiate; the fact that it was willing to bargain could only mean it knew I was capable of harming it. I just had to figure out what it was afraid of.
“Compromise, huh?” I looked around the room. “Well you could start by letting us all go. And maybe buying me a new car.”
That is not possible.
“I’d settle for an old car.”
You may leave this place. And you may take one of the other players with you. Choose well, for this is the only chance you get.
It made sense. The game needed to continue, no matter what the cost. These creatures survived for years without me or Jerry, but their nest had reached max capacity with six hosts. If any more than two of us left, there wouldn’t be enough to feed the brood.
I wasn’t going to lose any sleep over leaving Wolfgang to dream it out forever, but running away wasn’t much of an option either. I looked at Jerry, then turned to Claire. Her words echoed in my mind: Get out while you still can. Do not try to save us. This wasn’t fair. I’d beaten the game. I’d escaped. And this was my award? Another impossible moral dilemma?
Even if I did make a deal and rescue another person, or even if I stayed behind so Claire and Jerry could both get out, I would just be delaying the void’s plans. Two other poor suckers would replace the empty roles, and then the game might actually get played. Then… whatever the next step was supposed to be. (I’m still not completely sure what they were planning.) There was only one real option. Everything else was merely a distraction.
I had to stop the game for good.
I didn’t know how. But if there was one person in the world who could fuck shit up enough to save the day, it was Jerry. I walked over to where he sat and grabbed the fleshy umbilical cord connecting him to the bug on his head. With both hands, I began yanking it out of Jerry’s throat.
Stop that! commanded the entity at the head of the table. He didn’t like what I was doing. That was a sign that I was on the right path.
The thing wriggled in my hands as I removed it inch by inch. It was a yard-long when I finally heard the sound of Glagh! The head of the creature popped out of Jerry’s mouth, recoiled to face me, and screeched, KRIKRIKRIKRIKRI!
Jerry’s eyes popped open. He gagged, sputtered, looked around and said, “What in the holy name of Xenu--” The wormy tentacle whipped out of my hands and darted for Jerry’s mouth like a moth to a lamp. Considering how many benders I’d seen him recover from, I shouldn’t have been so surprised by how quickly Jerry’s reflexes returned to him after regaining consciousness. Without even taking the time to panic, he punched the creature in its tiny face and said, “At least buy me a drink first!”
“Jerry!” I yelled. “No time to explain! We’ve been tripping on deep-throating monster juju this whole time!”
He looked at the others in the room, at all of the bugs latched onto their heads. With a grossed-out expression, he put a hand onto his own head and felt the creature there.
“Quick!” he yelled, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a metal lighter. “Grab the prehensile proboscis!”
“The what?”
“The prehensile proboscis, Jack!”
“I don’t know what that means!
“The teethy tube! Jesus, Jack! Learn context clues!”
I grabbed the teethy tube out of the air. It wriggled and fought back. I dodged its snapping teeth as Jerry worked the lighter. It took a few flicks, but eventually he managed to catch a steady flame, which he then held against the bug’s shell.
KRIKRIKRIKRIKRI! it screeched in my hands. The body portion detached from Jerry’s head, kicked the lighter out of his hand, and jumped away. As soon as it was loose, I swung it around in the air and gave it my best hammer throw into the wall.
Enough! shouted the void. I command you to stop!
Jerry pointed at the entity at the head of the table, turned away momentarily to vomit on the floor, then asked, “What is that thing?”
“I don’t know. Something stupid.”
It seemed to rise, like it was standing. Or growing. There are eight billion hungry mouths waiting to be fed. You cannot stop all of us.
Jerry picked up his chair and flung it into the void, shouting, “Try me, bitch!”
The void disappeared with a sound like a crack of thunder. Still, his voice lingered. You will end this senseless violence! Or else, we will not be so kind the next time we put you back into the game. Your whole species will have you to blame when they wake up in a hellscape.
I heard a noise that nearly stopped my heart. An avalanche of stabs. I turned around to see hundreds of the insectoids crawling through the door, skittering towards us on thousands of feet. Emerging from the fat in the wall, burrowing out from holes in the floor, crawling across the ceiling. Most of them were smaller than the ones that had grabbed onto us. Fresh hatchlings, bodies the size of coins and mouth-tubes as long as rulers. They covered every inch of the floor, climbing over one another, flowing towards us. Reaching out with their lamprey mouths, screeching that horrible noise.
Jerry jumped onto the table, grabbed my hand, and hoisted me up. As they expanded to the walls and began to cover the white bioluminescent film, the room grew darker and darker.
“Alright,” Jerry said. “Don’t panic. I have a plan! First, I’m going to jump onto the chandelier and swing across to the--” he didn’t finish what he was saying. One of the legs of the table broke under our weight. We both toppled off of it and slammed into the pile of hatchlings at Bridget’s feet. I stood and wiped the bug goo off of my shoulder, then jumped into the chair with Bridget. Now that I was this close, it was hard not to see exactly what these creatures had done to her.
Her hair was long and gray. Her clothes worn down to tatters. Her jerkified skin clung tightly over the bone like it had been vacuum sealed. And in the dim light, I could easily see her pupils rapidly bouncing back and forth behind her closed lids. She may have been sucked dry, but the insects were keeping her alive somehow. I couldn’t focus on that, though. Not right now.
An idea struck me. I pointed at Tobias’s shriveled husk and shouted to Jerry, “Weapon!”
Jerry didn’t miss a beat. He sloshed through the puddle of insects, grabbed Tobias’s skeletal arm, put his foot against the man’s torso, and said “Sorry, T-Bone,” before ripping the limb free from its socket with a sickening, fraaack!
One of the adult insects leapt through the air. Jerry punted it across the room with Tobias’s arm.
“I meant his gun!”
“Oh!” Jerry dropped the arm, bent down, ripped the fabric from Tobias’s decaying pants, and picked up the gun where it had settled on the floor by his ankle. Bugs spread up his arm and legs. An army of the little bastards were stabbing their way up Bridget’s chair and onto my leg as well. There were too many. We’d never be able to kill them all. For the briefest of moments, I considered begging Jerry to just shoot us both… But then Jerry pointed at a cluster of eggs on the wall and fired.
The sound of the gunshot in the tiny room was loud, but the reacting screams of hundreds of shrill otherworldly monsters was nearly deafening. The walls reverberated from the collective hissing, and all together they flowed away from the noise. They dropped from my clothes and skin. They ran back into the holes in the floor and walls. They retreated en masse. It would seem that they weren’t used to their food fighting back like this.
The voice was weak. I turned my head to see Claire. Her eyes were unfocused. Fresh crimson lines ran down her face. She looked at me, tried to stand, and collapsed into her chair. The creature that had been draining her had retreated at the sound of the gunshot, along with all of the others. A pained moan escaped from Loren’s throat.
Before I could say anything, Jerry screamed a word that I’ve heard him scream far too many times.
He was pointing at the other side of the room where his lighter had landed with the wick still lit. A ring of flames steadily expanded outwards on the carpet. When the fire hit the wall, it ran up the edge like a dry fuse. Egg sacs sizzled and popped. Tiny monsters screeched and fell to the floor. And before I knew it, the fire had reached the ceiling.
I forced myself to ignore it for now and focus on the escape. I ran to Claire’s side. Jerry took my lead and rushed over to Loren. Claire’s eyes opened momentarily. Her head rolled to one side as she focused on me and said, Don’t! Please, save yourself.
“We’re getting you and your sister out of here.”
She closed her eyes. She was too weak to fight. No, I don’t…
That was it. She was unconscious again. I assumed she was trying to say something like “I don’t know how to thank you.” But I could feel fire against my back--a real fire now--so there wasn’t any time to reconsider. I put an arm around her back, another beneath her legs, and scooped her up. It was shocking how little she weighed. Somehow, I found room in my heart to hate this house even more for what it had put us all through.
I looked over and saw that Jerry had thrown Loren over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. She continued to moan as he led the way out of the burning room.
The walls of the great room were completely covered in that same waxy, white (flammable) substance. A hexagonal pattern emerged, a bee hive shape, with each section containing clusters of translucent eggs. They vibrated as we entered, swelling and bouncing in tandem, like the house was breathing. A pair of mites, both the size of English Mastiffs, crawled down the wall on either side of the front door. Their tube-appendages were as thick and long as elephant trunks.
“Wait!” The command came from the creature closer to us, in the same crepitating voice that Maggie used when she invited us into the manor all that time ago. “You can’t go! It’s dangerous out there!”
Another voice entered the room. A man’s voice. This one sounded just like Nathaniel, and it sounded like it was coming from the other creature. “I believe now would be an excellent time for us all to come together and work as a team if we are to solve the mystery of Bedside Manor.”
Jerry took aim and fired at the one that sounded like Maggie. Its hind end exploded in red goo, prompting the other monster to dive onto the ground and burrow into a crack. Jerry pointed the gun at the floor. That thing could be anywhere now.
Jack, Claire’s voice was in my head. She was weak, and losing a lot of blood. I looked at her as she struggled to tell me something, I don’t have a-
“What are we waiting for!?” Jerry blurted. He moved for the door. I followed. Whatever Claire needed to confide in us, she could do it outside.
We hit the door, came out on the other side, and kept running. It was the middle of the night, the only light coming from a full moon. The air was full of humidity and cicada screams. We kept running until we were halfway down the driveway, and then I stopped. I needed to help Claire. To stop the bleeding. I laid her down on the grass and started searching my pockets for something to help. Sunscreen, trail mix, useless!
Loren sounded like she was coming to with a gnarly hangover. Jerry let her down, and she instantly went to her knees. He didn’t even hesitate to pull off his t-shirt and start ripping it into bandage-shreds. I took the fabric, wrapped it around Claire’s head, and tried to get her to wake up while he tended to her older sister.
“Claire. Can you hear me?” I repeated myself a little louder. “Claire! Can you HEAR me?!”
Her eyes opened, then focused on mine. Loren staggered over to our side just as Claire began to speak. “Where… where are we?”
“Awake,” I answered, hoping with every last bit of hope that it was the truth.
“Damn,” Jerry said. I turned around to see that he was looking at the manor. The flames grew quickly. Heavy smoke billowed from the windows. The unearthly screeching succumbed to silence. Before I knew it, the house was entirely aflame, fire lapping at the underbellies of clouds.
“Should we keep running?” I said at last.
“No,” Loren answered. “We need to make sure none of those things get out.”
Nobody voiced any objections. After everything we’d been through, we were all so tired. It felt good to relax and watch the house die.
Once Loren and Claire were able to walk again, we left the manor for the last time. As soon as we hit the front of the property, we saw the car graveyard on the other side of the road. It was hidden in plain sight. A huge field, with at least twenty different vehicles parked haphazardly. Most of them with all of their doors open. Some, it seemed, had been rusting away for decades. At the very back, I found my shitty little Nissan waiting for us.
“Who parked this here?” I asked, but as soon as the words came out of my mouth, I remembered… the bandaged memory fell out of place… I was no longer under the spell. We parked here. On purpose. Jerry saw the house, and we thought it would be smart to leave the car and check it out. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. I shook my head. There was another conflicting memory taking up the same spot. We broke down a mile up the road and walked here to use the phone. There weren’t any other cars... My head throbbed. I was getting a migraine for the record books, and I still can’t tell which of these memories--if either--was real.
The engine started right away. Jerry offered to drive. I gave Loren shotgun while Claire and I took the back seat. We sped away from that place as fast as Jerry could drive. Only when we were miles down the road did I dare to quit looking out the back window. It was done. Gone. Behind us.
When I finally let myself look away, I found Claire staring at me.
What was it you were trying to say to me earlier? I wondered.
I received the answer to my question before I could even ask it.
Jack, she said softly. I don’t have a sister.
I turned my head to see Loren, leaning back in her seat, looking right at me. I felt a familiar buzzing energy run up and down my spine as she smiled and winked.
submitted by GasStationJack to nosleep

10 Beginner Mistakes When Speaking Japanese, so I have been told...

I have been trying to learn Japanese for quite some time now. Along the way, I have been corrected many times by my Japanese relatives and friends on the same common issues. They have also mentioned that these mistakes are quite common among many beginners they have encountered.
So I figured it would be a good idea to compile a list of these mistakes to share with you all! I hope you find the following tips to help you avoid making these mistakes yourselves.
Also, if you have a chance. I would love to hear of any further mistakes from your own experience while learning Japanese!
I have also made a video with the help of my Japanese mentor covering all the written content below. You may watch it with this link on YouTube


Sugoi (すごい) meaning (wow, cool, or great). Is only used to express when you are impressed. In English, you can say "cool" or "great" when you are impressed or to confirm that something works for you. Such as to say, "yes, Friday sounds great!" In Japanese, to confirm you would say “yes, thank you” (hai, arigatou gozaimasu) instead.


There are many different words to say sorry in Japanese, as well as situations to use them. However, there is one particular situation you do not want to say sorry in Japanese that differs from English.
In Japanese, you do not say sorry to show sympathy. When listening to one sharing a sad event. Rather than saying sorry to hear as you would in English. In Japanese, there are many other ways to express your sympathy. Typically you would either use aizuchi or say nothing while showing a sympathetic face.
how to show sympathy in Japanese
Nod along while using aizuchi to carry the conversation.
  • If you wish to say something you can say either...
    • Sou desu ka? | "oh really?", "hmm", "is that so?"
    • Sou desu ne? | "yeah", "uh-huh", (in a polite form).
  • Do not say sorry! Japanese speakers would wonder why you're apologizing...
how to say sorry in Japanese
  1. Gomenasai (ごめんなさい) | when making an apology.
  2. Sumimasen (すみません) | when making an apology, asking for attention, or when you bump into someone.


In Japanese, the pronunciation of the words cute and scary are very similar. As a result, beginners often mix up the two. As you may imagine, this could deliver the wrong message! Practice speaking and learning the difference between these two!
  1. CUTE - Ka-waii - かわいい
  2. SCARY - Ko-wai - こわい


The sentence ender dayo (だよ) is a casual way to clarify your statement. Such as to say,
"I like Japan, don't you know!" | nihon ga suki dayo.
However, keep in mind that dayo is only to be used in a casual setting following a (noun). The mistake many beginners make when using dayo (だよ) is placing it after common verbs such as (chigau, 違う) meaning to be different or wrong. Or common adjectives such as (oishii, 美味しい) meaning delicious.
As a general tip, rather than saying dayo, I would suggest using the formal sentence enders such as desu (です) after a noun, or masu (ます) after a verb. If you truly wish to be casual and use dayo, make sure it's after a noun.


Japanese adjectives and verbs have many variations based on past, present, or future, states. Make sure you learn the difference of when to use each version. To demonstrate this, I will use a very practical example of complementing food. Take a look at the following forms of the adjective oishii (美味しい) meaning delicious.
  • Before Eating - it looks delicious
    • Oishi Sou (おいしそう)
  • While Eating - it is delicious
    • Oishii (おいしい)
  • After Eating - it was delicious
    • Oishikatta (おいしかった)


In English, the word to enjoy can be used to express any fond experience such as eating, enjoying the sun, or even one’s company. In Japanese, this is not the case.
In Japanese, to enjoy (tanoshii, 楽しい) is only used to express that you enjoyed an activity. Such as playing tennis, watching a movie, or going for a run. It should not be used to state that you like something. For example, you cannot say I enjoyed the meal. Rather, you would say the meal was tasty to express that you enjoyed it.
❌ - WRONG - I enjoyed the meal
  • gohan wo tanoshimi mashita
  • ご飯を楽しみました
✅ - CORRECT - The meal was tasty
  • gohan (ga) or (wa) oishikatta desu
  • ご飯 (が) or (は) 美味しかったです


In Japanese, there is a fine line between sounding bossy or simply agreeing with others. To help you avoid coming across as rude or bossy, here are a few general tips.
various tips on how to avoid sounding rude in Japanese
  • Learn how to use aizuchi in conversation. You might have heard a lot of Japanese saying “ununuun” or “ahhhhh” throughout conversation, this is what I mean.
  • sou dayo (そうだよ) is a casual way of saying, “yeah, it is right.” However, since this phrase should be used in a situation where the person talking to you does NOT know something you do. It may come across as arrogant, as if you are to imply they do not know what is being discussed. To agree more softly, you could say any of the following phrases using the sentence ender (ne, ね) instead of (yo, よ).
    • sou da ne, そうだね (casual).
    • sou desu ne, そうですね (formal).
  • Always address one by last name followed with the name ender san (さん). Do not address one with anata (あなた) meaning you, if you already know their name.
  • Make sure to end your statements with desu (です).
sou dayo (そうだよ) is a casual way of saying, “yeah, it is right.” However, since this phrase should be used in a situation where the person talking to you does NOT know something you do. It may come across as arrogant, as if you are to imply they do not know what is being discussed. To agree more softly, you could say any of the following phrases using the sentence ender (ne, ね) instead of (yo, よ).


Some of the most common Japanese greetings easily mixed up are the ones used between family members when leaving or returning from home. These phrases work on a call and response structure, so you will want to make sure you can tell the difference between the two!
Practice memorizing the call and responses to each situation.
When Leaving The House
  • Call - one who is leaving
    • Ittekimasu (行ってきます) | I am leaving
  • Response - one who is staying home
    • Itterasshai (行ってらっしゃい) | take care
When Returning Home
  • Call - one returning home
    • Tadaima (ただいま) | I am home, just now
  • Response - one who is already home
    • Okaerinasai (お帰りなさい) | welcome home


The Japanese language is based on formality. As a result, you will often learn many variations of the same phrase based on its casual, semi-casual, or polite form. I recommend always focusing on the formal versions before digging into any casual forms. As trying to memorize them all at once may lead you to either speak too casually by mistake or even worse... Forget them all!


The way we use the word no in English is quite different than in Japanese. In fact, there are even multiple words used to say no in Japanese, depending on the situation. And yup, this is easy to mess up. Here are two common ways to say no in Japanese.
No to deny a fact
  • iie - いいえ
  • iie, sushi dewa arimasen (no, it is not sushi.)
No to say not to do something
  • da-me - だめ
  • da-me desu! (stop doing that!)
* Tip when using the nai sentence ender (ない)
The negative sentence ender nai, cannot be used by itself to mean no. Not even with the sentence ender です following it, such as to say "nai desu." Nai is only to be used when completing a negative sentence.

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If you enjoyed these tips then I suggest you check out the video I had made with a native Japanese speaker to explain all these mistakes and solutions in full detail.
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